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This online training course is presented by the award-winning career coach and founder of the How2Become careers website Richard McMunn.

Richard has helped thousand’s of people find employment through his targeted training guides, videos, and courses. By following Richard’s interview skills training course you are guaranteed to increase your chances of landing your next opportunity on the very first attempt!

We know that the interview process can be daunting, regardless of the industry or your previous experience, and sometimes we do let the occasion get to us.

This is why we created this online training platform. To prepare you to perform at the highest level, ready for any scenario, navigating the common misconceptions and oversights to ensure your interview success.

Whether you’re just starting out in your working life, or moving into an entirely different industry, or even lining up to land your dream role, this course will help you to become a more employable candidate in minutes!

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Customer Service Interview Questions and Answers


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What You’ll Learn In This Course


Be 100% prepared for your next job interview and secure the opportunity using this interview skills coaching course. 


Navigate the big do’s, don’ts, and frequently asked questions to ensure that you come across as a strong candidate for your next job interview.


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What can you expect from The Ultimate Online Interview Training Course?


  • Richard’s top 10 insider tips for passing the interview;
  • The secrets to passing any interview;
  • How you will be assessed during your interview.


  • 50 sample questions and answers;
  • Motivational interview questions with suggested answers;
  • Situational type (scenario-based) interview questions and answers.


  • How to use the S.T.A.R technique to become a top-tier candidate;
  • Downloadable checklists and printable resources;
  • Online mock interview module.
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We’re 100% confident that you’ll love The Ultimate Online Interview course, but if for whatever reason it isn’t right for you then you can cancel your subscription at any time and get a full refund!

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 Online Interview Skills Training Course Details

Modules 1 - 10
Interview Skills Coaching

#1 – Introduction 
#2 – FREE ACCESS to Psychometric job tests!
#3 – The secrets to passing any interview
#4 – S.T.A.R interview technique
#5 – How to predict interview questions
#6 – Interview technique and body language
#7 – How to answer probing questions
#8 – Get the job of your dreams
#9 – How was your journey here today?
#10 – Tell me about yourself

Modules 11 - 20
Interview Skills Training

#11 – Why have you applied for this job?
#12 – What have you learnt about this company?
#13 – Why do you want to leave your current employment?
#14 – What are your strengths?
#15 – When have you demonstrated flexibility in a work-related situation?
#16 – Do you have any weaknesses?
#17 – Are you self-motivated?
#18 – Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?
#19 – Do you enjoy working in a team environment?
#20 – What are you like at taking criticism from others?

Modules 21 - 30
Job Interview Training

#21 – Are you a risk taker?
#22 – What are you like at time management?
#23 – How would you resolve a dispute with a work colleague?
#24 – What would you do if you witnessed a work colleague being bullied or harassed?
#25 – If you are successful at interview, how long do you plan to stay with our company?
#26 – Have you ever held a position that wasn’t right for you?
#27 – Why should we give you the job?
#28 – I am considering giving the position to the person who we last interviewed. Tell me why I shouldn’t?
#29 – What qualities do you believe a good manager should have?
#30 – Can you tell us about a situation when you have had to work under pressure?

Modules 31 - 40
Interview Training Course Module 4

#31 – What are your greatest achievements to date?
#32 – Can you tell me about a time when you have worked as part of a team to achieve a goal?
#33 – Can you provide us with an example of a difficult project you have had to complete? 
#34 – What is your sickness record like and what do you think is an acceptable level of sickness?
#35 – Can you tell us about a situation where you demonstrated leadership?
#36 – What are the mission and aims of this company?
#37 – What is the best example of customer service you have come across?
#38 – What didn’t you like about your last job?

#39 – Why are there gaps in your employment?
#40 – How would you deal with somebody who was not pulling their weight?

Modules 41 - 50
Interview Training Course Module 5

#41 – What do you dislike doing in a work environment?
#42 – We see here that you have only been with your current employer for six months. Why do you want to move on so soon?
#43 – We think that you might be overqualified for this job. What do you think?
#44 – Can you run a meeting, and if so, how would you do it?
#45 – What has been your biggest failure to date?
#46 – Are you willing to relocate?
#47 – What are your salary expectations?
#48 – Do you have any questions for the panel?
#49 – What to say at the end of your interview;
#50 – End of interview letter.

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  6. How to pass a telephone interview
  7. How to pass customer service interviews
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A: Absolutely! We have made sure our online training is fully accessible on PC, Mac, laptops, tablets, and smart-phones! If you have any difficulties, contact us anytime at [email protected]
Q: How difficult are the practice questions/mock interviews?
A: We have made sure that we cover all the key components of a successful interview, no matter what your previous experience to ensure that this training will help everyone needing to prepare. We also cover the not-so-well-known question types that most candidates get caught out by!

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