Raf Interview Questions and Answers

Detailed INSIDER information including sample RAF interview questions. Plus we will show you how to structure your answers to the questions in order to score high marks at this critical point of the recruitment process.

Preparation is the key and we provide lots of sample interview questions.

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What to expect and how to prepare yourself.

RAF interview explained

During the selection process you will be required to sit a number of interviews designed to test your suitability to join the RAF. In addition to the assessable qualities you will also be assessed on how well you present yourself during the interview.

The RAF recruitment officers are looking for your potential and ability to become a professional and competent member of their team. They are not looking for the finished article but they certainly want to see potential. One of the most effective ways in which to prepare for the interview is to carry out a number of ‘mock interviews’ prior to the real thing.

A mock interview is basically a practice run where you get a friend or relative to sit you down under formal interview conditions and ask you a series of questions. You simply respond to each interview question that is asked and make any necessary improvements at the end of the interview.

Why is it important to carry out a mock interview?

Well, look at it this way, any team or professional individual will always practice their role or job before they do the real thing. An actor will rehearse his or her lines before filming, a football team will practise set pieces before a match and a professional swimmer will practise many lengths and improve their technique before the big race. Therefore, any serious candidate applying for a job will practise the interview before hand. Not only will it allow them to increase their confidence but it will also go a long way to reducing nerves and fear.

  • During the real RAF interview you need to create the right impression from the clothes that you wear to how you communicate, even down to how you sit in the interview chair.
  • The interview is obviously an integral part of the selection process and within this guide I have provided a section dedicated solely to this.
  • Look at the sample interview questions and prepare your responses beforehand by way of a mock interview.
  • Don’t go into your interview ill-prepared; instead, understand what is involved and what you need to do to impress the panel.

How to pass the RAF interview

For some of the more technical or demanding posts you will be required to attend a specialist interview which will be at an RAF base. These can last up to three days depending on the career. This is also an opportunity for you to see what the job is like and meet some of the people you’d be expected to work with once you have passed your initial training.

The first interview however will be held at your local Armed Forces Careers Office and will be undertaken with a member of the RAF recruitment team. The duration of the interview will very much depend on your responses to the questions. However, you can expect the interview to last for approximately 30 minutes.

The questions that you will be assessed against during the initial interview will normally be taken from the following areas:

  • The reasons why you want to join the RAF;
  • What choice of career you are most interested in, the reason for choosing that career, and the skills you have to match the role;
  • What information you already know about the RAF, its lifestyle and training;
  • Information relating to your hobbies and interests including sporting/team activities;
  • Any personal responsibilities that you currently have at home, in your education or at work;
  • Information about your family and your partner and what they think about you joining.

In order to help you during your preparation, let’s take a look at a sample RAF interview question and some tips on how to answer it.

Q. What do you think the qualities of a good team player are?

As you are already aware, the RAF prides itself on the ability to operate as an effective team member. Therefore, having knowledge of how a team operates and the qualities required to become a competent team player would be an advantage. Here is a list of just some of the qualities required to be a good team player:

  • An ability to interact and work with others, regardless of their age, sex, religion, sexual orientation, background, disability or appearance;
  • Being able to communicate with everyone in the team and provide the appropriate level of support and encouragement;
  • Being capable of carrying out tasks correctly, professionally and in accordance with guidelines and regulations;
  • Being focused on the team’s goal(s);
  • Having a flexible attitude and approach to the task;
  • Putting the needs of the team first before your own;
  • Putting personal differences aside for the sake of the team;
  • Being able to listen to others suggestions and contributions;

When responding to this type of question it would be an advantage if you could back up your response with an example of where you already work in a team.


  • The top insider tips and advice;
  • What the RAF interview involves;
  • How you will be assessed during the RAF interview;
  • Preparing for the interview effectively;
  • Exactly what the interview panel are looking for;
  • How to study for the RAF interview effectively;
  • The types of questions you will be asked during the RAF interview.
RAF Interview Video Training
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  • The top insider tips and advice.
  • What the RAF interview involves.
  • How you will be assessed during the RAF interview.
  • Preparing for the interview effectively.
  • Exactly what the interview panel are looking for.
  • How to study for the RAF interview effectively.
  • The types of questions you will be asked during the RAF interview.


  • Which areas you need to focus on during your preparation.
  • Preparing for each interview question.
  • The areas that will be assessed during the interview.
  • Things that you must say during the interview.
  • Preparing smartly in order to save time.
  • Creating a positive impression during the interview.


  • Sample mock interview questions.
  • How to structure your answers to the questions.
  • Example interview question responses.
  • An explanation to the answers provided.
  • Top interview tips and advice.
  • Final hints and tips on how to increase your chances.
  • Tips on how to score high and pass the interview.

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