Train Driver Awareness and Recognition Test (AART)


The Train Driver selection process includes the following tests and assessments:

Awareness and Recognition Testing Software
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  • Train Driver Awareness and Recognition Test (AART)
  • Vigilance visual test
  • Coordination test
  • Situational Judgement Exercise
  • Multi-Modal Interview
  • Written Communication Test
  • Observational Ability Tests
  • Ability and Error Checking Tests
  • Dot Concentration Test

Whilst some of the tests being used during the new trainee train driver selection process have been in use for many years, such as the Group Bourdon test) many of them are newer assessments.

One in particular is similar in the ability/skills tested in our Train Driver Awareness and Recognition Test (AART) and this web page aims to provide you with detailed information about the test and also a software tool that you can purchase in order to practise the test at home.


The Driver Licensing Directive indicated that Train Operating Companies have a duty to ensure their selection tests are suitable and valid for the role of a train driver. The main driving factor for the change in selection tests is safety. Driving of trains has changed greatly over the last few decades and the tests used to assess trainee train drivers have had to change in order to reflect the changes.

The train driver selection tests will assess a candidate’s ability to not only concentrate for long periods of time, but also recognise important changes within the train driving cab.

About the AART

  • During the test you will see various pictures for a short period of time.
  • You will then be asked to answer questions about what you saw.
  • Shortly before each picture appears you will hear a short tone – this will make sure you are ready for the picture appearing.

Let us take a look at a typical example of a traffic situation you will be presented with.


  • The image will flash up on the computer screen for a very short period of time; usually only for 1 second.
  • During that time you need to look at the image and try and remember as much information about it as possible.
  • You will then be asked to answer a question relating to the image once it has disappeared.

Here’s a sample traffic perception question that relates to the image:

Question: How many vehicles were there in the picture?

You will then be presented with a number of different options to choose from and you must select your answer.

It is important that you aim for both speed and accuracy during the test. Try and answer as many questions correctly as possible.


In order to prepare for the test it is advisable that you carry out as many sample test questions as possible.

To help you prepare for the train driver selection test we have created a Train Driver Awareness and Recognition Test (AART) for you. You can order the software tool below.


This exclusive testing tool is the closest thing you can get to the actual test.

It is designed to be used on a personal computer and may help you to drastically improve your scores during the trainee train driver test.

AART uses an accurate and defined assessment to measure perception and observation skills and ability.

The tool includes:

  • Practice questions based on real tests – be fully prepared for your assessment by practising a similar test beforehand.
  • 100s of questions – the tests are randomised each time meaning your training will always be a new challenge.
  • Test results – Find out if you passed! And find out what you need to improve on with the new detailed results breakdown.
  • Customisation – Change the default settings to something harder or easier – you choose with our comprehensive settings options

This AART software testing tool is the best way to prepare yourself for awareness and traffic perception tests.

The tool will help you improve:

  • Concentration
  • Attentiveness
  • Familiarisation with the actual test


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