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Sova is a talent assessment and development company that offers a variety of assessment tests designed to evaluate different skills, personality traits, and behavioral tendencies. These assessments are often used by organisations for talent acquisition, employee development, and organisational development purposes.

Within this package, we have covered all of the different types of aptitude tests you are likely to face including logical reasoning, numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, situational judgement, and personality tests. In total there are over 750 questions to help you prepare comprehensively for your Sova assessment.


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The Sova assessment tests are designed to evaluate cognitive abilities, critical thinking skills, and personality traits. 

What is the Sova Assessment Test?

There are a number of different test types that make up the Sova assessment test. You can be assessed on areas such as: cognitive abilities, personality traits, critical thinking skills, verbal and non-verbal reasoning, and leadership potential.

What is the purpose of the Sova Assessment test?

The Sova assessments are mainly used for talent identification, recruitment and selection, and professional development reasons. These assessments offer insights to organisations that enables informed decision-making with regards to their employees.

What is the best way to prepare for your Sova Assessment test?

In our experience, and having consulted several previous applicants, the most effective way to prepare is to undertake numerous sample test questions under timed conditions. By practicing under timed conditions, it enables you to improve your scores dramatically and also simulates the actual test. When preparing for your Sova Assessment test, follow these 3 simple steps:

STEP 1: Obtain examples of the types of questions you will face during your assessment. Read them and gain an understanding of the format. If you understand the style of questions, the real test will be less daunting.

STEP 2: Practice sample Sova assessment test questions regularly before the real test. Little and often is far better than cramming the night before your test.

STEP 3: The most important step when preparing for your assessment test is to make sure you practice the Sova assessment test questions under strict timed conditions. During the real test, you will undoubtedly be nervous. By practicing numerous multiple-choice example questions under timed conditions it helps to increase your speed of working and competency levels.


Below, are several examples of test questions that are designed to help you prepare for your actual Sova Assessment test. We have included sample question from each category of the online tests.



Based on the table, which product showed a consistent increase in sales from January to June?

Month Product X Product Y Product Z
Jan 100 150 120
Feb 110 140 130
Mar 120 130 135
Apr 130 120 150
May 140 110 140
Jun 150 100 170

a) Product X
b) Product Y
c) Product Z
d) None of the above

a) Product X

Which of the following images is the odd one out?


Explanation: The sum of the edges in each image equals 16. The sum of the edges in image B equals 15.

Read the following passage and answer the question that follows:

“The human brain is a complex organ that plays a central role in controlling our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. It consists of billions of neurons that form intricate networks, allowing for the transmission of electrical signals throughout the brain. Despite its remarkable capabilities, the brain is also vulnerable to various factors, such as injury, disease, and aging, which can impact its functioning and lead to cognitive decline.”

Q. Based on the passage, the brain is immune from injuries?
a) True
b) False
c) Impossible to say

b) False

The passage states that the brain is vulnerable to injury, disease, and aging.

I will only make decisions if I am in possession of all of the relevant information.

a) agree
b) neither agree nor disagree
c) disagree

There is no ‘correct’ answer, sometimes it will be necessary to make a decision without the privilege of all the information, however on the whole you should aim to arm yourself with as much relevant information as possible before making important decisions.

You are a team leader responsible for managing a group of five employees. One of your team members, Alex, consistently submits his work late, causing delays in project timelines. During a team meeting, Alex mentions that he struggles with managing his workload and meeting deadlines due to personal reasons. You have observed a decline in Alex’s performance over the past few months.

How would you handle this situation?

a) Ignore Alex’s performance issues and hope that they improve over time.
b) Confront Alex publicly during the team meeting and criticize his work ethic.
c) Schedule a one-on-one meeting with Alex to discuss his performance concerns and offer support or resources to help him improve.
d) Assign Alex fewer responsibilities and tasks to alleviate his workload without addressing the root cause.

c) Schedule a one-on-one meeting with Alex to discuss his performance concerns and offer support or resources to help him improve.

Confronting Alex publicly or ignoring his performance issues would not be constructive approaches to resolving the situation. Criticising Alex’s work ethic publicly could demotivate him further and create a negative work environment. Similarly, reducing Alex’s responsibilities without understanding the underlying issues would not address the root cause of his performance decline.

By scheduling a one-on-one meeting with Alex, you can discuss his performance concerns confidentially and offer support, resources, or solutions tailored to his needs. This approach demonstrates empathy, understanding, and a willingness to collaborate with Alex to address his challenges effectively.

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