The online firefighter tests is an effective way for candidates who want to become a firefighter to prepare for the selection process.

The role of a firefighter involves an ability to think on ones feet, make sensible and fast decisions, as well as being able to work effectively with numbers and also be spatially aware.

An online firefighter testing suite to ensure that you are fully prepared for the Firefighter tests!

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Two Firefighters who have recently passed the Firefighter Selection Process to become firefighters

Two firefighters in action who’ve recently passed their assessment centre

Preparation for the Firefighter Tests

  • The firefighter tests that form part of the selection process are designed to assess your ability to carry out the tasks of a firefighter safely and competently.
  • The only real way to prepare for the tests is to carry out lots of prcatice with sample tests that are very similar to the firefighter tests you will encounter during the actual assessment day.
  • As part of the firefighter selection process you will be required to pass a comprehensive written test which includes a Situational Awareness and Problem Solving test, a Working with Numbers test and an Understanding Information test. Some fire & rescue services also test mechanical comprehension.
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Here’s what you’ll get in the Firefighter Testing Suite:

The most effective way to prepare for these tests is to try out lots of sample test questions at your own convenience. We have created an Online Testing suite that will provide you with 100s of sample test questions!

When you purchase the Online Testing suite you will get INSTANT access to 100s of different test questions that will go a long way to helping you PASS the real test.

Mechanical Comprehension Test 01

Mechanical Comprehension Test 02

Mechanical Comprehension Test 03

Mechanical Comprehension Test 04

Mechanical Comprehension Test 05

Working With Numbers Test 01

Working With Numbers Test 02

Working With Numbers Test 03

Working With Numbers Test 04

Working WIth Numbers Test 05

Numerical Reasoning Test 01

Numerical Reasoning Test 02

Numerical Reasoning Test 03

Numerical Reasoning Test 04

Numerical Reasoning Test 05

Numerical Reasoning Test 06

Numerical Reasoning Test 07

Understanding Information Test 01

Understanding Information Test 02

Understanding Information Test 03

Situational Judgment Test 01

Situational Judgment Test 02

Verbal Reasoning Test 01

Verbal Reasoning Test 02

Verbal Reasoning Test 03

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