To become a Police officer you must pass a series of assessments and exercises, to demonstrate your qualities and values. The assessments include: a numerical test, a verbal reasoning test, and two report writing exercises. The most effective way to prepare for these style of exams is to try out practice test questions.

This 250-page ‘Police Tests’ guide has been written by a former police recruiter, and is packed full with 100s of sample test questions that will help you pass your Police officer exams.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, police recruitment has moved over to a new online assessment process for all police constable applicants, which is likely to be followed until the end of 2020. This workbook contains practice material for both the SEARCH and the NEW Online Assessment Process style assessment tests. 

Inside this testing resource you will also find sample test questions, answers and explanations for the new online assessment process. Including: situational judgement tests, written exercises and briefing exercises.


How2Become Featured on ITV This Time Next Year

Featured on ITV’s This Time Next Year

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*UPDATED for May 2020*

How2Become’s testing resource has been updated to include the latest police recruitment information, and sample questions for the new online assessment process, introduced in May 2020 by the College of Policing. The new online police assessment process includes the following: a situational judgement test (SJT), video interview (competency and values based), a written exercise, and briefing exercise.


The Police assessments, (formerly the Police Initial Recruitment Tests), are a series of exams consisting of 2 main types of psychometric tests; a numerical ability test and a verbal ability test. Both tests are multiple choice questions that you will take in an exercise room alongside other candidates. The most effective way to prepare for these psychometric tests is to carry out sample practice questions which relate to the new police competencies.

Learn how to pass the Police entrance exam with our 250-page comprehensive guide that contains masses of sample test questions for you to practise with!

Pass the Police Entrance Exam with How2Become


  • Practice – When preparing for the numerical and verbal reasoning tests, the most effective way to increase your scores is to simply practise plenty of sample questions;
  • Use Sample Questions – Within this testing guide we have provided you with a number of sample test questions which will assist you during your preparation for passing the online assessment process;
  • Speed – Whilst undertaking practice tests, it is important that you work as quickly as possible through each question and see how well you score;
  • Be Thorough – Try to understand each question and read it carefully;
  • Know How to Answer – During the verbal reasoning tests that form part of the Police Officer selection process, you should answer each question as either True, False or Impossible to Say.


Remember to answer your questions based solely on the information given, and not on your own views or opinions!



Susan has 10 coins and gives 5 of them to Steven and the remainder to Alan. Alan gives 3 of his coins to Steven who in turn gives half of his back to Susan. How many is Susan left with?


Susan is left with 4 coins.

10 – 10 = 0
3 + 5 = 8
8 ÷ 2 = 4


“A factory fire at ‘Stevenage Supplies’ was arson, the police have confirmed. A man was seen running away from the scene shortly before the fire started. Earlier that day a man was sacked from the company for allegedly stealing money from the safe. The incident is the second one to occur at the factory in as many months.”


1. Police have confirmed that the fire at the factory was arson.
2. The man who was seen running away from the fire was the man who started the fire.
3. One previous ‘fire-related’ incident has already occurred at the factory.
4. The man who was sacked from the factory may have started the fire.


1. True
2. Impossible to say
3. True
4. True

If you want to try out more sample Police Initial Recruitment Test questions then our Police Tests downloadable workbook is the only resource you need to prepare for your police exam.


You are policing a local shopping centre. As you are walking past a clothing shop on the top floor, a man comes running past you at full speed. He knocks into you and falls to the ground. As he falls, he drops the bag in his hand, and a t-shirt falls out. You notice that the t-shirt still has the magnetic store tag on it.

Man: ‘Sorry mate, didn’t see you there! Must dash!’

Select the answer option that best describes how you would react in the situation presented.

  1. Help the man to his feet, apologise for knocking him over, put the t-shirt back in his bag for him and wish him a good day.
  2. Help the man to his feet and examine the t-shirt. Place him under arrest, then conduct a stop and search for a receipt for the t-shirt and question the man on where he got it from.
  3. Ask the man to come with you to the security office, so that you can investigate further. Explain to him that this is a precautionary step.
  4. Pin the man to the floor and proceed to arrest him.

3. Ask the man to come with you to the security office, so that you can investigate further. Explain to him that this is a precautionary step.

Explanation: The reason that this answer is efficient, is that you are taking all of the necessary steps to resolve the issue, including explaining to the man why you have taken this course of action.


Read all of the information provided, and then respond to the complaint letter:

Police Officer Written Exercise Sample Question

Dear Mrs Smith,

I am very sorry to hear that you are unhappy with the new police initiative, and the way that your son has been treated. The central aim of the police is to ensure that every single person feels safe, comfortable and secure, and therefore it is of great disappointment to me that you do not feel this has been accomplished. However, I do disagree with a number of your points. I will address each of these individually below:

First of all, you have claimed that you had no opportunity to give feedback on these changes. This is not the case. On the 4th May there was a town council meeting, to which all of the shop owners on North Ficshire High Street were invited. During this meeting all of the new changes were discussed, and attendees were given the chance to voice their opinions or concerns. I would like to assure you that the police operate with maximum transparency – our aim is to serve you and provide you with a safer place to live and work.

Secondly, I would like to dispute your claim that the increased numbers of officers in the area have detracted from the customer base. We have a number of references from other shop owners, who work in very close proximity to your own store, demonstrating that their sales figures and customer numbers have increased as a result of these changes. While I appreciate your view that having large numbers of officers in the area can make North Ficshire look a little intimidating, I believe that this is a marked improvement on the intimidation that violence and crime can bring.

Furthermore, I am confident that our officers always conduct themselves in a polite and non-threatening manner, presenting a warm and friendly approach to the public.

Thirdly, your claims about your son are incorrect. I have taken the time to look through the case report from your son’s stop and search, and I have full confidence that the officer who conducted the search did so with the appropriate authority and justification. Your son was behaving in an aggressive way, and therefore this search was completely warranted.

The new police initiative was brought in to bring peace and security to shop owners and members of the public on North Ficshire High Street. Although it is still early, our crime and data statistics indicate that there has been a marked decrease in the number of serious crimes committed since we introduced this, and therefore we are confident that we can achieve our aims.

If you do wish to provide any further feedback, then I am more than happy to accommodate for this, and would welcome any constructive comments based on our police department moving forward.

Yours sincerely,

PC Briggs.


Read the below brief that you have received from your Sergeant:

Yesterday we received the 8th call this week, was from a shop owner in Ficshire Town Square. Ms Booth, was approached by a large group of teenagers – who have begun loitering in the square – as she left her boutique on a Tuesday afternoon to get some lunch. The group surrounded Ms Booth and demanded she buy them alcohol from the nearby convenience store or they would throw a brick through her shop window.

  1. Highlight the issues the community are facing.
  2. What concerns will this raise within the community?
  3. What can be done to reduce these incidents?
  4. What are the risks to yourself policing this incident?
  5. What are your recommendations for addressing the issues?

In your responses for questions 1-5 points you could have covered:

  • Teenagers are behaving anti-socially and intimidating shop owners in the square.
  • Potentially underage teenagers are seeking an adult to purchase alcohol for them.
  • The negative affect of this is people may become scared to shop in the Town Square for fear of being threatened or intimidated.
  • Where else could the teenagers hang out? Is there a more suitable location?
  • Extra patrols through the Town Square could act as a deterrent for the teenagers.
  • When resolving issues with a group or individuals who are known to be hostile you must be aware of, and factor in, your own safety and that of your colleagues as well as the public’s. Recommending patrols are carried out in pairs will reduce the risk of a constable entering a dangerous situation by themselves.

In the following video, Richard McMunn explains how this RESOURCE will help you to pass first TIME!

Pass the Police EXAM in 2021

This instant access downloadable guide contains loads of resources to help you prepare for, and pass the new online assessment centre process.

You’ll receive 2 full situational judgment tests, 7 written exercises, and 6 briefing exercises – all complete with answers and explanations.

In addition, you’ll also receive verbal reasoning tests, consisting of 28 questions each, lasting for 30 minutes. Section A has three possible answers where only one answer is correct. Section B has four possible answers where once again only one answer is correct.

For the numerical reasoning test, you will be asked to analyse numerical questions involving graphs, tables, charts and other forms of numerical data.

Police Officer Tests Download
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New Competencies – this resource covers all of the new competencies for the 2021 Police selection process;

Situational Judgement Tests – questions and answers to help you pass the new online assessment process;

Written Exercises – sample questions and responses to help you prepare for the new online assessment process;

Briefing Exercises – example scenarios and responses to help you pass the new online assessment centre;

Numerical Reasoning test questions that are the same as the actual tests;

Verbal Reasoning Tests – questions and answers for loads of verbal reasoning practise questions;

Report Writing – lots of report writing exercises and tests;

Fully prepare yourself with sample questions, and exercises that are very similar to the ACTUAL tests;

100s of questions – complete with answers and explanations;

Insider tips – crucial insider tips on how to easily pass the police officer written tests;

Easy to use and practical;

Essential tools – help and guidance on how to pass this stage of the selection process;

Step-by-step guide – a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to pass the assessment process.

Plus many more pages of essential information if you want to join the police. Get ahead of other candidates today…



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