This course is ideal for those who want to improve their chances of success at the train driver assessment centre.

It is a great course to doing the run up to your train driver assessment centre in order to get yourself “match-fit”. It is also ideal for those who don’t have an assessment just yet but want to know what to expect and what they may need to prepare on.

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The train driver assessment centre usually takes place on one or two days. It mostly consists of a series of exercises:

  • Psychometric and Aptitude Assessment Tests (otherwise known as the “Train Driver Tests”)
  • Structured Interview
  • Manager Interview
  • Medical

PLEASE NOTE: if you fail the psychometric and aptitude assessment tests twice you will not normally be permitted to apply for the train driver’s position again.

Train Driver Assessment Centre Course

When applying to become a train driver, you will have to undertake an assessment centre which consists of famously hard psychometric tests and multiple interviews.

Some of the tests you may have to undertake include some or all of the following:

  • Group bourdon concentration test;
  • Error Finding Tests;
  • Fault Analysis Tests;
  • Perception Adaptive Tachistoscopic Traffic Test (ATAVT);
  • Hand coordination 2-HAND;
  • Written Communication Test (WCT);
  • Multimodal Interview (MMI);
  • A fast reaction and co-ordination test;
  • Communication exercises;
  • Numerical Visual Comparison tests.

Once you have passed the assessments you will normally be invited to attend two interviews.

The interviews are usually on the same day as the tests but the order and day has been known to differ depending on the Train Operating Company or TOC as they are more commonly referred as.


During the Train Driver selection process you will be required to undergo two interviews. The first interview is called a Structured Interview whilst the second one is called a Managers Interview.

These interviews will assess your potential for becoming a train driver with the Train operating Company. The questions are usually based around the key skills such as:

  • Your ability to remain calm under pressure;
  • Your communication skills and team working abilities;
  • How you handle large amounts of complex and technical information;
  • An ability to concentrate for long periods.

The interviews you face will usually last one hour or more and have been created with the intention of analysing your suitability and potential to perform the roles of a Train Driver efficiently. You should expect the interview to be different from previous interviews you may have had, and most likely much more intense.

During you assessment centre day, you will usually have to take:

  • Psychometric Tests
  • Structured Interview
  • Manager Interview
  • Medical

The train operating companies like to use this order because this is the order of probability in which candidates are likely to fail.

IMPORTANT: If you fail your assessment centre with any mixture of TOCs more than once, your will not normally be permitted to apply for a trainee train driver’s role ever again.


During your 1-day train driver assessment centre course, you will be taught the following:


During this module, you will be taught:

  • How you will be assessed by the TOCs (Train Operating Companies).
  • How to demonstrate the assessable qualities throughout the assessment centre.

Passing the train driver assessment tests is widely considered to be the hardest part of the selection process. To become a trainee train driver you will need to undertake multiple psychometric tests which need to be passed at a high level, demonstrating a high level of accuracy. These tests will focus on your observational skills, your judgement, reaction, awareness & perceptions, attention & concentration, coordination, analytical ability and communication.

During module 2 of your assessment centre training course, you will spend a large amount of time focusing on multiple in-house assessments that represent and prepare you with the necessary knowledge, preparation and skills to pass your TOC assessments.

You will get to try all new assessments including:

  • The computerised train driver Awareness and Recognition Test (AART), the Observational Ability Test (OAT).
  • The paper-based train driver tests including the Assessing Information test, Checking Test, Train Driver Error Checking Test (TD-ECT), Dots Concentration Test.
  • All your tests will be assessed by the tutor who will ensure you understand the correct answers to all of the questions!

You will also learn:

  • How to be fully prepared for all the assessments.
  • What you’ll be assessed on and the skills TOCs look for.
  • Provided with essential assessment centre advice from our expert tutor.

PLEASE NOTE: All of the tests you will practice and learn from on this train driver training programme are exclusive to this course. All the material is unique and is not found in any of our other courses to ensure you are preparing with fresh material at a harder standard, similar to what you can expect on your real assessment day.


This module will fully prepare you for the structured interview and the manager’s interview. You will have the chance to view how questions may be presented in a mock interview demonstration or group interaction exercise, tailor your own interview questions and leave the day with your own structure for formulating high scoring answers for your train driver interviews.

In this module you will be taught:

  • What types of questions TOC’s interview panel will ask.
  • Learn all of the key areas you’ll be assessed on: ‘calm under pressure’, ‘communication skills’, ‘complex and technical information’, ‘concentrate for long periods’ and more.
  • How to prepare effectively for the interviews to ensure success.
  • Preparing to pass both the trainee train driver structured and manager’s interviews.
  • A detailed plan of how you can create and structure your own successful responses.
  • A chance to view part of a trainee train driver mock interview demonstration or interactive group exercise.

You will use this module to formulate your own personal action plan. The course tutor will help you structure areas of focus and preparation you should undertake before your actual assessment day.

  • Personalised action plan checklist – what should each candidate approve upon after the course.
  • What areas you need to work on and revise.
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This 1-day intensive training course is ideal for anyone who wants to ensure that they are fully prepared to pass the train driver assessment centre. The competition to join any Train Operating Company (TOC) as a train driver or London Underground driver is tough and this course will go a long way to helping you increase your chances of success!


“Really very good and worth the money. I attended the train driver assessment centre course. The trainer, Dave, comes across as genuinely interested in seeing each of the candidates succeed, put in that extra time with those who need it.” Daniel Sweeting

“I recently attended the one day assessment centre course. I had an assessment the following Friday and I must say this course was the ideal way to prepare. Dave not only gave an insight in to doing your best with the many tests we practised but he also explained there purpose and what TOC’S were looking for in each assessment. Dave was very passionate about delivering this course and instilled a level of confidence in everyone that attended. We even got a bit of homework to take away with us.” James Troy



The total cost of the course is £247 plus vat.

Once you have paid for your course you will receive confirmation of your booking and further course details via email.


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The course will run from 9am until 5pm. Please note, all Sunday courses will commence at 9:30am. Access to the room will be available from 9:15am.


Teas/Coffees provided. There are shops located within a 10-minute walk of the training venue, or you can bring your own lunch if you prefer.


Details of the most cost-effective hotels nearest to the training venue will be supplied in your booking confirmation letter.

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