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Many people trying to become a UK firefighter spend years looking and applying for jobs in the UK fire and Rescue service. In the UK there is over 60,000 Fire and Rescue Authority personnel. In England alone there is nearly 30,000 wholetime firefighters.



In the UK each brigade or fire service will advertise their own jobs and each have their own entry requirements. It is important that you check with the brigade you apply for to find out what the entry requirements are. To obtain these details, contact the Chief Fire Officer at that particular fire service.


The various Fire and Rescue Services in England can be seen on the map below:


Jobs for the Fire and Rescue Service are posted across the 46 different fire service (brigade) websites.

It’s a firefighter’s job to help protect and save lives. If you are passionate about the public safety then getting a job as a UK firefighter may be ideal for you. Some duties that you will carry out include:

  • Emergency Services Work – Putting out fires, rescuing victims from accidents, dealing with hazardous spills etc.
  • Fire Prevention Work – Conducting fire safety awareness presentations at schools, inspecting buildings etc.
  • Routine Station Duties – Maintaining equipment and training etc.

Below is a breakdown of the staff across England’s 46 fire services:

Wholetime firefighters – 27,209

Retained firefighters – 11,774

Fire control – 1,320

Non-uniformed – 7,474

Total Number of Fire and Rescue Authority Staff in England: 47,337

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Tens of Thousands of people apply each year to Fire and Rescue Service jobs each year and it is estimated that more than 75% of those applicants never make it past the initial application stage. It is important to consider that although the statistics seem against you don’t be put off as the candidates that fail are often highly unprepared and fail to apply for jobs as soon as they are available - put yourself above other candidates.

How to Apply

When applying to become a UK firefighter it you will need to contact each fire service’s Chief Fire Officer or recruitment officer individually to for details of that brigade’s selection process and job requirements.

As part of your firefighter application process you will have to undergo and pass physical and medical tests so it is important you are in good health and fitness. You will also have to pass written tests and an interview.



Many colleges throughout the United Kingdom work in collaboration with fire services and offer pre-recruitment courses that will help your preparation, knowledge and skills for the role of a firefighter and the selection process.


An alternative way of entering the UK Fire and Rescue Service is to become a volunteer. Volunteer roles often consist of jobs support the active firefighters such as being a control room operator. Voluntary roles in the fire service often provide a good insight to what it is like to work as a firefighter.

Be the First to Apply

Finding volunteer, Wholetime and Retained duty system (RDS) firefighter jobs requires constant monitoring of each individual fire service website. It is important to apply to a position as soon as it becomes available due to the increasing competition.


Applying – things to remember

  • Contact each fire service station to find out the exact job role requirements before you apply;
  • Most fire brigade’s (services) have their own websites – make sure to read them thoroughly before applying;
  • You must be at least 18 years old to begin training as a firefighter;
  • You must have a reasonable quality of fitness;
  • Recruitment campaigns aren’t frequent – don’t miss them!

Be the first to know


Checking for current and future campaigns is a constant process that takes up a lot of time. How2become’s Job Alert Service does all the hard work for you and will alert you as soon as a job position becomes available. Being the first to know will put you above the competition in applying to become a UK firefighter.

The recruitment phase for firefighters can be as little as 1 day – not weeks as many think. If you are not monitoring the fire service’s websites regularly you are likely to miss your opportunity to apply.

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How much does the service cost?


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