Revise KS2 Maths the Easy Way – Fun Guidance for KS2 Geometry, Time And Measurements. Written by Maths Teachers and the UK’s Leading Careers Company. Our Comprehensive Revision Guide Will Help Your Child Achieve 100% in their SATs.

The Revision Series: Key Stage 2 Maths – Sample Questions for Geometry, Time and Measurements.

If you want to achieve 100%, then practice will really make perfect! The new National Curriculum has been revised and adapted to provide a tougher educational programme.

With the help of our Key Stage 2 revision guide for Geometry, Time and Measurements, children will be provided with some of the best advice and practice to improve not only their mathematical ability, but their confidence too!

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Our revision guide for Key Stage 2 – Geometry, Time and Measurements is the EASIEST way for your child to MASTER the skills and knowledge required to pass any maths question relating to geometry, time or measurements.

This UNIQUE Key Stage 2 is IDEAL for anyone who wishes to improve their scores either for the classroom or for assessments.

The guide is carefully formatted so that your child can make the most out of their revision guide. With a simple layout, clear and easy to read examples, and lots of practice questions, this guide will GUARANTEE to provide the best chances of scoring highly in a Maths assessment.


Here at How2become, we have created a guide that is child-friendly and will keep your child willing to learn.

This revision guide provides detailed examples, tips on how to answer the questions and what to look out for, lots of sample questions and detailedanswers and explanations. We have done everything in our power to provide your child with the best revision guide that will improve their mathematical ability.

Not to mention our fun loving characters that will appear throughout the guide to maintain your child’s concentration and engage them further in their learning.

Packed full of insightful tips, detailed examples and lots of practice questions to work through, this ULTIMATE gude guarantees that your child will be fully equipped for their Maths SATS exams.

Within this revision guide, contains the following types of questions:

Understanding Time Units of Measurements Areas
Perimeters Volume Angles
Symmetry Lines 2D Shapes
3D Shapes Transformations Coordinates


Key Stage 2 Maths Is Easy – Geometry, Time and Measurements is the ULTIMATE guide for you and your child. Packed full of questions, examples and not to mention our fun loving characters, this guide will undoubtedly keep your child interested in learning!

Here at How2become, we have done our utmost to ensure your child can practice similar questions to their SATS exams, but in a fun and easy way! If you are serious about your child’s education, this is a MUST HAVE guide to aid them both in the classroom and in examinations.


Question 1

Change the following 24 hour clock times into am/pm times.

Question 2

Draw the times correctly on the clock faces.

Question 3

Using the following columns, place the headings under the correct column. The first one has been done for you.

Question 4

Work out the perimeter of this shape.

Question 5

Work out the area of this shape.

Question 6

Work out the volume of this shape.

Question 7

Label the angles (acute, obtuse, right angle or reflex).

Question 8

How many lines of symmetry do the following shapes have?


Question 1

a) 8:15am b) 9:07pm c) 1:12pm d) 4:30am e) 5:02pm f) 11:49pm

Question 2

Your answers should look something like this:

Question 3

Your answer should look something like this:

Question 4 = 72 m

EXPLANATION = the perimeter of the shape = 22 + 14 + 6 + 7 + 16 + 7 = 72m.

Question 5 =78 cm²

EXPLANATION = to work out the overall area of the shape: 14 x 3 = 42 cm² 4 x 9 = 36 cm² So, 42 + 36 = 78 cm².

Question 6 =27 cm³

EXPLANATION = the volume of the shape = 3 x 3 x 3 = 27 cm³.

Question 7

a) obtuse (between 90° and 180° is obtuse).

b) acute (less than 90° is acute).

c) reflex (more than 180° is reflex).

d) right angle (an angle of 90° is a right angle).

Question 8

Your answer should look something like this:

No maths question is too difficult; all it takes is a little bit of time and practice!

Achieve 100%!

KS2 Maths is Easy Geometry, Time and Measurements Download
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  • A breakdown of Maths – this revision guide focuses specifically on any question relating to geometry, time and measurements.
  • Detailed example questions – this guide contains detailed example questions which show you the different types of questions you can expect, a step-by-step account on how to answer them, the easiest ways to answer them, and top tips to consider when faced with these types of questions.
  • Fun loving characters – our Key Stage 2 guides introduce our superhero characters which are used to make maths more interactive and demonstrate when important tips are being given.
  • Detailed answers and explanations – not only do we provide lots of sample questions, but we also provide detailed answers and explanations to ensure you know how to reach the correct answers.
  • Interaction – this revision guide continuously gets your child’s mind working in different ways to understand the basics of any geometry, time and measurement question. There is lots of space for children to write their answers and fill in their guide.


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