CIVIL SERVICE Interview Questions and Answers

Learn how to pass the tough Civil Service interview with this comprehensive online training course created by the UK’s leading interview expert, Richard McMunn.

Regardless of the role you are applying for, as part of the selection process for joining the Civil Service, you will be required to undertake an interview. The purpose of the interview is to assess your skills, knowledge, and experience that is a match for the job description. If you are serious about joining the Civil Service, and you want to obtain high-scoring answers, make sure you follow this online course from beginning to end!

Civil Service Interview Questions and Answers Online Masterclass
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Become 100% prepared for your job interview and secure your Civil Service role, using this online masterclass training course. 

Civil Service Interview Questions and Answers Online


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Working as a Civil Service Administrator requires great organisation!


Navigate the big do’s, don’ts and frequently asked questions, to ensure that you come across as a strong candidate in your Civil Servant interview.

What TO expect from The Ultimate CIVIL SERVICE Interview questions and answers masterclass…

This Civil service interview questions and answers masterclass is perfect for any aspiring Civil Service candidate. If you want to ACE any Civil Service interview, this is the resource for you. Our online course is jam-packed with tips and tricks to answering any Civil Service interview question that you might come up against. So, enrol today, and start learning how to pass your interview!

This online course will help with the following roles within the Civil Service:
  • Accounting;
  • Administrator;
  • Border control;
  • Education;
  • Finance;
  • Foreign affairs;
  • Health;
  • Housing;
  • Human Resources;
  • Patents;
  • Public affairs.
Sample Civil Service interview question

Sample interview question:

Why do you want to work for the Civil Service?

Sample Civil Service interview answer

Sample response:

“The Civil Service is an exemplary organisation that sets itself high standards. Having studied the competencies required to perform this role, I believe they are a suitable match for my own experience, attributes and ambitions.

I am someone who can work to very high standards, can collaborate seamlessly with others, can carry out lots of tasks all at once, and I am also able to embrace and adapt to change as and when required. I want to work in an organisation that is continually learning, growing and developing and I would also like to work for an organisation that gives its staff the opportunity to thrive and develop within their role.

I believe the Civil Service is the organisation that will allow me to fulfil my career ambitions and I would look forward to spending many years within this team, if I am successful at interview today.”

Online CIVIL SERVICE Interview Skills Training – MASTERCLASS DetailS

Once you’ve completed this online masterclass, you’ll have a complete action plan to pass your Civil Service interview, regardless of your previous experience.

Learn how to pass your Civil Service interview with this comprehensive training course created and presented by interview expert, Richard McMunn. Within this course, which contains over 30 comprehensive training modules, you will learn:

Civil Service Interview Training Online Masterclass
Modules 1 - 10
  1. An introduction to your Civil Service interview training course;
  2. How to pass your Civil Service interview! Top tips from an interview expert;
  3. How to predict the interview questions form your Civil Service job description;
  4. 50 high scoring keywords and phrases to use during your interview;
  5. 7 tips for overcoming interview nerves;
  6. How to use the STAR technique for Civil Service behavioural-type interview questions;
  7. Interview question – Tell me about yourself?
  8. Interview question – Why do you want to work for the Civil Service and what can bring to the role?
  9. Interview question – Describe a time when you made an effective decision whilst under pressure?
  10. Interview question – Describe a specific time when you utilised an innovative approach to solving a work-related problem?
Modules 11 - 20

11. Interview question – Describe a situation where you supported diversity within an organisation?

12. Interview question – Describe a time when you demonstrated strong ethics and values at work?

13. Interview question – Give me an example of when you went above and beyond what was expected at work?

14. Interview question – Describe a time when you delivered a task at pace?

15. Interview question – Whilst working in the Civil Service you will be required to maintain confidentiality when appropriate. Describe a time when you demonstrated confidentiality at work?

16. Interview question – What do you expect the best and most challenging parts of working in the Civil Service will be?

17. Interview question – What’s your biggest weakness?

18. Interview question – Tell me a situation you were in at work when you made a mistake. What was the mistake and how did you react?

19. Interview question – Explain a situation you were in where you had to juggle lots of tasks all at once?

20. Interview question – Tell me about a situation you were in when one of your customers or clients kept changing the goal posts. How did you respond and what did you do?

Modules 21 - 32

21. Interview question – Tell me about a time when you collaborated as part of a team to complete a challenging task?

22. Interview question – Tell me about a time when you had to influence a manager or supervisor?

23. Interview question – The Civil Service is constantly changing and improving. Describe a time when you responded to change to within an organisation?

24. Interview question – What is the role of the Civil Service?

25. Interview question – There is a lot to learn in this particular Civil Service role. Tell me about a time when you learnt a new skill or developed an existing one?

26. Interview question – When have you adapted your style in order to work collaboratively with those who were different from you?

27. Interview question – Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

28. Interview question – Working within the Civil Service requires an ability to maintain high standards at all times. Describe a time when you demonstrated integrity and professionalism at work?

29. Questions To Ask At The End Of Your Civil Service Interview #1

30. Questions To Ask At The End Of Your Civil Service Interview #2

31. Questions To Ask At The End Of Your Civil Service Interview #3

32. CIVIL SERVICE MOCK INTERVIEW (Practice Interview Questions!)

Richard McMunn Course Tutor

About Your Course Tutor

Richard McMunn is a former Fire Officer turned interview expert and he has been helping people to pass their interviews for 20 years! His style of teaching is concise, logical and easy to follow. Within this course, he will disclose the tried-and-tested methods that have enabled him to help literally thousand’s of people from around the world pass their interview!

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“I always have a hard time coordinating my thoughts verbally but this helped me. Thanks, I got the job.” – C. Thomas

“The course is extremely beneficial. I highly recommend it if you are seriously thinking about your professional career.” – M. Lesicka

“Worked for me. The test questions were very helpful. The How2Become site is great!” – S. Deathridge

“Brilliant experience! The tutor took time to go through individual circumstances & offer his opinion rather than it being just a standard lesson… Recommended!!” – A. Storr

“Good stuff with expert tuition. If you need that extra boost I’d highly recommend it!” – A. Ali

“I found this course to be very helpful and informative in preparation for my upcoming tests and interviews.” – J. Phillips

Included in the CIVIL SERVICE Interview QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Masterclass:

  • 30+ COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING MODULES to help you PASS first time;
  • UNIQUE ANSWERS to the Civil Service interview;
  • EXCLUSIVE CONTENT to How2Become, you cannot find this level of teaching anywhere else;
  • INSIDER INFORMATION and tips on how to ACE your Civil Service interview;
  • A COMPLETE LIST OF INTERVIEW QUESTIONS and high-scorin answers provided;
  • A FULL MOCK INTERVIEW for you to try at the end of your course;

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A: We have made sure that we cover all the key components of a successful interview, no matter what your previous experience to ensure that this training will help everyone needing to prepare.

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