Pass the Army Aptitude Tests

Since July 1992, as part of the Army selection process, you will be expected to
undertake and pass an assessment called the ‘Army Aptitude Test’. This was
previously known as the BARB test, but had its content changed in 2018 and is
now the Army Aptitude Test.

During this assessment, you will undergo a series tests, each used to assess
different key skills and qualities required to join the Army. The test is used to
measure a candidate’s ability to interpret and understand information, and process
that information in order to solve problems.

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We have created 3 fantastic guides covering 6 tests, with unique questions that will test the same skills you will need to pass the Aptitude Tests.

  • Error Analysis Test – designed to assess your memory, and your attention to detail;
  • Number Reasoning Test – designed to test your memory, and your mathematical skill;
  • Spatial Reasoning Test – designed to assess your memory, and your ability to visualise shapes;
  • Logical Reasoning Test – designed to test your memory, and how well you can use deductive skills to arrive at the correct answers;
  • Categorical Awareness Test – designed to assess your memory, and your ability to identify objects and their relevant categories;
  • Rule Analysis Test – designed to test your memory, and your understanding of logical rules and processes.

Read on to find out more about the tests, as well as how to prepare for the British Army Assessment Centre.


The selection test for the army is designed to assess potential employees ‘suitability’ for specific posts. The higher scores you achieve, the more job opportunities you will have at your disposal. So, whilst the minimum pass mark for entry in the army is 26, a candidate will need to score far higher if he or she wishes to join a regiment such as the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.

The key to success is to try your hardest to get 100% correct answers in the test that you are undertaking. If you aim for 100% in your preparation, then you are far more likely to achieve the trade or career that you want.

What are Army Aptitude Tests

Army Aptitude Test Practice – Sample Test Questions


In this test, you will need to read, answer, and memorise the answers to the four sums. Then, you will need to answer two questions based on the sums.

Army Test Question

Army Number Reasoning


a) B = 15 / 3

b) D = 8 x 2


For the following test, you will need to memorise two rules, then visualise applying them to two shapes.

In each question, you will be provided with two shapes. Each shape will be associated with a rule:

Army Spatial Reasoning

Army Aptitude Tests

Answer: B


In the Error Analysis test, you will be required to read 4 pairs of symbol combinations. Then, you will need to remember whether or not each pair matched or not.

Army Aptitude Tests

Army Aptitude Tests


a) = 2

b) = 3 and 4


As part of your army application process, you’ll need to pass a number of different tests. We believe that preparation is the key to success in any application process, and the British Army process is no exception. With a total of over 360 across the three workbooks, this collection is the ultimate way to prepare for the Army aptitude tests.

Each workbook contains 8 tests, each test containing 15 questions:

  • 1st Volume: Error Analysis and Number Reasoning
  • 2nd Volume: Categorical Awareness and Logical Reasoning
  • 3rd Volume: Spatial Awareness and Rule Analysis

Get access to these comprehensive workbooks now, and secure your dream career!

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