What is the bleep sit up test?

The Bleep Sit Up Test measures abdominal strength and endurance. In this test, the maximum number of sit-ups performed at a rate of one every three seconds is recorded.

We can see from the chart below that in order to reach a good level on the sit up bleep test the user will need to achieve “Good” classification or more:


The bleep sit up test is used to assess a person’s core abdominal strength and it is also an excellent way to improve core stability and fitness. The test is designed so that it gets progressively harder as each level is reached.

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About the Bleep Sit Up Test

To perform the test you will need the following:

  • The ‘Bleep Sit-Up Test’ audio MP3;
  • A floor mat;
  • A flat and even surface;
  • An assistant to hold your feet.

The aim of the test is to perform strict sit-ups in time with the bleep. It is important that you maintain a strict execution of the sit-up in order to improve your performance, endurance and stamina.

The test is perfect for those people who wish to generally improve their overall fitness levels or for those applying for:

  • UK Police Forces (both Police Officer selection and PCSO);
  • The British Fire Service (selected services only);
  • The British Army;
  • The Royal Marines;
  • Parachute Regiment;
  • The Prison Service;
  • UK Special Forces.

In addition to this the ‘Bleep Sit-Up Test’ is a fantastic tool for measuring your own fitness and it will help you to stay in great shape all year round.

Bleep Sit Up Test Audio MP3 Plus Instruction Manual Download
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The test involves carrying out continuous sit-ups in time with the recorded bleeps 3 seconds apart. It is important that the athlete carries out each sit-up with the correct technique so as to avoid injury and to also improve endurance and stamina.