The Prison Service is very careful about the way in which they process applications for the role of Prison Officer. As you can imagine, it takes a special kind of person to be able to deal effectively with the situations that a Prison Officer will find him/herself in on a daily basis.

The selection process is designed to assess whether or not you have the right qualities to carry out the role competently. Below you will see an outline of how the selection process works.


You can usually apply to become a prison officer online via the website http://www.justice.gov.uk. From this website you can also search for Prison Officer jobs in your preferred area.

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If you meet the minimum eligibility requirements, your application will be acknowledged by email as soon as you submit it. You will then be invited to sit an online version of the Prison Officer Selection Test, which is more commonly referred to as the POST.

Prison Officer Selection Test HM Prison Service

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Once your application has been accepted you will be sent a link via email to take an electronic online version of the Prison Officer Selection Test (POST). This stage of the POST consists of numerical tests, comprising of a number of work sample exercises. You won’t, however, require any prior knowledge of

If successful at the online POST stage, you will then be invited to attend the Recruitment Assessment Day (RAD).


The Recruitment Assessment Day has been designed to test several elements that are needed in the Prison Officer role – these include:

4 role-play simulations, each lasting a maximum of ten minutes. The scenarios that you will encounter during the role-plays are usually non-prison based. However they are similar to situations you could face as a Prison Officer.


As part of the Recruitment Assessment Day you will also be required to complete a shorter paper-based version of the online POST that you previously sat.


The second element of your Recruitment Assessment Day Prison Officer Selection Test is a paper-based language test, which includes some observational skills questions that assess the following key areas:

  • Completing forms and reading information;
  • Checking information for errors and discrepancies;
  • Carrying out written observations of seen information.
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HM Prison Service Noms Careers Selection Tests

Here’s what you’ll get in the Prison Officer Suite:

1 – Prison Officer Selection Test (POST)

2 – Prison Officer Selection Test (POST)

3 – Prison Officer Selection Test (POST)

4 – Prison Officer Selection Test (POST)

5 – Recalling Written Information Test

6 – Recalling Written Information Test Questions

7 – Recalling Seen Information Test

8 – Recalling Seen Information Test Questions

9 – Applying Rules Test

Numerical Reasoning Test 01

Numerical Reasoning Test 02

Numerical Reasoning Test 03

Numerical Reasoning Test 04

Numerical Reasoning Test 05

Numerical Reasoning Test 06

Numerical Reasoning Test 07

Numerical Reasoning Test 08

Numerical Reasoning Test 09

Numerical Reasoning Test 10

Numerical Reasoning Test 11

Numerical Reasoning Test 12

Numerical Reasoning Test 13

Numerical Reasoning Test 14

Numerical Reasoning Test 15

Spatial Reasoning Test 01

Spatial Reasoning Test 02

Spatial Reasoning Test 03

Spatial Reasoning Test 04

Spatial Reasoning Test 05

Understanding Information Test 01

Understanding Information Test 02

Understanding Information Test 03

Understanding Information Test 04

Understanding Information Test 05

Understanding Information Test 06

Understanding Information Test 07

Understanding Information Test 08

Verbal Reasoning Test 01

Verbal Reasoning Test 02

Verbal Reasoning Test 03

Verbal Reasoning Test 04

Verbal Reasoning Test 05

Verbal Reasoning Test 06

Verbal Reasoning Test 07

Verbal Reasoning Test 08

Verbal Reasoning Test 09

Verbal Reasoning Test 10

Verbal Reasoning Test 11

Verbal Reasoning Test 12

Verbal Reasoning Test 13

Verbal Reasoning Test 14

Verbal Reasoning Test 15

Verbal Reasoning Test 16

Verbal Reasoning Test 17

Verbal Reasoning Test 18

Verbal Reasoning Test 19

Verbal Reasoning Test 20

Verbal Reasoning Test 21

Verbal Reasoning Test 22

Verbal Reasoning Test 23

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