How To Manage The Classroom: Top 5 Tips

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One of the most difficult elements of working as a teacher is in classroom management. It’s all well and good having a great understanding of your subject, but if you can’t control the room then you will have a very hard time imparting your wisdom. Teachers need to be disciplined, organised and focused; in order

The Top Four Alternative Jobs For Teachers

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Teaching is one of the most rewarding and well-respected careers. Teachers are extremely dedicated, and spend their working lives preparing the next generation for success, and attempting to make a definitive impact upon the lives of their pupils. With all of the stress that this involves, it’s often very easy to feel as if you

Why Changing Careers Is The Right Option For YOU!

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Over the course of their lives, many people have and will find themselves considering a career change. Whether you are bored, misunderstood or just not getting anywhere in your current job role; sometimes it just feels like it’s time to call it a day and move on. Unfortunately, for the majority, this is nothing but