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This interactive software pack will help prepare you fully for the Dots Concentration Test. This test can be notoriously hard to pass, however, with the right level of practice, guidance and tuition, your chances of passing will increase by 100%.


The Dot Concentration Test is one of the hardest parts of the assessment process. It is the one test that most people fail and this is mainly due to a lack of preparation. Many candidates turn up to take the test without any prior knowledge of how the test works and what is expected of them.

  • The test is designed to assess your ability to concentrate whilst performing tasks at high speed. The test will be carried out either with a pen and paper, or a computer and a computer screen.
  • Whichever test you undertake, you will be presented with five pages or screens that each contains 25 columns.
  • Each of the columns contains boxes with patterns of dots which are either in groups of 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6. Your task is to work quickly and accurately through each column, from left to right, identifying boxes of 4 dots only.
  • You are allowed two minutes only per sheet and, once the two minutes are up, you are told to move onto the next page regardless of whether you have completed it or not.
  • We can confidently say that you will not complete each page in the allotted two minutes per sheet, simply because there are too many groups of dots to work through!

The test requires ten minutes of solid concentration.


You will notice that the 2nd, 4th, 7th and 9th boxes each contain 4 dots. If you were taking the paper and pencil based version of the test, you would mark the boxes that contain 4 dots as follows:


You will notice that we have placed a single diagonal line through each of the boxes that contains 4 dots.

  • It is crucial that you aim for accuracy as well as speed.
  • You will lose marks for incorrect answers; therefore, you will need to work hard on improving your concentration levels.
  • You will find that during the first couple of sheets your concentration levels will be good; however, after a few minutes it will become harder to concentrate.

Many people talk about seeing a ‘mass of dots’ after the third sheet and they find it hard to concentrate as a result. We supply you with 100s of sample tests in the Dots Concentration Testing Tool that are guaranteed to increase your chances of success greatly.

“An essential resource for anyone wanting to become a train driver”

Those candidates who do not prepare fully for the Dots Concentration test are almost guaranteed to fail. During the test you must demonstrate both speed and accuracy.


Dots Concentration Testing Software
download NOW
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Sample tests for the Dots Concentration Test

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