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How2become is giving away £300 worth of free books and educational resources to all SCHOOLS, COLLEGES and UNIVERSITIES.

If you are a school or want to recommend your school please get in contact with us via info@how2become.com

How2Become.com is now offering all schools, colleges and universities complimentary career books for their students

In the following video, Richard McMunn from How2Become.com explains the reasons why his company has decided to support educational establishments across the UK by sending them all £300 worth of complimentary career books:


Educational Resources We Offer

If you are a school, college or university based in the United Kingdom then we can offer you the exclusive deal of £300 worth of free products. This offer includes all of our products and can be chosen by you or we can send a mixture of our titles for your students. We have a vast range of products which will help your students to obtain the chosen career of their dreams. Our products are also highly suitable for Public Sector tutors who want to deliver an accurate and professional presentation to their audience.

We can provide your school with:

A vast range of Career Guides, DVDs and Software Tools which includes titles such as:
  • How to Become a Police Officer
  • How to Become a Train Driver
  • How to Join the RAF
  • How to Become a Paramedic
  • How to Become a Teacher
We also provide Unlimited codes to our Online Testing Suites including:
  • Pyschometric tests
  • Aptitude Tests
  • Numerical Tests
  • Verbal Reasoning Tests
  • Spatial Reasoning Tests
How2become also offers a series of Testing Books such as:
  • GCSE Mathmatics
  • Advanced Numerical Tests
  • Armed Forces Tests
  • Police Tests
  • Psychometric Tests
  • And more!

Some of our Feedback from schools:

  Hymers College Murray Park School NITAL Perth High School Sacred Heart Secondary Academy WinstanelySouth Dartmoor  
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Choosing Educational Resources – How2become Brochure

To help you decide which products are best for you we have compiled a brochure which details just some of the books, CD ROMs, DVD’s and services we offer. Please note, you can have any of these books for free if they are for your school and students, please contact us using the details below for more information on this.

You can download a copy of our brochure here (10mb)

Please note: the PDF file size is 10MB and may take a few seconds to download depending on your internet connection.

£300 Worth Of Free Books and Free Online Careers Training & Testing For Your School

We are currently working in partnership with a number of universities, including the University of Central Lancashire, to provide FREE books and online testing for students and pupils looking to get a career. To help your students get a job when they leave education we are offering to send you £300 worth of free books and free online testing from the How2Become.com website.

How to Claim FREE Books for Your School, College or University

To take up this FREE offer, or to find out more, simply contact us at: info@how2become.com Send us a list of books and products you would like for you school from our website and we will send them to your school. There is no catch to this offer, we are simply trying to build our brand awareness and help your students.
10 Day Money Back
on physical products
Secure Payment
Immediate Dispatch


How to Order Your £300 of FREE Books

Get £300 Worth of Free Books Today:

To take up this free offer, or to find out more, simply contact our team at: info@how2become.com

We will answer all emails within 24 hours.

Please Note: there are no costs invovled to take up this offer, as long as the selected titles don't exceed a total value of £300. We are happy to supply your students with these resources for free in a effort to help your school, and spread our brand awareness.

We look forward to helping your school, college or university soon

Kind regards,


Richard McMunn – Managing Director