The Online Bankers Test is an assessment designed to evaluate the skills required by candidates applying for roles with investment banks such as HSBC, Lloyds and Barclays. The purpose of the test is to make sure that applicants have the essential and desired competencies in order to meet the standard set by individual investment banks all over the UK.

The test is usually taken as part of a larger bankers application process – after the initial application, but before the telephone/online interview stage. All candidates will have to sit a maths test, but may also have to do verbal and logical reasoning, personality tests, and situational judgement exercises. The aim of this course is to give you testing materials, allowing you to prepare for the online bankers test with some online bankers test questions. On top of this, you’ll be able to access online bankers test answers so that you can mark your own work and figure out where you need to improve.

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Jobs at these banks are highly competitive, which means that banks thoroughly test all of the candidates so that they can get the very best applicants for each role. These banks employ thousands of people across the UK and the world, with a wide range of roles available. If you are planning on applying to any investment bank in the UK, it’s quite likely that you’ll need to sit the Online Bankers Test. Therefore, you’ll want to get some online bankers test practice, including online bankers test questions.


UK investment banks use the online bankers test for most applications, including:

  • Internships;
  • Graduate Schemes;
  • Experienced candidates.

Essentially, if you intend on working for an investment bank in the UK, you must be prepared to sit the online bankers test. Bear in mind that aptitude tests for each bank will vary.

Which banks use selection tests?

While there’s the HSBC Online Bankers Test, the following investment banks require aptitude tests:

  • JPMorgan Chase;
  • Goldman Sachs;
  • Morgan Stanley;
  • Citigroup;
  • Barclays Investment Bank;
  • Credit Suisse;
  • Deutsche Bank;
  • Lloyds Banking Group.

Face-to-face banking interview at a London bank



While it’s incredibly challenging, the online bankers test is usually only part of the overall application for a role at an investment bank in the UK. Generally speaking, the application process includes the following stages:

1. Application form;

2. Online bankers test;

3. Telephone/online interview;

4. Assessment centre (usually only for those applying for internships or graduate schemes);

5. Face to face interview.


This is the first step in the bankers’ application process. Here, you’ll have to give the potential employer a copy of your CV (usually, this is done via uploading it to them). In your CV, you’ll need to include your qualifications, personal details, as well as relevant prior work experience. You may also need to write answers to a number of competency questions. These are used to gauge your motivations, interest, and whether you possess the core values of the bank that you’re applying for a role with.


As the second stage of the bankers’ application process, this is the first major ‘vetting’ step. This means that failure to score highly enough here could end your application. This assessment is usually split into a number of categories, which will be discussed in more detail below. These tests will be taken online via a computer, so make sure you have a device that you can sit them with.

The online bankers test will consist of at least one numerical test (sometimes known as number speed & accuracy), with the possibility of verbal (such as reasoning, perceptual speed and word meaning tests), logical, situational judgement, Non-Verbal Reasoning (spatial visualisation), and personality tests as well.

The number of tests you’ll have to take will depend on the position that you are applying for, and the bank that you’re applying to work at. Find out beforehand and prepare accordingly.

See the next section below for a complete overview and sample questions.


If you’re successful during the tests, you’ll be invited for an interview via telephone or internet. You’ll be informed what the method of contact will be in advance.

The length of this interview will vary depending on the role and the employer, but generally will take somewhere between 30 minutes and 1 hour. Here, you’ll be asked questions on banking core competencies, with a focus on the core competencies of the bank you’re applying for (e.g. HSBC banking core competencies).

You may also be asked questions about things in your CV, such as qualifications and previous job experience. Make sure to read the core competencies as well as your CV shortly before this interview.


This stage of the investment banker application process is usually reserved for those applying for internships and graduate schemes. If you exhibit the correct motivations and competencies during the telephone interview, you might be invited to an assessment centre. Here, you’ll have to complete various tests and exercises to demonstrate your aptitude, as well as show that you possess the ability to work as part of a team.


If you are successful in the telephone/online interview (or the assessment centre, if you are required to attend it) you will be invited to a final face to face interview, where you’ll be asked some final questions to measure your suitability for the role.

If you’ve made it this far, then you’ve shown aptitude in the tests (and assessment centre), as well as the fact that you’ll fit in nicely (via application and telephone interview).

At this stage of the investment banking application process, the interviewers usually want to confirm their thoughts about you as a candidate, and potentially discuss possible start dates. This is a great opportunity to ask any final questions you have about the role.


As previously mentioned, the online bankers test of the investment banker application process will be made available once you’ve submitted an application that’s been accepted. Once this has occurred, you’ll be sent a hyperlink to the testing suite, which will contain numerous tests that you’ll need to complete. The precise number of tests will vary depending on which bank you are applying for a role at, as well as the role that you are applying for. Here are the tests that you might have to take:

  • Numerical Test;
  • Verbal Reasoning Test;
  • Logical Reasoning Test;
  • Situational Judgement Test;
  • Personality Test.

Since you might not need to take every one of the tests above, it’s advisable that you find out in advance, then conduct online assessment test practice where necessary.


This is the main test that anyone applying for a role at an investment bank will be required to take. Since banks work with numbers, it’s understandable that your mathematical abilities are assessed before being offered a role. The questions will focus on your ability to handle, interpret, and manipulate data, so it’s important to brush up on your knowledge of statistics before applying. These tests are taken under timed conditions, so you need to be able to answer the questions quickly as well as accurately. For this reason, it’s advised not just to learn statistical rules and do practice questions, but to attempt them under timed circumstances. Find out in advance how long you have to complete the test, so that you can figure out your timings.

See below for an example question that you might face:

Banking Test Sample Question Numerical Scatter Graph

This test is only required for some roles. Here, you will be assessed on your ability to read text and determine whether statements about the text are true, false, or impossible to say. Therefore, this segment of the online bankers test measures your ability to highlight details in a passage, as well as have a grasp of what is being said and what the implications of the text are.

Take a look at the sample question below:

Sample Verbal Reasoning Business Franchise Information Question
Circle A if the statement is TRUE from the information provided. Circle B if the statement is FALSE from the information provided. Circle C if you CANNOT SAY from the information provided.

1. During 2007, the total number of business franchises that were not in profit totalled 7%.


2. As the ‘franchiser’, you are buying a licence to use the name, products, services, and management support systems of the ‘franchisee’ company.


3. A franchise business can take different legal forms including Limited Liability Partnership (LLP).


Like the verbal reasoning test, the logical reasoning test isn’t required for all roles. In some places, this might be referred to as the inductive reasoning test, but the principle will be more or less the same. Here, you’ll be given images of shapes which create some kind of pattern. Each question will be multiple-choice, and from these choices you need to choose the correct answer which continues the pattern. Essentially, this test is assessing your ability to recognise patterns.

Familiarise yourself with the material by taking a look at this sample question:

Online practice banking sample question non-verbal reasoning sequence pattern

This portion of the online bankers assessment examines how well you can apply the bank’s core values and competencies to a number of scenarios which you might find yourself in while working for them. The goal here is not only to make sure that you understand the core competencies and values of the bank, but to also assess how well you can apply them in a short space of time. This test assesses your quick judgements in relation to your knowledge of core competencies and values. You’ll be presented with multiple-choice questions, and for each you’ll need to choose the most suitable response to the scenario, as well as the least suitable response to the scenario.

Here’s a sample question to get you started:

Sample HSBC Banking Situational Judgement Test Question

A. Take the new employee to one side and tell him that his behaviour needs to change.

B. Go to your manager and explain the situation.

C. Encourage your female colleagues to speak to your manager.

D. Ignore the behaviour. He’s only joking.


Very helpful
Neither helpful nor unhelpful
Very unhelpful

Like the situational judgement test, the personality test of the online bankers assessment is used to measure how well you know the core values of the bank. However, rather than focusing on how you apply these to scenarios, there is an emphasis on yourself as a person. This is a chance for you to demonstrate your own personality as accurately as possible, while also making sure that you prove yourself to be a suitable candidate. Make sure to review the bank’s core values before you take this test.

Use the following sample question to get an idea of what you might have to answer:

1. I rarely act upon impulse.

True False

2. i always keep my feelings to myself

True False

3. I rarely get annoyed easily

True False


  • Verbal Reasoning (Word Meaning, Perceptual Speed and more);
  • Numerical Reasoning/Number Speed & Accuracy);
  • Inductive Reasoning (Non-Verbal Reasoning and Spatial Visualisation);
  • Situational Judgment Tests;
  • PLUS Bonus detailed Assessment Centre PDF guide (RRP £12.97) and  Interview Skills PDF included;
Online Numerical Practice Tests
Online Verbal Reasoning Practice Tests
Online Situational Judgement Practice Tests


Online Numerical Reasoning Tests

With hundreds of practice questions available, these online tests will give you the opportunity to see what kinds of questions will be asked, which ones you’re confident at, and which ones you need to work on more.

Verbal Reasoning

These verbal reasoning tests will give you the chance to master the kinds of question you’ll be asked in the application process, and give you inside into where your strengths lie.

Situational Judgement tests online

Situational judgement tests can be difficult. However, with the right amount of practice and familiarity with the material, you can put yourself in a position to succeed. These online tests offer hundreds of questions for you to use when preparing for the situational judgement assessment in the online bankers test.

Personality Test Practice Questions

This downloadable eBook will give you plenty of sample personality test questions so that you can make sure that you’re prepared for the online bankers assessment. It contains over 200 pages of content, guidance and over 100 practice personality test questions.

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