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The NHS is an outstanding organisation that has revolutionised public healthcare, and as a leading worldwide national health service, it sets high standards for those wishing to join the NHS, and the process is thorough and lengthy, and only the best will succeed.

Anyone wanting to join the NHS must submit a standard application for the role. At first glance, this form may seem simple, by filling out personal details, education, employment history and references. That is as easy as it gets. You will also be required to complete a ‘supporting information’ section. This section is by far the most important part of the form, and you must be able to provide evidence of where you not only meet the qualities, skills and experience to be competent in the position, you will be assessed on the NHS Values or the trust you are applying to specific core values. If you fail to capture the required information within this section, you are unlikely to be invited to the next stage.


There are two main areas you need to focus on when completing the supporting information section of the application form. The first area is where you are suitable for the role and where you match the job description and person specification. Do you have suitable qualifications or experience? Do you have the skills and qualities to excel in the position? Are you aware of the NHS/Trust values, and do you demonstrate these in your current position? The second area to focus on and equally as important, is the way you structure your supporting information response. When completing this section ensure you include the following:

  • Confirmation that you have read the job description and person specification;
  • Your Skills and Qualities;
  • Your Qualifications and Experiences; 
  • What you will bring to the role;
  • What sets you apart from other candidates.

IMPORTANT! Ensure your response makes reference to areas of the NHS values or specific trust values, especially putting the needs of the patient first and commitment to the quality of care.


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This part of the application form is by far the most crucial element of the document. Therefore, you must ensure that the information that you provide as evidence has been structured correctly, is clear and concise and demonstrates the values of the NHS or the specific trust which you are applying to.

Confirmation that you have read the job description and person specification

You will be required to demonstrate within your supporting information that you have studied the job description and person specification to ensure that your skills, qualities, experience and qualification meet essential and desirable criteria for the position you are applying for. When drafting this part of the supporting information, ensure you confirm that you believe you have the required criteria to fulfil the obligations of the role.

Your skills and qualities

Within the supporting information, you will need to be able to demonstrate the key skills and qualities which you apply in your current and previous roles. It is important to remember when including these to ensure that yours match the skills and qualities for the position being applied for. Some key skills are effective communication, leadership, problem-solving, influence, negotiation, teamwork and IT skills. Some common qualities required for NHS roles include; motivation, adaptability, attention to detail, focus, empathy, being approachable and remaining calm under pressure. What I would not recommend you do is just list the skills and qualities you have, but try to combine the skills and qualities in a structured sentence which tells the assessor something about you. For example; 

“I am an effective communicator both verbally and written. I utilise this skill when collaborating with colleagues, patients, and relatives, which often requires me to demonstrate empathy, whilst at times having to remain calm when under pressure

As you can see from the above, this demonstrates numerous skills and qualities in the same sentence.

Your qualifications and experience

As part of the supporting information, you will also have to advise on the experience you have which is suitable for the position. You should also provide further details on your qualifications and other professional development courses you have undertaken. Ensure you provide evidence of continued professional development. If you can demonstrate where you have undertaken further professional development off your own back and not part of mandatory training, this will look favourable in the eyes of the assessors. The NHS holds those in high esteem who take control of their own professional development.

What you will bring to the role

This requires you to demonstrate what you will specifically bring to the role. This is a great time to further mention any skills, qualities or strengths not previously mentioned. More importantly, this is the perfect opportunity to mention where your values align with the NHS values or the specific trust’s values. If nothing else, when demonstrating what you will bring to the role, ensure the values are included.

What sets you apart

With this, you should demonstrate what sets you apart from other candidates. Obviously, you don’t know how strong the other candidates are, but you need to focus on what you believe is the strongest part of your application, this could be your experience or your qualifications. It could be that you are already working in the NHS and will easily be able to transition into the new role with minimal training or disruption.



Below, we have provided a sample response from an application form to an NHS Band 2 supporting information section. PLEASE NOTE: This fictitious example should not be used to support your NHS application. This is an example of how you can structure your winning supporting information response based on your experiences and qualities.



Prior to applying for this role, I read the job description carefully to ensure that I had the required qualities, skills, values and experience to meet the requirements of the position. As demonstrated in the following information, I believe that I can quickly become a valued member of the NHS team by applying my skills and work ethic to competently carry out the tasks required of me.

The main skills I have will allow me to quickly adapt to the role as I have extensive customer-facing experience. For many years I have been dealing with people in many different scenarios, including product and service queries and complaints. I have excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, and enjoy working within a team environment. My current role as a customer service advisor dictates that I always put the customer first and follow strict procedures and guidelines, ensuring I respect confidentiality whilst working to set goals and deadlines. I am highly organised, can remain calm under pressure and deliver my work on time to the highest standards. Over a number of years in the customer service industry for multiple companies, I have gained experience communicating with a diverse range of people, listening to their concerns and helping them with any service queries they may have. My work ethic and commitment ensure that all of my tasks are completed to the very highest standards. I also believe my previous experience is a perfect fit for this role as I consistently demonstrate respect, dignity, patience, and compassion and provide a service which aims to always exceeds the expectation of the customer.

I believe that the above strongly matches the job description and the NHS values, which set me apart, and is one of the reasons why I wish to apply. Another reason why I wish to apply for this role is because I believe my skills and strengths can contribute to the NHS and make a positive difference to the patients. Finally, I would like to apply is I am looking for a long-term opportunity, with a professional and established organisation which matches my values, and promotes opportunities for advancement and development.

In summary, I feel that my strengths, skills, experience and flexibility will be of benefit to the team and the wider NHS. If I am successful in my application, I would be very proud to represent the NHS and be able to demonstrate my skills and qualities to benefit the patients and work towards achieving the objectives of the organisation.

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What is a given I that throughout the selection process, you will be required to demonstrate that you not only have an excellent knowledge of the NHS values, but you already demonstrate these in your working and personal life. Make sure you are able to demonstrate these within the supporting information section of the NHS application form.

Regardless of the duties, all staff are required to demonstrate the NHS values in their daily work. There are six NHS values that apply to all workers, including consultants, nurses, doctors, administrative staff, hospital porters, healthcare assistants, dental assistants and surgeons, laboratory technicians, and secretaries. The six NHS values are as follows:

Working together for patients

Patients must always come first in everything you do working in the NHS.

Everyone counts

Working in the NHS means maximising resources to make sure they benefit everyone. It will be your duty to ensure no person is discriminated against, excluded, or left behind. Inclusive working is very much at the heart of the NHS.

Respect and dignity

Without respect and dignity, the NHS would not be able to provide outstanding service and care. Respect and dignity apply to everyone, including patients, their family and relatives, contractors, suppliers, and work colleagues.

Improving lives

Every contact you have with a patient in the NHS should be used to improve their health and wellbeing. Working in the NHS is not limited to assessment, treatment, and care, it is about advice and education, too.

Commitment to quality of care

The highest standards of care must be maintained at all times in your NHS duties. You must seek to improve, learn, provide the right quality and standards of care, and work to earn the trust that has been placed in you by the patients.


The NHS would not be the service it is today without compassion and empathy. NHS staff ensure that compassion, kindness, and understanding are central to everything they do.

To help you prepare for the NHS assessment process, including the tough NHS interviews, we have provided you with several NHS values workplace assessment test questions below. Give the questions a try and see if you can answer them correctly.

PLEASE NOTE! Some NHS trusts will have their own values as opposed to the NHS values, so please check your responses to cover the specific values of the trust you are applying to. However, these will be very similar to overall NHS values, so you should be able to cater for both.

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