The Police Officer Core Competencies provide an essential framework for officers to conduct themselves, in a way that is befitting of the UK Police Service. The core competencies are not just important when working in the role, but when applying for the police too.

At every single stage of the police selection process, you will be required to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of these competencies, and show why they are essential to the role of a police officer.

In this fantastic download guide, How2Become will show you exactly how to use the core competencies in your responses to the interview questions, role play, and more, and impress the assessors. This guide is packed with useful phrases and tips that show the best way to utilise and demonstrate the competencies, in the most effective manner.

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What are the Core Competencies?

The current police core competencies, which are used by the majority of constabularies throughout England, are as follows:

Police Core Competency 1: Public Service

The first core competency we will take a look at is that of PUBLIC SERVICE. As a police officer, you will have to deliver outstanding service to the public at all times. Not only that, you will also have to show you can meet the ever-changing needs and expectations of the public and understand how your actions impact on the public’s perception of you, and the police service you are representing.

Police Core Competency 2: Openness To Change

Being open to, and embracing of change, are qualities any employer would want in a prospective candidate. In the police service, these qualities are even more important. The police service has to change continually if it is to deliver the service the public expects. Society is changing at a rapid rate, and the public services that meet the needs of it, must continually improve and develop.

To learn about the other regular police core competencies, including service delivery, professionalism, and more, check out our fantastic guide!

As part of the brand new MET Police selection process, they’ve introduced a totally a new set of core competencies, and values too.

Metropolitan Police Core Competency 1: Working Collaboratively

As a police officer you will have the responsibility of working closely with many different groups of people. Not just your work colleagues within the police service, but also with external individuals, teams and organisations who are all striving to deliver effective and efficient services to the public. It is a fundamental requirement of public sector services to work together.

Metropolitan Police Core Competency 2: Analyse Critically

As you can imagine, the only way a police officer can make effective decisions is to analyse the information they have available to them carefully and critically. You will need to gather the facts and information available during each scenario you deal with. You will need to demonstrate during the selection process that you have the ability use logic, reasoning and only make decisions and take actions you can justify later on.

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How To use the competencies in your responses

It’s not enough to simply know the core competencies off by heart during the selection process – you must be able to demonstrate concise knowledge of these competencies and how they apply to policing, as well as showing past examples of when you’ve used these competencies during your personal or professional life.

In order to do this, you will need to use specific phrases and techniques, to help impress the assessors. Let’s look at the core competency of public service as an example:

As part of the core competency of public service you will be required to:

Demonstrate a real belief in public service, focusing on what matters to the public and will best serve their interests.

In order to demonstrate this part of the core competency, it is my advice to try and match it with keywords, phrases and sentences during each stage of the selection process. So, if you were answering a specific application form question, or responding to an interview question that assesses the core competency of PUBLIC SERVICE, you might write or say any of the following:

  • I felt it was important to go out of my way to provide a great service for the customer/client.
  • The only way I would be able to meet the needs of the individual was to provide them with outstanding service.
  • At all times I felt it was important to focus on what the person needed.
  • After gathering the relevant information, I had a thorough understanding of what the person needed.

If you are undertaking the role play scenarios, you could use phrases such as the following:

  • “I genuinely want to provide you with right level of service and I will take responsibility to ensure that happens.”
  • “In order for me to provide you with the right level of service, I would like to ask you some questions.”
  • “I need to gather further information which will then enable me to put a plan together to meet your needs.”
  • “Can you tell me what matters to you in this situation, please?”

The important thing to remember is this: throughout the selection process you are being assessed against the core competencies of a police officer. On that basis, you have to show the assessors that you have the previous experience and the ability to perform the role to the required high standards. The only way you can do this successfully, in our opinion, is to provide the assessors with evidence throughout. What you write, what you say and how you act throughout the selection process is very important. Remember, the assessors do not know you either personally and professionally, and it is your job therefore, to make their life as easy as possible when they are marking and assessing you. This guide aims to help you achieve that goal.

Our guide is jam-packed with tips on how to apply the above logic not only to the regular competencies, but the new competencies too. We’ll give you tips on how to answer interview questions, complete role plays, and fill in application forms, all in a way that utilises the core competencies!

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