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The Royal Navy – What they are looking for during the selection

The selection tests to join the Armed Forces are carefully designed in order to assess the key skills, qualities and personality that is required for a challenging, yet deeply rewarding career. It takes a special person to show the correct determination, will-power, fortitude and charisma for a job in the Armed Forces. Ultimately, this career path is not just a profession, it is a life choice. A life choice that you will need to embed into your daily routine.

A job in the royal Navy comes with great responsibility. Responsibilities that not only effect you, but your fellow colleagues, your family, and even your country. You will be responsible for upholding and maintaining security, protection and assistance to:

  • Protect and safeguarding procedures are carried out to guard our economy.
  • Prevent conflict from arising, particularly overseas.
  • Provide security for home and international waters to maintain stability and prosperities of British economy.
  • Maintaining a ‘state of readiness’ to protect and fight for our country when required.
  • Provides response when disaster strikes in order to aid humanitarian conditions.

In times of conflict, chaos and disruption, the Royal Navy plays a significant role in implementing safeguarding procedures that provides prosperity and stability for British economy. It takes a well-grounded person to understand the extent of challenges that come with a job in the Naval Service.

Considering a career in the Naval Service is the first step of changing your life forever. You need to fully grasp what is required for a person who wishes to pursue a career in the Armed Forces. You should not enter this decision lightly, you need to take the time to form a solid conclusion based on logical reasoning and thought processes.

In order to give you a better understanding of the type of person the Royal Navy is looking for, here are a list of some of the qualities and skills required to join the Armed Forces.

Remember, this list is not extensive. There are many other skills and qualities that recruiters look for in potential employees. Depending on the job position for which are applying, will depend on what skills are valued the most.

royal navy


To undergo training in the Royal Navy, you must first complete a series of psychometric tests. The Armed Forces have used psychometric tests for many years in their selection process, and is proven to be an invaluable strategy that allows for only the best candidates.

Psychometric tests are simply used as a way to measure a candidate’s ability to perform specific tasks; tasks of which are similar to those of a real life scenario. Therefore, it is vitally important that the Royal Navy choose a person who show the key skills and qualities that are essential for a job in the service.


The Royal Navy Recruiting Test (RT) will specifically assess a candidate’s academic and intellectual knowledge in an array of topic areas. These topics are chosen, so that recruiters are able to identify the skillset in which a person possesses, and whether it tailors to the specifications of the job role.

For the RT, the test will be separated into four key areas. All of which, will need to be passed in order to move on to the next stage of the assessment. These tests will measure your skill level in the following areas:

  • General Reasoning
  • Verbal Ability
  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Mechanical Comprehension

You are ultimately being tested to decipher your intellectual, critical and technical abilities. These tests are primarily used to evaluate your overall performance in order to understand where your strengths and weaknesses lie, and demonstrate how well you can cope with the technical and demanding nature within the Naval Service.

The tests are usually carried out at the Armed Forces Careers Office and will be under strict timed conditions. Details of the time restrictions and number of questions per exercise will be provided in your recruitment literature. Your recruitment literature is key! Make sure you take the time to thoroughly read through the whole resource so you are fully aware of the expectations of your assessment. The pass mark for the Royal Navy Recruiting test will very much depend on the technical ability level required for the post for which you are applying; although a pass mark of 50% is normally sufficient for the majority of branches.


General Reasoning

(30 questions, to be completed in 9 minutes)

Verbal Ability

(30 questions, to be completed in 9 minutes)

Numerical Reasoning

(30 questions, to be completed in 16 minutes)

Mechanical Comprehension

(30 questions, to be completed in 10 minutes)

The only way to prepare for your Royal Navy Recruit test is simply through practising. We have provided you with the ultimate guide that will allow you to practice 100s of sample questions in each specific area of the assessment.

Below, we have illustrated the types of questions that can be found in our guide, which will be similar to those found on your RT assessment. Take the time to look at these examples.

Royal Navy Recruitment Test (RT) Practice



Reasoning skills are assessed to determine a candidate’s ability to process information and recognise underlying patterns and configurations amongst a set of words, shapes or sequences.


Look at how the figure changes from box 1 to box 2. Apply the same changes in order to get the correct answer.

Royal-Navy reasoning question

Verbal Ability is a test used to assess a candidate’s ability to recognise relationships between words and sentences.

Typical questions in relation to Verbal Ability include: completing the sentence, rephrasing sentences, grouping words, word discrepancies and so forth. This assessment is used to determine how well a candidate can quickly and effectively work through verbal formats, and demonstrate high levels of literary and verbal understanding.


In the sentence, the word outside the brackets will only go with three of the words inside the brackets in order to make a longer word. Which ONE word will it NOT go with?

Royal-Navy verbal question

For these types of questions, you need to determine what words in the answer box fits with the word outside the brackets. Note, for these questions, the word needs to make one complete word i.e. downsize.

ANSWER = A = Out

The Numerical Reasoning part of your Royal Navy Recruit test is to assess a candidate’s ability to make accurate calculations using basic mathematical formulas including:

numerical royal navy

We suggest that you practice as many different types of mathematical questions as you can prior to your assessment.



The CROSS looks like a multiplication sign and it tells you which numbers to multiply together.

One arm is saying ‘multiply the 5 by the 5’, and the other arm is saying ‘multiply the 7 by the 3’.

The BOW says ‘multiply the 2 numbers I am pointing at’. That is 7 times 5.

The answer is 35 and it goes underneath the line in the answer.

ANSWER 1 11/35

Mechanical Comprehension tests are an assessment that measures an individual’s ability to understand mechanical concepts. The tests are usually multiple-choice in nature and present simple, frequently encountered mechanisms and technical situations. The majority of Mechanical Comprehension tests require a working knowledge of basic mechanical operations and the application of physical laws.


A lever consists of a bar which is balanced on a fixed point, known as the fulcrum. If you needed to lift the weight, you need to work out how to calculate the force needed.


F = (weight x distance from fulcrum to weight) ÷ distance from fulcrum to point where force is being applied.

F = (80 x 9) ÷ 12

F = 720 ÷ 12

F = 60 lbs

ANSWER = 60 lbs

Royal Navy Recruitment Tests

The comprehensive guide to Royal Navy Recruiting Tests ensures you are getting your money’s worth! It provides a wide range of sample test questions and answers covering everything you will need to know in terms of reasoning, verbal ability, numerical reasoning and mechanical comprehension.

This vast array of test questions will guarantee you to feel fully prepared for your assessment, and provide not only the knowledge and skills to tackle RT, but to feel confident and assured in doing so.

Royal Navy Recruiting (RT) Tests Download
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Royal Navy Recruitment Tests (RT) GUIDE Contents

The Royal Navy Recruiting Testing guide contains:

  • TIPS – top tips for passing the tests including what you should do and what you should try to avoid.
  • HUNDREDS OF QUESTIONS – this resource purposely provides you with lots and lots of sample questions for you to get your head around, and to ensure you are ready to take your RT.
  • DIFFERENT COMPONENTS OF RT – the guide provides a range of different types of questions for reasoning, verbal ability, numerical reasoning and mechanical comprehension.
  • DETAILED EXPLANATIONS – this downloadable resource contains all the answers and explanations of how to work out every single question, so you are able to correct your mistakes and know how to work the question out for future reference.
  • A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE! – This guide is packed with all the information, advice and questions you will need to pass your Royal Navy Recruiting Test.
royal navy contents


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