As part of the Royal Marines selection process you will be required to sit a Recruiting Test. The test forms part of the overall Royal Navy Recruiting test and consists fo the following key four areas:

• A reasoning test to assess your ability to reason with words and number.
• A verbal ability test to assess your ability to reason with the written word.
• A numeracy test to assess your numerical skill.
• A mechanical reasoning test to assess your practical understanding of shapes.

Royal Marines Commando Tests

The Royal Marines tests are usually carried out at the Royal Marines Armed Forces Careers Office and will be under strict timed conditions. Details of the time restrictions and number of questions per exercise will be provided in your recruitment literature.


During the Royal Marines tests you will be required to sit a Reasoning Test. During the test you will have 9 minutes in which to answer 30 questions.

An example of a reasoning test question is as follows:

Sample Reasoning Test Question 1

Richard is taller than Steven. Who is shorter?

The answer in this case would be Steven as the statement indicates that Richard is taller than Steven, so therefore Steven is the shorter of the two.

Answer: Steven

Here is another example:

Sample Reasoning Test Question 2

Mark is not as wealthy as Jane. Who has less money?

The answer in this case would be Mark. The statement indicates that Mark is not as wealthy as Jane, therefore implying that Jane has more money. Mark therefore has less money and is not as wealthy as Jane.

When you areanswering this type of question it is important that you READ the question very carefully. The questions are relatively simple but they can catch you out if you do not read them properly.

Answer: Mark


In the following cog and belt system, which cog will rotate the most number of times in thirty minutes?

Royal Marines Tests

A. Cog A
B. Cog B
C. Both the same

The answer to this question is B, simply because the cog is the smallest and therefore will rotate the most number of times on 30 minutes.

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Royal Marines Commando

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Royal Marines

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