Looking to help your child learn and revise KS2 History? This workbook has been designed to cover the entire 2021 SATs curriculum for KS2 History Romans in Britain and is ideal for both children and parents. Let us teach you KS2 History the EASY way…

  • A unique 164-page guide – learn the history the fun way!;
  • Advice for both your child and you;
  • Up-to-date with the new national curriculum;
  • History taught in a fun and engaging way with illustrated characters;
  • An easy to follow breakdown of each topic;
  • Questions, games and quizzes to track the progress of your child.
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This edition of our KS2 History series covers everything primary school students need to know about the Romans and their dealings with Britain. All information is presented in an accessible and engaging way, with numerous questions and activities provided throughout. This allows the reader to take on and retain information more easily as they work through their guide. Finally, at the end of their guide, readers will find two mock exam papers they can use to get a sense of how much they have learned. Throughout this guide, content is supplemented by a range of images that stimulates the reader and brings information to life.

KS2 History is Easy: Romans in Britain contains:

  • 161 pages of clearly presented history content with varied practice questions and activities;
  • All information in accordance with the new national curriculum;
  • Numerous images and diagrams to support learning and keep the reader engaged;
  • Clearly defined chapter headings that are easy to navigate;
  • An opening chapter which provides guidance and advice for parents.


History is on the primary syllabus in order to give children an introduction to the key events that have shaped Britain over time, and its place in the world as a whole.

Knowledge of these events will create an understanding of how and why the modern world has become what it is today, and inspire a deeper curiosity for learning about how societies and people’s lives have changed as time has passed.

This guide consistently keeps the goals of the new national curriculum in focus, as it has been put together with this government aim in mind.


Question 1

Answer these true/false questions:

I. Ancient Rome first had a system of government with politicians, and then was ruled by emperors.

II. The Romans were only a force for good.

III. The Roman Empire only spanned modern Europe.

IV. The Roman Army was very important in maintaining control of the Empire.

Question 2

Below is a paragraph about Romulus and Remus. But, there are some words missing! Using the answers in the box below, fill in the gaps correctly.

Question 3

Name two ways that Ancient Roman chariot racing is similar to modern sporting events:

Question 4

Complete the following crossword about Caesar’s invasions of Britain.

Question 5

Why do you think Boudicca and her warriors were so passionate about defeating the Romans?

Question 6

On the map below, draw the approximate location of Hadrian’s Wall.


Question 1

I. True

II. False

III. False

IV. True

Question 2

As the legend goes, Romulus and Remus were the son of Mars, the Roman god of WAR .As new borns, they wereabandoned on the River TIBER , in and attempt to get rid of them forever. But, their lives were saved by a WOLF who gave them milk, and a WOODPECKER who found food for them.

Question 3

Similarities between chariot racing and modern sport:
People fill stadiums to watch, people shout during the sport, people support certain people/teams, people still race horses today.

Question 4


4. What the Romans called the Celts: Barbarians

5. The Celts dyed this and used it to paint their bodies: Clay

6. Where the White Cliffs are found in Kent: Dover

7. A surprise attack the Celts carried out on the Romans: Ambush

1. The Roman dictator who was desperate to conquer Britain: Caesar

2. What the Celts threw at the Romans from the cliff edge: Javelins

3. Roman soldiers on horseback who could not join Caesar in Britain: Cavalry

Question 5

Boudicca and her warriors really wanted to defend their land from Roman invasion because they wanted to govern themselves. The Iceni (and others) wanted to be in control of their land and society; they didn’t want Romans making decisions for them. The Romans had also disrespected Boudicca and hurt her daughters.

Question 6


History is a key component of a child’s education. It allows for children to learn all about the history of the world in which we live. It provides an overview of different eras, ages, people and events, which shows how the world has evolved into what it is today.

The syllabus provides children with:

  • An understanding of British history as a chronological narrative from ancient times to the present day, focusing on how the British people as a whole have been influenced by the rest of the world, and indeed, how they have made their own influence felt.
  • An understanding of the essential events and features of the history of the world as a whole, focusing on the earliest civilisations, most powerful empires, and the most important ways in which humanity has succeeded and failed.
  • A wide historical vocabulary and an understanding of wider terms and concepts such as ‘civilisation’ and ‘society’.
  • An introduction to wider historical concepts such as: continuity and change, cause and consequence, similarity, difference, and significance; and use them to make connections, draw contrasts, analyse trends, frame historically valid questions, and create their own structured accounts, including written narratives and analysis.
  • An understanding of the importance of evidence when putting forward historical opinions. This also includes thinking about why some people interpret events or facts differently.
  • An introduction to historical perspective by considering contexts such as locations, economics, politics, religion, and key points in time.


We believe that KS2 History is Easy: Romans in Britain is the only guide your child needs to understand and enjoy this topic of history at primary school level. This guide will nurture your child’s interest in history, and help them improve their general ability to respond to questions and retain information.

What’s more, this downloadable resource will allow you to track their progress and learning with our authentic practice questions and mock exams.


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