The selection process for becoming a firefighter is tough. However, if you arm yourself with the right information, and the right practice materials, then your chances of passing will skyrocket.

On this page, you will find details of how to become a firefighter including tips on how to pass the firefighter selection process at the first attempt.

If you want to join the fire service and become a firefighter, then you will need to pass the tough selection process. Our comprehensive career pack has been created by a Fire Officer with 17 years experience in the job.

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You will need to be aware of the different roles each person plays within the Fire Service. Each position along the chain holds a level of responsibility, which will vary according to the Fire Service that you decide to join. A brief description of each role is outlined below:

  • FIREFIGHTER – Responsible for operational fire fighting duties and responding to incidents as required. Also responsible for carrying out Community Fire Safety work as required.
  • CREW MANAGER – Usually the person in charge of a fire engine but, again, he or she may work in other specialised areas such as training, community fire safety or technical fire safety.
  • WATCH MANAGER – Watch Managers can be either in charge of a watch or a fire engine. They can also work in specialised roles such as Technical Fire Safety or Community Fire Safety and even training.
  • STATION MANAGER – Station Managers can be the person in charge of a watch, a fire station, or even a group of fire stations depending on the Fire Service in question.
how to become a firefighter


The selection process covers a number of different elements that are designed to assess your ability to perform the role of a firefighter.

Become A Firefighter
STEP 1 – The Application Form
  • The pre-application checklist and the application form are the first stages of selection.
  • During the form you will be required to fill in your personal details and also answer questions that are based around the personal qualities and attributes that are relevant to the role.
  • You will be required to provide evidence of where you meet the PQAs.
  • This is where the vast majority of applicants fail, simply because they are unable to provide suitable evidence.
STEP 2 – The Firefighter Tests

The written tests may vary between different Fire Services but those that form part of the National Firefighter Selection Process include:

  • Situational awareness and problem solving;
  • Understanding information;
  • Working with numbers.

Some Fire Services may use different forms of written tests including psychometric testing and group discussions.

The Physical Tests

The firefighter physical tests, which form part of the National Selection Process, are designed to assess whether you have the physical strength and fitness to carry out the demanding role of a firefighter.

The tests themselves will assess three key areas:

1. Your overall level of fitness;

2. Your strength and manual dexterity;

3. Your levels of confidence.

In the following video Richard McMunn explains how this RESOURCE will help you pass the Firefighter recruitment process:


You will be required to work a set shift pattern. This ensures that the Fire Service can provide operation cover for incidents 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

As an operational firefighter you can expect to work a routine similar to the following:

2 x Day shifts – 0900 hours (9 am) until 1800 hours (6 pm) Followed by – 2 x Night Shifts – 1800 hours until 0900 hours Followed by – 4 rest days During the 4 ‘rest days’ you will be able to recover from the operational demand of your shift in preparation for the following duty period.

During your shift you’ll be expected to carry out a number of duties, which include the following:

  • Attend operational incidents;
  • Carry out Community Safety work;
  • Carry out training in preparation for incidents;
  • Maintain the readiness of all operational equipment, which includes testing and cleaning;
  • Conduct familiarisation visits of high-risk premises.

The salary usually increases each year. You can find out the exact salary by visiting the website

Two Firefighters who have recently passed the Firefighter Selection Process to become firefighters
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Main Product Features

  • How to pass the Fire Service selection process and become a firefighter.
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  • A comprehensive firefighter application form section to get you started.
  • Sample application form responses that you are permitted to COPY on your form!
  • How to prepare for the firefighter tests and what the assessors are looking for.
  • Sample understanding information tests, working with numbers tests and situational awareness and problem solving tests.
  • How to prepare properly for the tough firefighter interview including the scoring criteria.
  • Sample interview questions and responses that you can use during your interview.
  • How to respond to the interview questions in order to BEAT THE COMPETITION.
  • The Fire Service medical – what it involves and how to prepare.
  • Useful Fire Service aids and resources for practicing.
  • Useful Fire Service recruitment contact details.
  • Networking for women in the Fire Service NWFS.
  • Your Fire Service training and ‘The Integrated Personal Development System’.
  • You will learn all about community fire safety which will assist you during the interview.
  • Smoke alarms, Home Fire Safety Checks and why the Fire Service offers them for free.
  • Attending property fire and different types of rescues.
  • The role of the firefighter whilst attending road traffic collisions.
  • The tools and equipment that you will operate during fire fighting incidents.
  • Your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and breathing apparatus.
  • Chemical incidents, explosions and people trapped in buildings.

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