Police Officer Core Competency Keywords for Interviews roleplays and the assessment centre Free

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Police Officer Core Competency Keywords for Interviews roleplays and the assessment centre Free


Learn how to pass the UK police officer and police special constable selection process with our online competencies masterclass.
During the selection process, you will be primarily assessed against your ability to provide details and evidence of how you match the core competencies which are a key fundamental element of the role. If you fail to match the assessable competencies during each stage, you are unlikely to pass.
Competition to join the police service is at an all-time high. On that basis, it is vital you are fully prepared. This course will explain what each competency is, and more importantly, how you can easily match them during the application form stage, the assessment centre interview and also the tough role-play exercises.
This course includes sample core competency keywords, phrases and sentences to demonstrate how easy it is to pass the police officer and police special constable selection process.
How to pass the police officer selection process


This online course covers the following core competencies, which are crucial for passing the police selection process.

  • Public Service
  • Openness To Change
  • Service Delivery
  • Professionalism
  • Decision Making
  • Working With Others

Met SELECTION PROCESS – Core Competencies

This online course resource ALSO covers the following core competencies, which are crucial for passing the Metropolitan police selection process.

  • Emotionally Aware
  • Taking Ownership
  • Working Collaboratively
  • Deliver, Support and Inspire
  • Analyse Critically
  • Innovative and Open Minded

Course Details and Description

Modules 1 - 11

MODULE 1: Introduction to your course

  • Course Tutor Richard McMunn’s introduction to the Core Competency Masterclass.

MODULE 2: 7 Tips for Success!

  • The ESSENTIAL knowledge that all successful candidates need to know in order to learn the Police Officer Core Competencies.

MODULES 3A, 3B, and 3C: Matching Core Competencies to the Selection Process

  • How to use the core competencies in the application form and interview stages;
  • How to construct your own competency-based answers;
  • The process for matching Core Competencies to the police role play exercises.

MODULES 4A, 4B, and 4C: Core Competency 1 – Public Service

  • Keywords and keyphrases to demonstrate this core competency in the application form, interview, and role play exercises.

MODULES 5A, 5B, and 5C: Core Competency 2 – Openness to Change

  • Learn how to present yourself as a candidate who is open to change in the application form, interviews, and role play exercises.

MODULES 6A, 6B, and 6C: Core Competency 3 – Service Delivery

  • A step-by-step guide to incorporating keywords and keyphrases into your application form, interview, and role play exercises to help you demonstrate service delivery skills.

MODULES 7A, 7B, and 7C: Core Competency 4 – Professionalism

  • Become an expert in professionalism by learning how to show this skill throughout the selection process.

MODULES 8A, 8B, and 8C: Core Competency 5 – Decision Making

  • Full guidance on how to demonstrate decision making skills in the application form, interview, and role play stages of the selection process.

MODULES 9A, 9B, and 9C: Core Competency 6 – Working With Others

  • Learn how to demonstrate this vital core competency in every stage of the Police Officer selection process.

MODULES 10 and 11: Application Form and Interview Question Walkthroughs

  • Course Tutor Richard McMunn takes you through sample questions and answers, step by step, to help you learn how to answer them for yourself;
  • Craft your own personalised responses to the application form and interview questions using our exemplary answers.
Modules 12 - 19

MODULES 12-17: The New Core Competencies

  • Learn how to pass the brand new Core Competencies, which include:
  • Emotionally Aware;
  • Taking Ownership;
  • Working Collaboratively;
  • Analysing Critically;
  • Deliver, Support, and Inspire;
  • Innovative and Open-Minded.

MODULES 18 and 19: Application Form and Interview Sample Question and Answer

  • Discover the best phrases and language to use during your police application form, and your interview;
  • Learn unique phrases and language techniques, to give you an edge over the competition;
  • Find out how YOU can impress the assessors, and secure your career with the police service;
  • Become a master at using the core competency phrases, to improve the quality of your answers.
Modules 20 - 31

MODULES 20 to 31: Core Competency Sentence Blueprints

  • Blueprints and handy sentences for discussing and demonstrating ALL of the core competencies in the Police Officer selection process;
  • Craft your own perfect responses using these sentences and plans!
  • Certificate of completion when you pass;
  • You can retake the test as many times as you need, but it is under timed conditions and you will need to revisit your notes if you fail.

Police constable day one top tips

INSIDER ADVICE: What every aspiring police constable NEEDS to know to pass the selection process with ease.

Expert tactic and insider advice one becoming a police constable

The QUICK-WINS that enable you to demonstrate the core competencies THROUGHOUT the selection (and score higher than the other applicants).

Mobile and smartphone compatible

Learn anywhere (use your smartphone, laptop, MAC or PC) and at your own pace (increasing your chances of becoming a police officer).

Expert interview advice

VIDEO TUITION and worksheets keep the training engaging and interactive. This course is designed to help you LEARN more and be more PREPARED.

Police Officer Core Competency Keywords for Interviews roleplays and the assessment centre Free
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Police Officer Core Competency
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  • Why the Core Competencies are a vital part of the selection criteria.
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Home-based learning


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