The firefighter tests are one of the most challenging stages of the firefighter selection process. This proven resource is the ULTIMATE guide to preparing you for firefighter recruitment success. Using our tips, you will dramatically increase your chances of passing the firefighter selection process tests, and securing your career.

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The new National Firefighter Selection Process consists of a number of new written tests that are split into 2 different sections. The first part of the firefighter written test consists of the following:

  • Understanding information.
  • Situational Awareness and Problem Solving.
  • Working with Numbers.

The second part of the test consists of the ‘Firefighter Questionnaire’ which is designed to assess your behavioural skills and aptitude. Your test results in both Stage 1 and Stage 2 are then used to determine whether you go through to the next stage.

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In the weeks before your firefighter test, work hard to improve your skills in the testing areas. Try out as many test questions as possible and make sure you learn from your mistakes. The downloadable resource on this page contains 100s of sample Firefighter assessment questions and answers, that are guaranteed to help you become more prepared and improve your scores.

Tip 1
  • Get a good night’s sleep before the test day and don’t drink any alcohol or caffeine in the build up to the tests. It is important that you drink plenty or water in order to keep yourself hydrated.
Tip 2
  • On the morning of the test, get up early and have a final run through a number of sample test questions, just to get your brain working.
Tip 3
  • Eat a good healthy breakfast such as bran flakes and a chopped up banana. Don’t eat anything too heavy that will make you feel bloated or sluggish – remember, you want to be at your best.
Tip 4
  • Whilst not essential, we recommend you wear a smart formal outfit for the testing day. The reason for this is simply because the majority of candidates will be casually dressed. It is better to stand out for the right reasons. A member of the testing staff might just be on the interview panel.
Tip 5
  • Check the news for any potential traffic problems and leave in good time to arrive at the test centre with plenty of time to spare. Take a small bottle of water with you to help keep you hydrated.


  • Arrive in good time at the test location. Make sure you know where the test centre is.
  • Ensure that you know exactly what you are required to do – do not be afraid to ask questions if you are unsure.
  • Follow the instructions you are given exactly.
  • During the tests, try to eliminate as many wrong answers as possible. For example, with numerical tests, a quick estimate may help you to discard several of the options without working out every alternative.

Within this comprehensive guide, which is written by a former serving firefighter, we will show you how to pass the firefighter written tests with ease. Practice makes perfect and with our new ‘How To Pass The Firefighter Tests’ guide you will be increasing your chances of success dramatically.

Watch the below video to find out more about this FIRE SERVICE TESTS guide: 

Firefighter Tests Download
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  • Advice on how to increase your chances of success when going through the firefighter selection process;
  • Numerous practice test questions that are guaranteed to improve your scores;
  • Hints, tips and advice from a former serving Fire Officer on each stage of the testing process;
  • FREE ‘Interview Skills’ guide to prepare you for the next stage.


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