Organising Student Accommodation – Living in Halls

Student Accommodation

One of the toughest things for students, especially younger ones, when moving to university is understanding the different kinds of student accommodation available to them. While many universities make the process easy for moving in to halls in first year easy, subsequent years can be more challenging to organise. Here, we’re going to take a

Christmas Puzzles for Kids – With Answers!

Christmas Puzzles for Kids Associated with CareerVidz From everyone at and Careervidz, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 😊 Download the PDF You can download the PDF of these Christmas Puzzles for kids. Click on the following link to download and print out your very own Christmas

Brain Training Puzzles and Games for Kids

Brain Training Puzzles and Games for Kids To all you puzzle enthusiasts… welcome to our blog for Brain Training Puzzles and Games for Kids. This blog will provide you with four puzzles which have been taken from our exciting new puzzle book! Click on the image below to pre-order your copy of Brain Training Puzzles.

Norfolk PCSO Cuts: Good Or Bad?

Want to pass the met police detective direct entry application process? Check out our tips!

Some bad news coming out of Norfolk this week, as Norfolk Police Constabulary have declared their intention to stop using Police Community Support Officers. The move comes in the wake of recent police budget cuts, and the constabulary’s desire to tackle more complex crimes that fall outside the scope of PCSO work – such as