Revise KS2 Maths the Easy Way – Fun Guidance for KS2 Ratio, Proportion and Algebra. Written by Maths Teachers and the UK’s Leading Careers Company. Our Comprehensive Revision Guide Will Help Your Child Achieve 100% in their SATs.

The Revision Series: Key Stage 2 Maths – Sample Questions for Ratio, Proportion and Algebra.

The National Curriculum has recently been revised and updated, and therefore it is now harder than ever. To score highly on these tests, children will need to undergo lots of practice to improve their skills and enhance their knowledge.

Our Key Stage 2 Maths is Easy guide is the ideal guide for anyone who wishes to improve their knowledge in relation to Ratio, Proportion and Algebra.

We have made sure that our short revision guides are child-friendly and easy to use in order to make your child feel more comfortable and engaged with their learning.

KS2 Maths is Easy Ratio, Proportion and Algebra Download


Key Stage 2 refers to Years 3, 4, 5 and 6, when pupils are aged 7 to 11. During these schooling years, pupils are required to undertake SATS examinations which assess how well each person is progressing, and determine the level of education they are currently at.

It is with that in mind we decided to create our Key Stage 2 revision guides. With the National Curriculum updating its content and difficulty, it is important that children are fully equipped with the new curriculum, and understand how to achieve high scores.

This unique KS2 maths guide and testing book contains lots of questions for your child to practice to ensure that they are able to perform their best during their real SATS assessments. With sample questions and guidance, your child will undoubtedly feel more confident at tackling math questions relating to ratio, proportion and algebra.

This revision booklet focuses specifically on ratio, proportion and algebra, so if your child struggles with these areas in maths, we highly recommend this guide to improve this area of maths!


We all know how tough exams can be. With younger children, the daunting fear of examinations can affect their performance and confidence. However, we wish to diminish this fear by providing a book that children will prosper from.

Achieve 100 in maths by undergoing similar questions to that of the real assessment. Our KS2 Maths is Easy guide says it all – we have made it EASY for you and your child to work through common math questions relating to ratios, proportions and algebra, and ultimately better their scores by continuous practice.

Here at How2become, we know the importance of guidance, confidence and determination, and with the help of our revision guide, your child will be on their way to competently completing their maths exams with the utmost ease and assurance.

A child’s learning is one of life’s most important journeys, and therefore we have provided you and your child with the necessary tools to complete their SATS to a high standard!

Not only does this guide provide ample opportunities to practice lots of questions, but we have also created the guide with a bit of a twist! Introducing our fun loving superheroes, they are here to help your child engage with important information and interact with learning in a more fun and comfortable way.

Within our guide, it contains the following key areas that your child should feel comfortable with in order to successfully pass their SATS.

Understanding Ratios Ratios of Shapes Simplifying and Equivalent Ratios
Ratios and Proportions Proportions and Fractions Ratio and Proportion Problems
Understanding Algebra Formulas and Expressions Substituting Letters For Numbers
Forming Expressions Simplifying Equations Number Sequences


This booklet is educational. This booklet is fun. This booklet is easy.

Packed full of examples, guidance and practice questions, this guide is ideal for anyone who wishes to improve their scores in their Maths SATS exams.

In our Key Stage 2 – Ratio, Proportion and Algebra Guide, your child will be able to improve their knowledge in the following areas:

  • Understanding Ratios and Proportions;
  • Simplifying Ratios;
  • Ratio word problems;
  • Understanding Algebra;
  • Using Algebra formulas and expressions.

This child-friendly book is a GREAT guide for your child to achieve 100 in their Key Stage 2 Maths SATS assessments.


Question 1

Work out the ratio of white triangles to shaded triangles.

Question 2

Shade in the squares so that the ratio of white to shaded squares is 2 : 7

Question 3

Lalita needs your help. She wants to put these ratios in their simplest form. Can you help?

Question 4

Complete the following simplified ratios by making them equivalent to the ratio 36 : 90.

Question 6

Work out the following symbols.


Question 1

Answer = 6 : 7

EXPLANATION = there are 6 white triangles, and 7 shaded triangles.

Question 2

Your answer should look something like this:


Question 3

a) 1 : 4

EXPLANATION = 4 : 16 can be simplified to 1 : 4. Both numbers can be divided by 4.

b) 7 : 2

EXPLANATION = 70 : 20 can be simplified to 7 : 2. Both numbers can be divided by 10.

c) 2 : 1

EXPLANATION = 64 : 32 can be simplified to 2 : 1. Both numbers can be divided by 32.

Question 4

a) 18 : 45

b) 2 : 5

c) 6 : 15

d) 12 : 30

Question 5

Answer = 6 : 7

EXPLANATION = there are 6 white triangles, and 7 shaded triangles.

Question 6

a) 37

EXPLANATION = 45 – 8 = 37

b) 7

EXPLANATION = 28 / 4 = 7

No maths question is too difficult; all it takes is a little bit of time and practice!

Achieve 100%!

KS2 Maths is Easy Ratio, Proportion and Algebra Download


  • A breakdown of Maths – this revision guide focuses specifically on any question relating to ratio, proportion and algebra.
  • Detailed example questions – this guide contains detailed example questions which show you the different types of questions you can expect, a step-by-step account on how to answer them, the easiest ways to answer them, and top tips to consider when faced with these types of questions.
  • Fun loving characters – our Key Stage 2 guides introduce our superhero characters which are used to make maths more interactive and demonstrate when important tips are being given.
  • Detailed answers and explanations – not only do we provide lots of sample questions, but we also provide detailed answers and explanations to ensure you know how to reach the correct answers.
  • Interaction – this revision guide continuously gets your child’s mind working in different ways to understand the basics of maths. There is lots of space for children to write their answers and fill in their booklet!


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