Graduate Aptitude Personality Tests – Competence

As a graduate, you might be asked to sit a graduate aptitude personality test as part of an application process. Graduate Aptitude Personality tests are fairly common. Therefore, you need to be ready for them. Here, we’ll take a look at the personality test which assesses the quality of ‘competence’. Graduate Aptitude Personality Tests – […]

Graduate Aptitude Psychometric Tests – Types of Graduate Psychometric Test

Graduate Aptitude Psychometric Tests

If you’re looking for a graduate job, then be ready to sit an array of different graduate aptitude psychometric tests. These tests are used by employers to find the candidate that matches their standards. Employers often use graduate aptitude psychometric tests in the earlier stages of the application process – typically before telephone interviews and […]

Female Train Driver Roles: Addressing The Gender Imbalance

The UK rail industry has pledged-to-increase-the-number of women train drivers

The UK rail industry is a traditionally male-dominated sector. Over the years, an alarming imbalance has developed in the number of females employed by the UK Train Operating Companies, and now TOCs are taking steps to change this. Various rail companies have set up campaigns to help address the male/female train driver imbalance, and these […]

TSA Test Types (Thinking Skills Assessment)

TSA Test Types

There are 3 main TSA Test Types, and the one you take will depend on the university that you are applying to. Let’s take a look at the different TSA Test Types: Oxford, Cambridge, and UCL. The Different TSA Exams – TSA Test Types The exact content and structure of the TSA will change depending […]

The Key Qualities of a Magistrate: Pass the Magistrate UK Selection Process

How to pass the magistrate interview

Magistrates work in a voluntary capacity, dealing with court cases within their community. Naturally, as a magistrate, it is important that you are a trustworthy person, with impeccable character. The people of your local community will trust in you to make the right decisions for public safety, and therefore it is essential that you have […]

Private Detectives and Investigators: What They Do And How To Become One

“Down these mean streets a man must go who is not himself mean, who is neither tarnished nor afraid.”Raymond Chandler Hello and welcome to our very first blog on private detectives and investigators. In this introductory blog, we’ll explore what private detectives and investigators are, and what qualities you need to be successful in the […]

London Underground Train Driver: Frequently Asked Questions

train driver application form

If you are thinking about becoming a London Underground train driver, then there are probably a great number of questions that you’ll be asking yourself prior to application. With the help of industry experts, we’ve pulled together a selection of different questions and answers, to make the process of application a whole lot easier! This […]

Royal Navy Interview 2018 – Sample Interview Questions and Answers

Royal Navy Interview Questions and Answers

The application for the Royal Navy in 2018 and 2019 is as follows: 1. Initial Interview. 2. Royal Navy Recruiting Test (RT), which consists of a Reasoning Test, Verbal Ability Test, Numerical Reasoning Test, and Mechanical Comprehension Test. 3. Royal Navy Selection Interview. 4. Royal Navy Medical and Eye Test. 5. Royal Navy Fitness Test. […]