The Train Driver selection process is not easy! It is comprehensive, relatively drawn out and highly competitive. In fact, on average there are between 300 and 400 applicants for every vacancy. Coupled with the fact that Train Operating Companies rarely advertise posts, this makes it an even harder job to obtain.

However, do not let this put you off as many of the applicants who do apply are grossly underprepared, and they normally fail at the first hurdle.

  • In addition to this, those people who do make it past the initial application stages usually fail during the train driver tests that form part of the assessment centre.
  • This guide will provide you with over 100 practice test questions and explanations to the tests candidates most notably fall down on — Group Bourdon, Observational Ability Tests, ATAVT and the Situational Judgement Tests.
  • You must prepare fully if you are to pass the tests and be offered a position as a Trainee Train Driver.
  • The majority of Train Operating Companies (TOCs) are both professional and meticulous in how they run their assessment centres and you should find the process an enjoyable one.
Train Driver Tests Download, Sample Test Questions


  • The Group Bourdon/Concentration Test is probably the hardest part of the psychometric testing process.
  • It is the one test that most people fail and this is mainly due to a lack of preparation.
  • Many candidates turn up to take the test without any prior knowledge of how it works and what is expected of them.
  • The test is designed to assess your ability to concentrate whilst performing tasks at high speed.

This type of test is sometimes referred to as psychomotor testing and will be carried out either with a pen and paper, or on a computer. Whichever test you undertake, you will be presented with five pages or screens that each contains 25 columns. Each of the columns contains boxes with patterns of dots which are either in groups of 3, 4, 5 or 6. Your task is to work quickly and accurately through each column, from left to right, identifying boxes of 4 dots only.

  • You are allowed two minutes only per sheet and, once the two minutes are up, you are told to move onto the next page regardless of whether you have completed it or not.
  • The test requires ten minutes of solid concentration.

You will notice that the 2nd, 4th, 7th and 9th boxes each contain 4 dots. If you were taking the paper and pencil based version of the test, you would mark the boxes that contain 4 dots as follows:


The most effective way to prepare for the Group Bourdon Concentration test is to carry out lots of sample test questions that are very similar to the actual test.


Train Driver Tests Download, Sample Test Questions
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  • Comprehensive information of the Train Driver Tests
  • How you will be assessed
  • Includes 100s of sample test questions for the train driver selection process.
  • A mass of questions for the Group Bourdon Concentration Tests
  • Perception Adaptive Tachistoscopic Traffic Tests – ATAVT
  • Situational Judgement Tests – SJE
  • Ability and Communication Exercises
  • Numerical Visual Comparison Tests
  • Observational Ability Tests
  • How to improve your scores on the day of the test
  • The ULTIMATE testing resource – you won’t find a better alternative.


Sample tests for every part of the Train Driver selection process

Insider tips on how to prepare for the tests including Group Bourdon and Numerical Visual Comparison test

Essential information on the scoring criteria that is used by the Train Operating Companies

How to pass the Dot Concentration test and what is involved

What the Train Driver selection tests involve

Practise Dot concentration tests

Concentration Exercises

Ability & Communication Tests

Perception Adaptive Tachistoscopic Traffic Tests – ATAVT

Situational Judgement Tests – SJE

Observational Ability Tests

Further assistance with psychometric testing

Useful practise aids

Watch the below video to find out more about this guide:


Free Online Interactive Train Driver Practice Tests


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