As part of the selection process for joining the Army you will be required to undertake the British Army Recruit Battery Test, or BARB as it is more commonly known. The BARB test includes the following assessments:

  • Reasoning tests;
  • Letter Checking tests;
  • Number Distance tests;
  • Odd One Out tests;
  • Symbol Rotation tests.

The most effective way to prepare for the BARB test is to sample lots of test questions in the build-up to the real test. It is important that you perform well during the test simply because the higher score you achieve the more career opportunities you will be given in the Army.

In order to help you understand the BARB test better, let’s take a look at a sample test question:

When you come to sit the BARB test you will be asked to answer questions where you are required to check letters. The aim of this test is to see how fast you can check information that is presented before you. Whilst working in the Army you will be often required to carry out specific tasks involving the accurate checking of information, equipment and data.

The following is an example of a letter checking question.

Tips for improving your score on the Army BARB Letter Checking test

When answering these questions you may find it useful to scan each line downwards in turn and keep a check of how many are correct. When you have scanned the final 4th line you will know how many are correct and then you can touch the number on the screen that corresponds to the right answer.

You will have very little time to answer as many as you can during the real test so you need to work quickly but as accurately as possible. Look out for letters that are similar but not the same, such as:

Q and O

G and Q

P and Q

These are the ones that may catch you out so make sure you check carefully.


  • Check Letters Test 01
  • Check Letters Test 02
  • Check Letters Test 03
  • Symbol Rotation Test 01
  • Symbol Rotation Test 02
  • Symbol Rotation Test 03
  • Distance Number Test 01
  • Distance Number Test 02
  • Reasoning Test 01
  • Reasoning Test 02
  • Reasoning Test 03
  • Selecting The ‘Odd One Out’ Test 01
  • Selecting The ‘Odd One Out’ Test 02
  • Selecting The ‘Odd One Out’ Test 03
  • English Language Test 01
  • Fault Analysis Test 10
  • Mechanical Comprehension Test 01
  • Mechanical Comprehension Test 02
  • Numerical Reasoning Test 01
  • Numerical Reasoning Test 02
  • Numerical Reasoning Test 03
  • Numerical Reasoning Test 04
  • Numerical Reasoning Test 05
  • Numerical Reasoning Test 06
  • Numerical Reasoning Test 07
  • Numerical Reasoning Test 08
  • Numerical Reasoning Test 09
  • Numerical Reasoning Test 10
  • Spatial Reasoning Test 01
  • Spatial Reasoning Test 02
  • Spatial Reasoning Test 03
  • Spatial Reasoning Test 04
  • Spatial Reasoning Test 05
  • Verbal Reasoning Test 04
  • Visual Estimation Test 01