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How2become is known for its brilliant service and its increasingly high success rate. We would like to let you, our customers, see the proof of this rather than just taking our word for it.
9.7 out of 10 based on 368 reviews



How2become is known for its brilliant service and its increasingly high success rate. We would like to let you, our customers, see the proof of this rather than just taking our word for it. Please see our feedback below from previous customers.

How2become has been recognised to the highest standard with awards from the Independent Publishing Guild and nominations from The BookSeller and HSBC. In March 2016 How2become were nominated for and won the IPG Digital Marketing Award and the IPG Specialist Consumer Publisher of the Year Award. To view our awards, please take a look at our Awards page.


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Facebook Message

Good afternoon Richard,

Good Evening Richard, I hope you are well. Sorry to message you here on Facebook, I have been reading your books and watching all of your videos about How 2 Become a Police Officer and wanted to get in touch with you just to say how great your work is. I am going to have my day one assessment on the 17th of this month and now preparing as much as I can with the guide of your books. I really hope it will go well. Thank you again for sharing all the useful information and tips. Have a great evening! Best regards, R.



…I have passed and will be starting with the MET in July :) All the best, R

R - April 14th, 2017

Royal Navy Reserve Test Book; A big Thank you!

Good afternoon Richard,

I hope you are well, and are enjoying what seems to be the start of the spring sunshine!

I am writing to you as I wanted to send a personal thanks for writing the Royal Navy Recruiting test book! (At least I hope you are the correct author of this book- and if not, feel free to disregard the rest of this email...or read on, if you're intrigued anyway!).

I had been struggling over the past few weeks to grasp some of the mechanical comprehension elements in advance of my Navy Reserves psychometric test; before I came across your book, I can say I was extremely nervous that I would completely flunk that part of the test entirely! (I wasn't much cop at the numerical reasoning either!)

Your book was superb! It is extremely comprehensive; helped me to understand some of the basic concepts that I couldn't quite absorb beforehand, and was such useful preparation for the time pressured element of the test (I must admit, I had to smile when I heard other candidates note before the start of the test 'of course, there's nothing you can do to prep for tests like these'...at which point I wanted to pip up with 'au contraire my friend....' (hasten to say, when they finished the test and bemoaned how they wished they'd practised against the clock, while I refrained from gloating, I did point them to your book!)

Whether they passed or not; I can not say! I, however, am pleased to say that I did! And I have no doubt in my mind that it was largely as a result of buying your book!

I am so pleased to say that I am now moving forward in the process as a Navy Reserve Officer!

Thank you so much once again; and as I already have done so, I will be recommending your book highly to others taking the test.

Now, if you could write a book on how to pass the swim test with flying colours, that would be superb!! ;)

With many thanks and warmest wishes

Mel S.

Mel - April 7th, 2017

Fourth purchase!

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter to you to express my excitement after purchase fourth book from how2become series... Unfortunately I am not able to leave any feedback on Amazon but I would be delighted to share my experience with Richard McMunn books. I am not registered on Amazon and I completed my purchase on eBay so please see attached print screen image from recent eBay purchases and my feedback below.

It is my pleasure to share with You my personal experience after purchasing book from how2become.com series. I will be honest, before purchase I thought I could found all necessary information over the Internet but I got stuck as nobody shares such valuable and detailed information. How can you prepare for test if you don't know what to expect and what exactly you will be asked? I got frustrated until I came up with Youtube video form Richard McMunn who shared detailed information how I will be assessed during selection. Now I have purchased 4th book from how2become.com and I cannot wait to immerse into step-by-step information how to prepare (and hopefully PASS) recruitment. The best thing about this author is that he is not just talking about selection procedure and "be confident" but he actually gives sample questions of what you could be asked. Even better he gives sample answer witch is THE MOST VALUABLE information within his content.

Thank you all at how2become.com and special thank you to Mr Richard McMunn.,

Mr. Andris G

Andris - April 6th, 2017

London Underground Train Driver

Dear Richard,

Having bought your book 'how to become an underground train driver' and some online resources, I just want to say a massive thank you as I have been offered a full-time position as an underground train driver. Your resources and customer service have been one of the key elements in my success.
Kind regards,

Anwar - March 17th, 2017

Police Officer

Hi Richard,

I just wanted to write the book (part of the gold package I bought) Is brilliant!

Benjamin - March 16th, 2017

GCSE Maths is Easy Range

Hi Richard,

Good afternoon Celine, I've received my new book this morning very happy thank you for all your help.

David - February 23rd, 2017

I did it!

Hi Celine / Richard,

I am overjoyed to say that with your help I have just learned that I have passed my final interview and subject to vetting etc. I have been successful in my application to Devon & Cornwall Police.
I will shortly be posting a glowing review for you on your site as your materials were crucial in this process, thank you.

Garry - October 25th, 2016

Re: Course Review

Hi there,

I would just like to inform you that the course that I attended on Saturday, 1st October was spot on! Not only did I have a great time with everyone and Dave, I learnt a few really good tips that stay with me for the rest of my life. So, having had such a great time, I posted a fabulous review on TrustPilot.

Kindest Regards,
Lucinda Burdett

Lucinda - October 3rd, 2016

Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I bought the Police Officer Interview book following your advice.

It was incredibly helpful, exactly what I needed, and yesterday I passed my PCSO re-take interview 🙂

Thanks again for a great book

Chlo - September 23rd, 2016

Cancellation of testing suite

I would like to cancel my subscription to the army officer aptitude testing suite.
For your information, I used it to prepare for the Australian army OSB and I was successful. It was a great help.

Thank you

Daniel - July 11th, 2016


Dear Richard,

Thank you for providing this fantastic service, we used it for my husbands original application a few years ago and it got through.

Claire - June 2nd, 2016

Great course-limited to 5 people!

Dave is a very good teacher! Practice written exercises which were timed so we could be under exam conditions. (numerical, verbal reasoning and report writing). Only 5 people so very comfortable - It could be even better if everyone got a chance to have a turn (individually) at a few role plays considering there are only 5 attendees.

By the way I've just received my results and thankfully I've passed!!!
Thanks Dave!

Tayyaba - May 25th, 2016 - Trust Pilot

Thank You

Just wanted to drop you a quick thank you note.Back in November I applied for a wholetime firefighter role with Bedfordshire Fire & Rescue. I bought your guide and the interview guide as part of my interview preparation.The advice in there was very useful, easy to understand and raised many points I hadn't considered.I have recently been informed that I have been successful in my application and will be starting training in July.So thank you for producing the material, it was invaluable in my preparation.

Cheers Ben

Ben - May 23rd, 2016

Dear Sir/Madam.

First I would like to say thank you very much for the services have got from the product I recently purchased,the barb test which was recommended by my candidate support manager.
I did the barb test at ADSC Lichfield and I passed and I can't wait for a start date in the british army, am very happy and will definitely recommend this site to my friends.
I would like my subscription to be cancelled please.
Once again thank you.

Lilian Mwinzi

Lilian - April 12th, 2016

Hi The How2become Team

I would like to take the opportunity to sincerely thank you as I received a copy of How 2 Become a Prison Officer guide and Role Play DVD yesterday. I have found both the guide book and DVD an excellent source of information, very professional and of good quality. I certainly am now looking forward to the challenge of preparing myself for the selection process and acceptance in to the Correctional System.Kind Regards

Kim - April 2nd, 2016


I received the books today and I am absolutely delighted with them.They are so attractive in their design and the subject content is well laid out and easy to navigate.
I am looking forward to making them part of our school library career section and will make sure they are well promoted among pupils, staff and parents.
Thanks to your company for supporting schools in this way and thanks to you for your help.
Thank you for the brilliant service

Carolyn Barker

Carolyn - February 5th, 2016


I today received the psychometric tests book from you guys. Firstly it was totally unexpected and secondly it was so quick ... So i just want to say thank you so so much. I wish i had your psychometric book a few years ago when i tried for a trainee train drivers job, life could have so different.
Thank you for the brilliant service


Andrew - January 26th, 2016

One day Train Driver Course
A very rewarding course professionally delivered by an experienced instructor full of up to date information and amusing anecdotes. This gave me a valuable insight to the challenging selection process to becoming a trainee train driver, including tips for your application form and interview techniques. There was was the chance to practice some of the many stringent tests included on your Trainee Train Driver assessment day. Highly recommended and good value for the money.


John - January 11th, 2016

Hi Richard,Hope your well, just to let you know I was successful in the interview, I was offered the job as a full time firefighter. Would like to say a big thank you for the Skype preparation tips and also for the book.

Thank you so much!

Kind Regards,
Mr Booth

Mr Booth - December 2nd, 2015

Just wanted to thank all of the team at how2become, I have just finished my final interview for the role of Police Constable and have been given a conditional offer subject to medical and vetting!

The Police Officer guide book was very useful as was the great course held by chris.

In particular the day 1 course held by Dave that I later attended was very well ran and extremely helpful in boosting my confidence and giving me a simple process to follow for the interactive exercises, the aftercare from Dave was brilliant and helped reassure me if I had any doubt or questions.

Thank you all for giving me the guidance and direction to prepare my skills!

Adam Meritt - June 24th, 2015

Dear Richard McMunn

Hello,I have recently passed all the relevant tests and interviews for becoming a trainee train driver. I am doubly pleased because it was the first TOC I had applied to and I succeeded at the first time of asking.

I wanted to thank you for the product and service you provide. I attended your one-day course, read the book and watched the DVD. I found them all extremely useful.

Now, it is quite possible that I would have succeeded without taking the time and trouble I did to use your services but I cannot overstate what a sense of knowledge and confidence I took with me into each stage of the process because of what you had taught me: they were invaluable.

I would like to emphasise that Richard's interview DVD was especially well presented and put together and all of it was relevant both to the role and to the process I underwent.

Thank you again and good luck ...


Mr P Baron - June 18th, 2015

Dear Richard,

I used your checking service with my police constable application 2 years ago, I got in!!! I am now looking to transfer to another force, do you offer a checking service for transfer applications they are looking for competence based examples?

Kind regards

Cheryl Crosby

Cheryl Crosby - June, 2015

Hi, I attended the course two days before my assessment centre. The level of content was great and the small group meant there were plenty of opportunities to ask questions. I passed my assessment centre and I just want to say a massive thank you. The course touched upon some aspects which I had not thought about. I am very happy I attended the course and extremely grateful as I believe it contributed towards me passing the assessment centre.

Kelly Woodward, 24, Liverpool

Kelly Woodward - Feb 24, 2015

I attended the train driver course on Sunday 11/1/14 which was run by Chris.
Very informative, lot's of information, ran at a good pace and presented very well. Chris was very knowledgeable about all aspects of the process. Highly recommended. 10/10
Many thanks
Dan Gallivan

Daniel Gallivan - Jan 14, 2015

Dear Richard McMunn

Just a quick message to say i have made it to the driver manager's interview and to say a big thanks to you because without your products and website i would never made it this far.

Thank you and keep up the good work


Ben Marcus - Nov 18, 2014

I would give the course 9/10.

I personally thought the course was great. With a clear structure and full of information. Chris was brilliant and had an answer for every question. His tips and insider knowledge was great. However the only suggestion I would make is that everyone should have the opportunity to attempt a role play.

Matthew Walsh - Sat, Nov 1, 2014

I recently attended a How2Become a Police Officer Course (26/10/2014) and I am really pleased with how it went. The content of the course was brilliant and the relaxed environment really help me to get the most out of the day. I found it extremely helpful to speak to someone about the assessment centre process and get some inside knowledge of what to expect on the day.

Chris, Bristol.

I would rate the course 9/10.

Chris Cook - Fri, Oct 31, 2014

I attended "How to become a Police Officer" in September. I had my assessment on October 1 and got my results today.

For the three sections I achieved:




A resounding pass! Many thanks for all the invaluable help.

Kind regards

Victoria Latter

Victoria Latter - Wed, Oct 22, 2014

I would like to thank Chris especially as I feel the course went extremely well, and has given me much more confidence heading into my assessment centre in a couple of week. The parts I was most worried about were the interview and role plays, however after hearing information/keywords and phrases to use and Chris's experiences I am now much better prepared.

I would mark the course 10/10

Dan Southam - Mon, Oct 20, 2014

I found the course extremely helpful and Chris, the trainer, was very knowledgeable and was honest about what to expect if you are successful in becoming a Police Constable; this is very important for students to understand more about the role before completing the application form and more importantly, before attending the Assessment Centre.

I have come away very positive that I will be successful at my Assessment Centre, Chris has given me the tools and insight to gain the best possible grade; the rest is down to me on the day. Without the course, I would not be in as good a position to pass.

The content was up to date and relevant and I would quite happily have paid double the amount that I did pay; the day was extremely good value for money.

I would give the course a rating of 10 out of 10 - if you want to be successful, you must attend the course!

Lynn Trotter - Mon, Oct 20, 2014

Dear Sirs,

I would like to compliment the how2become company for their intense and worthwhile course for the recruitment process of a Police Constable. It was most definitely worth the commute. I traveled from Birmingham and did not know what to expect, I was however impressed with such a detailed course how2become presented.

The course started with a warm welcome by lecturer Chris. He started the day with an exercise designed to break the ice with the group by sharing information about the person next to you, where you both ask each other a series of basic questions about one another. This set a comfortable working environment for all.

The content of the course was very well presented and useful, in particular I was impressed with the condensed version of learning the Westshire Pack! I spent weeks learning the entire document but adapted a more simplified method, by way of a drawing, which I will never forget. Further to this, my primary aim was to become more confident and knowledgeable with the Role Plays and competencies.

Overall great hints, tips and advice and in particular the idea of having the drawing of the Westshire centre, taught on the course, will prompt you during the Role Play and most definitely save you, should your mind go blank. What a fantastic tip/technique.

I could go on and on about the advantage this course offers for anybody who is at any stage of the recruitment process or just thinking about joining the Police. I would strongly recommend this course to put yourself ahead of the competition!


Many Thanks


Janak Sandhu - Sat, Oct 18, 2014

Dear Richard Mcmunn

Would like to say thank you for the train driver course on Sunday.

Chris was very nice and learnt and lot from him.

I had my assessment today with southeastern trains and passed. Just waiting to here back for a second interview.

Many thanks

Nicholas southgate

Nicholas Southgate - Tue, Oct 14, 2014

I found the course very helpful. All the questions that I had about this job were answered clearly. We covered how one should prepare for the interview including the techniques that one can use to impress the interviewer. We also covered roles of a train driver as well as the qualities that a train driver should posses. We also covered the Group Bourdon Test as well as the TRP Test. I found Chris, the guy who runs the course very good. He gave us time to ask questions and he always took his time to reply until one feels satisfied. He conducts the course in such a way that by the end of the day everyone will feel satisfied. He is good at this job. It is a course worth attending and the money is worth it.

I will give it a rating of 10 out of 10

Edmond Rateiwa - Mon, Oct 6, 2014

I recently attended the 1 day how to become a paramedic with Chris. After initially not really knowing what it was going to be like. I am glad I took the plunge and paid for it. It was informative and useful in ways I couldn't have imagined and put my mind at rest over a few things. Due to the fact there was only 2 on our course it meant Chris could concentrate on the areas we required. Which luckily for both of us was the interview stage as that's the stage where we had both failed at in the past. Despite feeling nervous prior to the course Chris was welcoming and a genuinely nice guy. He answered all the questions I had and has given me the confidence and skills required to give the interview process a better go next time. We completed mock interviews which picked up on our bad habits which was also very useful. Overall I could not be happier with the time and effort put into the session and would recommend to anyone debating whether it's worth it, if you are sure you want to succeed what's £100 in the long run to achieve your dream.

I look forward to testing out the new techniques Chris taught us.

Score; 8/10 could have done with a few more people on the course to maybe have more group discussions but loved the fact we could concentrate on the areas I required.

Laura Hunter - Tue, Sep 30, 2014

I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you for the way in which you delivered the course and its content. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I will definitely aim to use the interview techniques that you provided. I would rate the course 10/10 as I know it will help me in the selection process.

Usually there is constructive criticism with a lot of things we do, but I honestly couldn't find fault with the tutor/course. I immediately felt at ease from the start.

Once again thank you so much.

Nicola McManus - Sun, Sep 21, 2014

Letting you know that I found the Train Driver Course I attended yesterday very informative and put me in a much better frame of mind to go ahead and apply to become a Train Driver.

Chris, the instructor put us all at ease and explained everything in a way we all easily took in.

Thank you, David Oliver.

David Oliver - Sep 14, 2014

Hi Richard, Thank you for all information about the Police courses. I never attended any course, but I have bought few DVD’s and books instead.

Over the last year I went through the application process, interviews, medical and I am waiting for fitness only. If I look back my advice to anyone who is applying to be a Police Officer would be to attend one day training course. The whole process is so tense, that it would be better to have some experience ahead. I would like to say many thanks for your help with the materials you are providing for people. Hope that you’ll have a successful New Year2009.

Yours Sincerely

Nadia C.D

I attended the OASC Selection Course 31st August, and accepted your requested for a review of the day.

The joining instructions were very helpful and gave a good insight of the day, initially I was feeling a little anxious not knowing what to expect and who I was going to meet. That was all set aside reading the "Frequent Questions and Answers" document, afterwards I was looking forward to what was in store. I took your advice of staying in a hotel the night before which was advantageous in regards to travelling, in hindsight personally it was the right thing to do rather then getting up early and travelling a few hours to the course.

Since a young age I have always wanted to become an Officer in the Royal Air Force, therefore I have done a lot of amount of research and preparation for selection. Nevertheless I attended the course with an open mind and got a deep insight and a good second opinion on the procedures of selection. I believed I knew all in tests and interview questions in great detail, however I found it very beneficial and learnt a great amount especially in the interview questions and the correct and most sensible answers to give. The structure of the day was very organised, with regular breaks that was extremely useful to give the maximum concentration to the day.

Furthermore being a University student it was extremely refreshing to have a day without the use of PowerPoint, in my opinion talking to a class rather then talking through an computer and projector is a much better way to learn. Chris was a very great speaker, and made us all feel very welcome, firstly I was hesitant on the amount we would learn when Chris announced his background because I was expecting a speaker with an RAF background. On the other hand it was profitable to get a outside out of view of want the Royal Air Force want from and leader and a manager, and these doubts were quickly distinguished once Chris started teaching and portraying his great teaching style which was very down to earth. On reflection having a lecturer without a RAF background made no difference of the output of the day as Chris clearly made a lot of effort on research of selection and knew what he was talking about.

The one improvement I would make of the day is the essay writing regarding the Naval section. I had no problem with the essay writing on a RAF point of view, it was great practice however if I was a naval student on the course I would like feedback on the essay. During lunch break and the debating session Chris was looking over the essays of all the students but no feedback was made, I would of found it incredibility useful if a small comment and a way to improve was at the bottom of the essay paper.

In conclusion I found the day beneficial and learnt a great deal, I came away feeling very satisfied. The handouts were very useful as I can revise the day very well thanks to them, I plan to go to OASC next year after graduating University, in that time all I have learnt from the course could be lost if it wasn't for the handouts. The day as a whole was very slick and ran smoothly, you could tell that a great detail had been thought of how the day could be utilized in the little time which was provided.

Overall I would give the day 8/10, a very slick and professional presentation but an informal learning style was the best combination and the best way to learn. The only reason I could not give 10/10 was personal issues which you as a business cannot foresee, such as travelling and cost of the overnight hotel. I hope my feedback will be beneficial for you in the future.

Kristian Washington - Sep 6, 2014

I attended the officer training course for the RAF last sunday and I found it extremely useful and informative.

The content of the course was spot on, the balance of the activities we took part in and the teaching was very good and to a high quality. Our host, Chris, was very welcoming and he made the day enjoyable. At first I was a bit concerned that he had no previous experience within the forces however, he proved to be very knowledgeable and it's safe to say every person left the room that day standing a better chance at passing the OASC (or navy equivalent).


Chris Goulding - Sep 6, 2014

I attended the RAF officer selection preparation day and thoroughly enjoyed it. I am due to attend OASC this coming weekend, having prepared to my best to this date through research and mock interviews with family members, it can be daunting and feel slightly isolated if you don't know anyone going through the same process. The biggest factor I have taken away today is the fact that there are others in the same situation who have the same questions and feelings. It brought it all to focus. I especially enjoyed being around other like minded individuals whom have the same values and aspirations along with the commitment and dedication to succeed as an officer. Chris the course leader was fantastic, extremely knowledgeable, experienced, he made the day fun and enjoyable with his sense of humor!

Thanks very much for the day. It has highlighted the points I need to work over the next week.

9/10 rating

Shona Penberthy - Aug 31, 2014

Hello, I am writing to thank you for providing an excellent product in “How To Become a Police Officer”. The information offered in the pack was invaluable in helping me achieve the required standards during every stage of the initial recruitment selection process. I am now into my second month as an independent response officer in Liverpool City Centre. It was one of the wisest purchases I have made – thank you.

Will F.

How 2 Become,

Many thanks for your email; I commend you on your top service you have just provided. It was extremely swift and has fulfilled my needs exactly. Top Job!

Thank you


Dear Mr. McMunn

Back in October of 2008, I purchased How To Become a Paramedic.

At the time I was a 6th form student, sitting A-levels, so applied through UCAS to Sheffield Hallam and Hertfordshire universities. I had had quite a bit of help from medics themselves on how to conduct oneself in interview, however not all of them could remind me of very particular things to mention that interviewers from EMAS / LAS would be looking for, in particular working without prejudice and discrimination, and also finding time to escape from the hustle and bustle of working in an ambulance service. Your e-book helped me here, and not only did I get interviews for both, I also got offered places at both. Now having received my A-level results, everything has been finalized for me to go to Sheffield hallam university, working on placement for EMAS.

For this, I thank you, and have recommended your products to others looking to follow the same route as I have.

Many Thanks

Piers J. P.