5 Toughest interview questions

In this job interview blog, we are going to teach you how to
answer difficult behavioral interview questions. Behavioral interviews are designed to
assess how you have dealt with challenging situations you will likely encounter in the

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Talk about a situation when you had
to work with a difficult co-worker. How did you handle the interaction between

"When I first started work in my last job, a senior member of the team was dismissing
my ideas and suggestions during team meetings. Whenever I asked him for help or
advice, he said he was too busy. I was determined to build good relationships with
him, so I spoke to some of my colleagues to learn about his background and what he
enjoyed doing outside of work. I established we supported the same sports team,
and during a work break, I talked to him about our common interest. His interest
instantly piqued, and we discussed the team and how it was performing for several
minutes. Then, when I next asked him for help or advice, he cooperated. I am good
at building relationships with everyone, and will do my utmost to fit into my team for
the company's benefit."

Tell me about at time when your
manager was not around and a challenging problem developed. How did you
handle the situation and what was the outcome?

“"It was late on a Friday afternoon, and my manager had gone home for the weekend.
We received a call from a customer saying that our website was not working and
they wanted to place an order. I took down the customer's number and said I would
call them back. Because my manager was away, I had to decide what to do. With no
company IT department, and my manager unavailable, I had to make a decision. I
decided to commission an online IT contractor to investigate the issue, as it was
important to get the website back up and running again before the weekend, which
was our busiest time of the week. After going on, I found a highly-rated
IT expert who investigated and resolved the problem within an hour. I then called the
customer back so they could place their order. On Monday morning, I informed my
manager of my actions, and she praised my decision-making skills."

Tell me about a time when you asked
for direct feedback from your manager and why?

"In my last job, I was responsible for dealing with customers. Although I felt confident
in my work and had high customer approval ratings, I could have been better at
upselling the various products and services we had available. This was a missed
opportunity to help the business grow, so I asked my manager for advice on selling
more effectively. He suggested I enroll in an online sales techniques training course
through After completing several courses, my sales conversions
increased significantly, empowering me to add more revenue for the company."

Tell me about a time when you had to
embrace a new process, system or technology.

"A new team leader took over the running of our office. The team was performing
well, and we had just achieved the best performance for a department in the
company. However, the new team leader wanted to try new ways of working and
introduce new technology to monitor our performance. Some team members
objected, but I encouraged them to embrace the changes and support the new team
leader because we needed to stay ahead of the competition. If we stood still, we
could fall behind. Several months after the new working practices and technology
were implemented, the team performed even better, and everyone agreed the
change was positive."

Describe a situation when you failed
to achieve your desired result despite doing everything you could.

"In my last role, a new team member joined the company. They were new to the
workplace, and I had been tasked with training them to use the company computer
and software packages. I started by assessing their level of knowledge and technical
expertise. Once I understood their competence level, I put together an action plan to
teach them everything they needed to know, and a timescale before sharing it with
them. They found understanding how our systems operated difficult, so I went back
to basics. I took my time, allowed them to ask lots of questions, and ensured they
practiced each learning part before moving on to the next. Unfortunately, after three
weeks of teaching them, they had made little progress due to their lack of technical
ability. After discussions with my manager, the new team member left the company.
Although this was disappointing, I had tried my best to train them."

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