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How2Become Ltd was established by Richard McMunn in 2005, who was working as a Fire Officer for Kent Fire & Rescue Service at the time. Since writing his first guide, How to Become a Firefighter, Richard has gone on to author and create hundreds of products. Since 2005 the company has grown and developed into the UK’s leading careers information/development specialist website. Today we have over 250 products available, spanning over 40 different careers and educational sectors.

Andy Bosworth

Managing Director

Andy Bosworth

Andy is our newly appointed Managing Director. Having worked previously with the company as the Customer Service manager, his excellent communication skills and dedication to his job, allows How2Become to move forward and continue to strive for success. Andy takes great pride in the products and services provided by How2become. Formerly a Quality Assurance professional his vision and drive for continual improvement ensure that our products and services are to the highest standard and evolve to keep in line with the latest requirements. Andy’s determination for achievement replicates into his free time as a keen runner where he competes in Marathons.

Gemma Butler

An invaluable team member, Gemma is our head of operations and publishing at How2Become. Her role varies from day-to-day which ensures her work-life is continuously engaging and ever-changing. Gemma’s skills are diverse which is demonstrated through her duties including office management and supervision, staff management and training, assisting our MD, maintaining trade relationships, and overseeing website content and products and ensuring the swift distribution of all our guides to customers. Gemma has high ambitions and wishes to continue her development here at How2Become. Outside of work, Gemma enjoys spending time with friends and family, watching TV series and films, and of course, shopping!

Gemma Butler

Head of Operations and Publishing

alex jeffries digital marketer at How2Become

Alex Jeffries

Digital Marketing Assistant

Alex Jeffries

Alex is a Digital Marketer for How2Become. As a recent graduate from university with a degree in Music Technology, he has a passion both for music and creativity in general. In his free time, Alex puts his skills into practice by writing and recording his own music, demonstrating his desire to put something of his own out into the world. Alex’s love for music also extends to his collection of vinyl records. Outside of music and work, Alex is a big Chelsea fan, enjoys a good coffee, and stays up to date with his favourite TV series.

David Bebb

Dave has been with How2Become since 2015 after a thirty year career with
the Metropolitan Police Service. Dave is in high demand – as well as working
for us he also works for four universities in England and Wales. Simply put,
what all of these prestigious roles have in common is that he significantly
improves the chances of people getting the careers that they want because of
his fantastic guidance and help. For us he runs brilliant recruitment courses
that help people to achieve their dream careers. Whilst his knowledge of
various recruitment processes is comprehensive his real specialism is helping
people to pass the demanding assessment centre that is part of the process
for roles such as police officer and trainee train driver. It is for this particular
specialism that he is held in high regard nation wide.

David Bebb

Course Tutor

Joshua Brown

Company Director

Joshua Brown

Joshua became How2Become’s company director after being with the company for 4 years. Josh is undoubtedly a unique member of our team with his versatile and flexible approach to take on and manage multiple projects, making him a truly valuable team member. His university years were spent in Computer Game Art. His degree in Computer gaming inspired him to go on and become a published author here at How2Become with his creative book: ‘How to become a Game Designer’. Josh constantly shows willingness to take on challenges and new tasks to help the company’s growth. Josh is a big lover of music. From artists such as John Mayer to Jimi Hendrix, he likes nothing more to spend time learning songs on his guitar. Josh is a massive football fan and likes watching the game! He also enjoys getting to grips with new technology and spending time with those closest to him, especially his dog!


How2Become operates from the following address in Tunbridge Wells, Kent:

How2Become Ltd

Suite 4,

2 Mount Sion,

Tunbridge Wells, Kent,



It is our aim to provide you with up-to-date and current insider recruitment information to help you prepare effectively for any career selection process. It is our mission to help you get the job of your dreams. If you have any problems then we will do our very best to resolve the issue. Please contact is at [email protected] for customer support. During October 2006 How2Become received recognition by being acknowledged as one of the top 10 best new businesses in the UK when it reached the final of the HSBC Start Up Stars competition. To add to this award, the company reached the finals of the National Online Recruitment Awards in 2009.


How2Become has been recognised to the highest standard with awards from Independent Publishing Guild and nominations from The BookSeller and HSBC. To view our awards, please take a look at our Awards page.

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