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Did you know PwC’s psychometric test pass rate is less than 41.2%? It’s no wonder that many who want to work at PwC aren’t sure where to begin. PwC aptitude tests are used to screen through applicants at the second round of the recruiting process.

 It’s may not be simple to get a job at PwC, however, if you prepare properly, you can substantially improve your chances of success.

The PwC online exam, also known as the PwC online assessment, is a screening test used by the business to sift out unqualified candidates prior to interviews. The test is tailored to PwC’s needs and is used to assess applicants’ verbal thinking, numerical reasoning, situational strength, and personality attributes.


PwC Assessment Test Questions & Answers
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The PwC tests are separated into two stages


ONLINE TEST: This round will feature a variety of exam formats, including an aptitude test, a game-based assessment, and a written knowledge test. Candidates’ cognitive capacity and personality fit with the firm are assessed using these tests.


ASSESSMENT CENTRE: This stage consists of a written communication exercise, aptitude testing, PwC In-tray exercise, presentation exercise, and interview are all part of the Assessment Centre, which is a full-day event.

Aptitude Tests Verbal Reasoning What to Expect

PwC Verbal Reasoning

Language/Verbal Comprehension tests are commonly used in PwC assessments to test your ability in spelling, punctuation, grammar, reading and comprehension. Typically, this test consists of 15 questions, each with a time constraint.

PwC Non-Verbal/Logical Reasoning

Non-Verbal Reasoning is a type of logical ability test, usually using shapes and patterns to make questions that test your general logical ability and intelligence. By assessing your ability to recognise abstract patterns quickly and accurately, the PwC logical tests examine your logical and analytical skills.

Aptitude Tests Non-Verbal Reasoning What to Expect

PwC Spatial Reasoning

Spatial reasoning is a type of non-verbal reasoning often separated into its own category. It is used to assess your spatial awareness and logical thinking – often depicted in questions asking you to work out how an image of shape has moved, rotated, or mirrored.

PwC Numerical Reasoning

Numerical reasoning is one of the most popular test types and is used regular in Talent Q This assesses candidates’ mathematical ability and will vary in difficulty depending on the role. The Talent Q Numerical Tests evaluate your capacity to comprehend and interpret numerical data presented in tables or graphs. This test consists of 12 questions divided into four sections, each with a time constraint.

Aptitude Tests Numerial Reasoning What to Expect

PwC Personality Tests

This leadership test is used to identify applicants with the best chance of succeeding in a leadership position. Situational Judgement Tests are an excellent technique to lower exam anxiety while also improving accuracy and speed when preparing for the PwC Personality Assessment.

Example PwC Style Aptitude Tests


Numerical Reasoning

Q. What is the percentage change in the number of females who play guitar from 2022 compared to 2023?





























A. 20%

B. -20%

C. -21%

D. 15%

E. -15%

C. -21%

Explanation =

Percentage Decrease = Decrease ÷ Original Number × 100

First: work out the difference (decrease) between the females who play guitar in 2022 (8,211) and the females who play guitar in 2023 (6,458)

8,211 – 6,458 = 1,753

Next: divide the decrease (1,753) by the original number (8,211) and multiply the answer by 100.

(1,753 / 8,211) x 100 = 21.35%

Rounded down this equals 21%.


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Verbal Reasoning

Q. Read the below passage carefully and answer True, False, or Impossible To Say, based on the statements made.

The below passage is an opinion piece from a columnist:

Electric cars are set to become the future of the automobile industry and the UK government wants to ensure the UK becomes a major player in the quickly-expanding market for electric vehicles. To achieve that goal, the UK must encourage car manufacturers to build the electric vehicles here, and to do that, so-called gigafactories (where car batteries are produced) must be built throughout the UK. Batteries are very heavy and bulky which makes local production much more desirable.

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Non-Verbal Reasoning

Complete the sequence by identifying the moving objects:

Non-Verbal Sample Question

B. Explanation = The middle square alternates between being at the top and bottom of the figure


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Non-Verbal Reasoning

Which of the answer options is the correct net to make the cube?

Spatial Reasoning Sample Question

Answer = A. Tip: when practicing these types of questions at home, print off the cube net and then fold it together, this will allow you to see the correct answer option. Once you have practiced this a few times you will be better at visualizing cube nets and faster at answers the questions.


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Q1. It’s the end of the day and you are in the workplace locker room changing out of your work uniform. You overhear two colleagues making offensive remarks about one of your colleagues. What do you do in this situation?


A: Ignore the comments. If the person does not hear them, it will have no impact on them.


B: Tell your manager about the offensive comments, let them deal with the issue.


C: Challenge you colleagues immediately, tell them to stop making the comments or you will inform the colleague in question.


D: Challenge your colleagues, tell them they are being disrespectful and that they are not acting with integrity. Tell them to stop this practice and inform your manager.

Explanation D is the most appropriate answer to this scenario as you are speaking up and challenging the behaviour directly and informing your colleagues that they are not acting with the required levels of respect and integrity. A is not effective as this does nothing to prevent the behaviour and it allows it to possibly escalate. Option B could work, but it is not as effective as challenging the behaviour there and then. It is worth noting that the two colleagues may not be aware of the impact their comments are causing. Therefore, challenging the behaviour itself is a better option. Option C deals with some of the issues, but, by threatening to inform the colleague who the comments refer to is not helpful and is likely to have a negative impact and cause further issues.

Personality Questions and Answers Sample Practice Questions

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How do I pass the PwC assessment test?

Here are 7 tips to passing PWC employability aptitude tests:

Tip #1: Make sure your technology is up to date – you don’t want to fail because your device crashes or cannot run the online PWC tests correctly.

Tip #2: Take the test while you’re at your peak performance (i.e. not late at night or before you’ve had time to wake up fully).

Tip #3: Learn HOW the assessor will mark your answers. Get yourself access to example questions with fully worked solutions.

Tip #4: Put your skills to the test beforehand and get lots of practice in. This tip alone will dramatically increase your scores.

Tip #5: Carefully read each question before answering.

Tip #6: Stay hydrated. Your mind will perform best if you drink lots of water – not coffee or caffeinated drinks!

Tip #7: Relax yourself before taking the assessment and remember to take deep breaths to fill your brain with oxygen.

What happens at PwC assessment Centre?

Depending on the job post you applied for, the PwC assessment centre is a half- or full-day event where you’ll perform a variety of exercises and activities. It’s set out as a “day in the life” experience, including duties that you may perform during a regular PwC working day.

The PwC assessment centre usually consists of:

  1. Written communication exercise.
  2. Aptitude tests including numerical reasoning and verbal reasoning exercises.
  3. Individual or group PwC In-tray Exercise.
  4. Presentation Exercise.

What are the PwC online tests?

The online tests, known as PwC Psychometric Tests, are used before the assessment centre and provide a thorough and touch challenge for potential candidates to ensure they have what it takes to work for PwC. These tests include: written communication exercises, aptitude tests, PwC In-tray exercise, a presentation exercise, and finally an interview.

Our resource on this page contains practice for BOTH the PwC Online Tests and the PwC Assessment Centre aptitude tests.

How Do I Pass A PwC Test?

The most crucial piece of advice we can provide you is to use a practise resource that covers a wide range of question styles so that you are ready for the same assessable areas and question types that your PwC employs. Download the 1000 PwC questions and answers bundle from this website if you want to save time on your aptitude test. It will assist you with all of the tactics mentioned above as well as the assessable attributes listed on this page.

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