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Who are we?

How2become is a global career and educational specialist. We provide the leading career specialist guides for Australia, and in the UK, we are the nation’s leading career specialist. Since 2005, we have trained and guided thousands of candidates through recruitment processes to secure their dream job, winning multiple national awards on the way; including: The Independent Publisher Guild’s Specialist Consumer Award.

Whether you are looking for a career in the Australian emergency services as a police officer or paramedic, or have always wanted to become a train driver, we are here to help!

All of our products cover the selection process for applying to Australian specific careers – no matter what State you’re applying in!

What information do we provide?

We will teach you how you will be scored at during the application form stage and also at the interview; more importantly we will tell you what the assessors are looking for from the candidates! Armed with this insider knowledge, you will significantly increase your chances of success when applying for an Australian career.

Why use us?

We want you to succeed. We rely on word-of-mouth and positive feedback helps us grow and ensure our products are of the highest standard. We will give you the edge over other candidates by providing INSIDER information not available anywhere else, combined with our expertise and industry knowledge. For some of the careers, we have sent a member of our team through the selection process, successfully passing - so we know what it takes!


Why Us?

The job market is extremely competitive in the current economic climate and you need to ensure that, when given the opportunity, you stand out from the other candidates. You need to ensure that the assessors remember you and more importantly can see you fulfilling the position they are recruiting for. We help you do this by ensuring you are fully prepared for each stage and you understand what is required at the assessment.

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