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The Police Initial Recruitment Test consists of a numerical test, a verbal reasoning test and two report writing exercises. The most effective way to prepare is to carry out sample test questions. This brand new 200-page ‘Police Tests’ book has been written by a serving police officer and is packed full of sample test questions that will help you pass the Police Initial Recruitment Test (PIRT). INCLUDES NEW COMPETENCIES!

PASS THE POLICE TESTS 2016 New Competencies


Police Initial Recruitment Test (PIRT) – What is it?

The Police Initial Recruitment Test (PIRT) consists of 2 main types of psychometric tests; a numerical ability test and a verbal ability test. Both tests are multiple choice questions that you will take in an exercise room alongside other candidates. The most effective way to prepare for these psychometric tests is to carry out sample practice questions which relate to the new police core competencies.

Learn how to pass the Police Initial Recruitment Test with our 200-page comprehensive guide that contains masses of sample test questions for you to practice!
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Advice for taking the Police Tests

  • Practise – When preparing for the numerical and verbal reasoning tests, the most effective way to increase your scores is to simply practise plenty of sample questions;
  • Use Sample Questions – Within the Police Tests guide we have provided you with a number of sample test questions which will assist you during your preparation for passing the Police Initial Recruitment Test;
  • Speed – Whilst undertaking practice tests, it is important that you work as quickly as possible through each question and see how well you score,
  • Be Thorough – Try to understand each question and read it carefully,
  • Know How to Answer – During the verbal reasoning tests that form part of the Police Officer selection process, you should answer each question as either True, False or Impossible to Say.
Police Tests 2016 PIRT

Top Tip: Remember to answer your questions based solely on the information given, and not on your own views or opinions!

Sample Police Test Questions – Practice PIRT Question

“A factory fire at ‘Stevenage Supplies’ was arson, the police have confirmed. A man was seen running away from the scene shortly before the fire started. Earlier that day a man was sacked from the company for allegedly stealing money from the safe. The incident is the second one to occur at the factory in as many months.”


1. Police have confirmed that the fire at the factory was arson.

2. The man who was seen running away from the fire was the man who started the fire.

3. One previous ‘fire-related’ incident has already occurred at the factory.

4. The man who was sacked from the factory may have started the fire.


1. True

2. Impossible to say

3. True

4. True

If you want to try out more sample Police Initial Recruitment Test questions then our Police Tests workbook is the only resource you need.
In the following video Richard McMunn explains how this book will help you to prepare for and more importantly pass the police officer tests first time!

This book contains loads of resources to help you prepare and pass the assessment centre.

Split into two sections, the verbal reasoning test consists of 28 questions and lasts for 30 minutes. Section A has three possible answers where only one answer is correct. Section B has four possible answers where once again only one answer is correct.

For the numerical reasoning test, you will be asked to analyse numerical questions involving graphs, tables, charts and other forms of numerical data. You will be allowed a calculator which will be provided to you on the day of your assessment.

What is Included Within the 200 Page Workbook

  • New Competencies – This book covers all of the New Competencies for the 2016 Police Selection Process;
  • Numerical Reasoning test questions that are the same as the actual tests;
  • Verbal Reasoning Tests – Questions and answers for loads of verbal reasoning practise questions;
  • Fully Prepare – Questions that will improve your skills, and are very similar to the ACTUAL tests;
  • 100’s of Questions – The most test questions in any book;
  • Insider Tips - Crucial insider tips on how to easily pass the police officer written tests;
  • Report Writing - Lots of report writing exercises and tests;
  • Easy to use and practical;
  • Essential Tools – Help and guide you through the Police Initial Recruitment Test;
  • Step-By-Step Guide – A comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to pass the written report writing assessment.

Plus many more pages of Essential Information. Get ahead of other candidates today…

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