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Our POWERFUL guide that is guaranteed to increase your chances of success during the police officer selection process. It contains actual police application form responses that you could use, insider tips on passing the National Police Assessment Centre, sample police interview questions, and successful responses.

Let’s start off by telling you what the UK selection process involves and how we can help you join the police in 2018!

We have collated a mass of insider information on how to successfully pass the selection process and it is all available on this page.

The Police Officer Selection Process

The selection process will normally consist of the following elements:

  1. Competency-Based Application Form.
  2. National Police Officer Assessment Centre.
  3. Full Vetting and Final Interview.
  4. Medical and Fitness Tests.
careers-police-selection-process become a police officer

Stage 1 – Completion of the competency based application form

The application form is the first stage of selection. You will normally be required to complete the form online and it should be your priority to ensure that you match the assessable core competencies that are relevant to the role.


Stage 2 – National Police Officer Assessment Centre

Once you have successfully passed the application form you will be invited to attend an assessment centre. This usually lasts for a total of 4 hours, during which you will be required to undertake the following assessments:

  • Competency based interview;
  • Four interactive Assessments or role plays;
  • The Police Initial Recruitment Test (consisting of verbal, logical and numerical reasoning);
  • Depending on which police service you have applied to, you may well have to do two written tests as well.

The Pass Mark for the National Assessment Centre is usually an overall score of 55% – throughout the centre you will be assessed against the core competencies.

In-Tray and E-Tray Exercises

Stage 3 – Full vetting checks and a possible final interview

Some UK Police Forces are now requiring applicants to sit a final interview in addition to the competency based assessment centre interview. In addition to this, you will also undergo a number of vetting checks to ensure that you meet the minimum eligibility requirements for becoming a police officer.

careers-police-selection-interview become a police officer

Stage 4 and 5 – Medical and fitness assessments

Part of the final stages of selection involve a requirement to undergo a medical and a fitness test. The two elements of the police fitness test are the dynamic strength test and the endurance fitness, or the bleep test, as it is sometimes called.

careers-police-fitness become a police officer

Pass the police recruitment process with our award-winning 269+ page book and interview DVD – Become a police officer

We guarantee that the How To Become a Police Officer book + DVD will teach you how to navigate the different elements of the selection process. The package contains 269+ pages of police recruitment information, tests, and videos which will guide you through each of the different elements of selection, including the application form, the assessment centre, the interviews and the fitness test.

This in-depth guide will also discuss: the new police officer interview structure, police officer job description, salary, the police officer requirements and eligibility (including the qualifications needed to become a police officer), training, and how to use all of this knowledge to help your police service application become a successful police officer.

This award-winning 269+ page book and DVD contains a wealth of information and here’s what’s included:

  • Essential information about how you will be assessed during every stage of the selection process.
  • Lots of up-to-date sample application form questions, responses and tips on how to pass this initial stage.
  • Step-by-step information on how to pass the role pays, interactive exercises, written report (now the incident report form), Police Initial Recruitment Test (PIRT) – often referred to now as the Numerical Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning tests, and the interviews.
  • Sample answers to each of the competency based interview questions. Discover how to answer the competency questions effectively (Service Delivery, Decision Making, Serving The Public, Professionalism, Openness To Change, Working With Others)
  • Insider tips on how to answer the interview questions and advice on how you will be scored during each of the different elements of selection.

Here’s what you will learn from Richard:

Sample Interview Question

Q. Please provide an example of where you have worked as part of a team to achieve a difficult task.”

Tips For Structuring Your Response

  • Try to think of a situation where you volunteered to work with a team in order to achieve a difficult task. It is better to say that you volunteered as opposed to being asked to get involved by another person.
  • Those candidates who can provide an example where they achieved the task despite the constraints of time will generally score better.

Sample Response Structure

Step 1 – Explain what the situation was and how you became involved.

Step 2 – Now explain who else was involved and what the task was.

Step 3 – Explain why the task was difficult and whether there were any time constraints.

Step 4 – Explain how it was decided who would carry out what task.

Step 5 – Now explain what had to be done and how you overcame any obstacles or hurdles.

Step 6 – Explain what the result/outcome was. Try to make the result positive as a result of your actions.

This powerful police officer recruitment package is regularly updated and you will find it an exceptional tool for helping you pass the selection process.

Here’s what else is included in your book and DVD:


  • Advice on how to complete the application form including sample questions and answers;
  • Previously successful application form responses that you can use on your own form;
  • How to pass the entire selection process;
  • Avoiding the common pitfalls that most applicants make – 75% of people fail the application form;
  • Police Officer interview questions and guidance on how to answer each one of them;
  • Role play/Interactive exercise scenarios that will help you to prepare thoroughly;
  • How you can achieve Grade ‘A’s in the Role play exercises and every other element of selection;
  • Police Initial Recruitment Test (PIRT) questions to help you prepare;
  • How to respond to the competency based interview questions;
  • Understanding the importance of Equality and Fairness and how to apply it to each element of selection.


  • Where you can apply in the UK and tips on recruitment;
  • The importance of ensuring you meet the minimum eligibility requirements;
  • Why joining the Force right now is a fantastic career choice;
  • Your training and probationary period that you will undergo when you join the Force;
  • How to get fit and be able to pass the fitness test.
Police Interview Gold Pack

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