How to Become an RAF Officer in 2024

The complete guide to unlocking and passing the RAF officer recruitment process.

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How to Become an RAF Officer in 2024

The complete guide to unlocking and passing the RAF Officer recruitment process.

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How2Become Reviews 5 Star Rating from TrustPilot

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How To become an raf officer

RAF Officers are undoubtedly some of the most highly trained and highly respected personnel of the Armed Forces.

With such a role comes a tremendous amount of responsibility and therefore the selection process is designed to get the best people for the job.

Discover how you can be successful, pass the selection process and start your RAF Officer training with this definitive online resource that is packed full of insider tips and advice.

How to Pass the RAF Officer OASC Recruitment Process Guide

The RAF Officer Selection Process

The selection process to join the RAF as an officer will normally consist of the following elements:

Police Selection Process Stage 1 Job Application Form

Stage 1 – Online Registration and application form

The first stage of the RAF Officer recruitment process is to register your interest and submit your application. However, before you get to this stage it is important to speak to an Armed Forces RAF Careers Advisor about the options that are available to you and also about life within the RAF. You can find details of your nearest Armed Forces RAF Careers Office by visiting the Royal Air Force website Here, you will find plenty of information about life in the RAF and the careers that are available.

Once you have decided that a career in the RAF is for you then it is time to submit your application. Remember, there is no obligation to join until you sign your contract.

Stage 2 – The RAF Officer Aptitude Tests

There are many different RAF career-based opportunities available and each one requires a different level of skill. During the initial stages of the RAF recruitment process you may be required to sit a number of computer-based aptitude tests (CBAT). These tests consists of a number of different aptitude tests, which are designed to assess which careers in the RAF you are most suited to. 

Police Selection Process Stage 3 Final Interview and Vetting


After you have passed the aptitude tests you will progress to sit an online interview known as the SHINE interview (formally filter interview).

The questions that will be asked during the SHINE interview will predominantly focus on the following key areas:

  • The reasons why you want to join the RAF;
  • Your motivations for joining and the level of preparation you have carried out;
  • What you already know about the RAF, how it operates, it’s equipment, Squadrons, where it is serving right now and also it’s history;
  • Why you have chosen your particular role.

Later, at the OASC you will have to pass another interview which will focus on your personal achievements at school, in the workplace and within your community. Also include any sporting achievements. You will also be asked about your motivations for joining the RAF as an officer. You will be quizzed on your knowledge of current affairs and the RAFs current areas of interest.

Stage 4 – Medical and fitness assessments

The next stage in the selection process is a medical and fitness test.

The medical assessment will look at your overall health, but will pay particular attention to your hearing, eyesight and BMI. You will also be asked about any previous illnesses and you will be screened for any underlying health issues which may prevent you from carrying out your role.

The RAF fitness test consists of the three following elements:

  • A push-up test;
  • A sit-up test;
  • A 2.4km run.
Police Selection Process Stage 4 Fitness and Medical Tests
Raf pre-recruit training

Stage 5 – Pre-REcruit training

The final stage of the selection process is to pass the Pre-Recruit Training. The idea of this is to familiarise recruits with what basic RAF Officer training will consist of.

This will take place over two days at RAF Cranwell and will consist of the following:

  • You will need to undertake further fitness assessments to ensure you have maintained your fitness levels from your initial fitness assessment.
  • You will need to sit a number of lectures which are designed to give you an idea of initial officer training and the challenges you will face as a new recruit. You will also be supplied with your initial kit.

Stage 6 – OASC

The OASC is a comprehensive assessment of candidates to evaluate their suitability for officer or aircrew roles. The selection process at the OASC typically includes a series of interviews, aptitude tests, and exercises designed to assess qualities such as leadership potential, decision-making skills, teamwork, and communication abilities.

The specific details of the selection process at OASC may vary depending on the role candidates are applying for.

Police Selection Process Stage 4 Fitness and Medical Tests
How to Pass the RAF Officer OASC Recruitment Process Guide

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  • The top 10 insider tips and advice on how to become an RAF Officer;
  • The areas you must learn before you attend the OASC;
  • The RAF Officer selection process and what is involved;
  • How to pass the RAF Officer SHINE interview;
  • OASC selection process diaries;
  • How to create the right impression;
  • Passing the Pre-Joining Fitness Test;
  • How to prepare effectively to pass the selection process.


  • Detailed information about what the OASC involves;
  • The 5 leadership qualities that you will be assessed against;
  • What the RAF are looking for in a successful officer candidate;
  • 19 different sections designed to help you pass;
  • Sample interview questions and how to answer them;
  • The Behavioural Anchored Rating (BAR) scale.


  • A sample BAR assessment (oral communication);
  • How to greatly increase your chances of success;
  • Top-scoring interview question responses;
  • Expert interview tips and essential advice;
  • How you will be scored during the interview.
  • What to expect at RAF Officer training


How to Pass the RAF Officer OASC Recruitment Process Guide

We guarantee that our How to Become a RAF Officer online resources will teach you how to navigate the different elements of the selection process. The package contains 120+ pages of RAF recruitment information, tests, and videos which will guide you through each of the different elements of selection, including the application form, the aptitude tests, the interviews and the fitness test.

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How to Pass the RAF Officer OASC Recruitment Process Guide

We guarantee that our How To Become an RAF Officer online resources will teach you how to navigate the different elements of the selection process. The package contains 120+ pages of RAF recruitment information, tests, and videos which will guide you through each of the different elements of selection, including the application form, the aptitude tests, both interviews, and the fitness test.

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Sample RAF AFCO Interview Question

If you put plenty of work into your preparation then you will undoubtedly get to find out the whereabouts of the RAF around the world. Of course, this will change as the weeks and months progress but one of the most effective ways to find out where the RAF are operating right now is to visit the Ministry of Defence website. From here you will be able to access instant and up-to-date information relevant to the RAF’s current operations. Remember to regularly check the website for updates.

Q.Can you tell me whereabouts in the world the RAF are operating?

Take a look at the following answer to this question which is only relevant to the RAF’s operations at the time of writing.

‘At the current time the RAF are deployed at many different locations around the world. Starting at home, the RAF is defending the United Kingdom with both the Tornado F3 and Typhoon F2. These are based at RAF Coningsby which is in Lincolnshire, and also at RAF Leuchars which is located in Fife. The aircraft are strategically placed at these locations so that they can be deployed at a moment’s notice.The RAF is also responsible for managing the Wideawake airfield which is located in the Ascension Islands. This airfield acts as a link for the Armed Forces to the Falklands Islands and also to St Helena. There is a small detachment from the 1 Air Mobility Wing Unit from RAF Lyneham based at the airfield and their job is to ensure the smooth running of each flight. The RAF is also extremely active in the South Atlantic, especially in the Falklands Islands. The RAF operates a number of patrols around this area which act as a deterrent to any potential threats. In addition to these patrols the RAF operates a Search and Rescue facility to the islands and is also involved in fishing patrols and air transport patrols by way of a Hercules aircraft. There is also a Tornado F3 squadron based on the island at Mount Pleasant airfield. This acts as security for the islands and the personnel who live there.The RAF is also based in Cyprus at Aktrotiri. From here the RAF supports operations in Afghanistan. The base itself is used as a forward mounting base for ops in the Middle East. Its secondary role is for Fast Jet Weapons Training. The RAF plays a huge part in United Nations operations and at present they have personnel based in South Korea, across the continent of Africa and also as part of the peace keeping operations in Lebanon. An example of the RAF’s more permanent commitments is the managing of the Gibraltar airport. From here the RAF will look after military and civilian movements in and out of the airport.’

About The Aptitude Tests For RAF Officer Selection

The aptitude tests are perhaps the most difficult part of the selection process, and success in them will guarantee you have the opportunity to demonstrate your full potential. Here’s a brief description of the type of tests you will be required to undergo at RAF Officer OASC.


This test is designed to assess your hand and eye coordination. If you are applying to join the RAF as a pilot, then you will need to score well in this assessment.

  • During the test you are required to move a dot (which you control via a control stick) over a number of other circles. The circles themselves descend from the top of the screen, continuing downwards in a ‘snake like’ fashion.
  • You will have the facility to practice this test before the real one commences. This practice session will allow you to familiarise yourself with the controls.
  • To score maximum marks it is suggested you take the path which has the most descending circles and try and be as accurate as possible placing your dot over them.
  • A steady hand is vital so avoid coffee and alcohol in the build up to the OASC.

TOP TIPS: Try playing computer games in the build up to the OASC as this will allow you to improve your hand/eye coordination.

The Psychomotor B test will also assess a candidate’s hand and eye coordination.

  • At the commencement of the test a cross and a red dot will appear. Your task is to keep the dot as close to the centre of the cross as possible.
  • As you can imagine, a steady hand is imperative during this test. Just like Psychomotor A, you will use a control stick in order to move the red dot up and down. You will also be required to use your feet to move the dot from left to right.
  • Moving the control stick from left to right has no effect on the red dot.

Once again you will be permitted to carry out a practice run in order to get used to the weight and feel of the hand and foot controls.

TOP TIPS: As before, try playing computer games in the build up to the OASC, as this will allow you to improve your hand/eye coordination.

In this test you are presented with multiple screenshots containing 7 to 9 short passages of test. You are given approximately 3 minutes reading time to take in all the information available. You are then asked several questions which you will have to combine with information from multiple passages to answer. The interface allows you to view two passages on the screen at once, one in the upper part of the screen in a red box and another in the lower part of screen in a green box. Detailed instructions are provided – make sure that you thoroughly read the information in the short passages.

TOP TIPS: Practice by using online verbal reasoning practice tests.

This test assesses your ability to understand and interpret numerical information as well as performing simple mathematical calculations. You will be presented with tables of numerical information. It is your task to analyse the information and data before answering a series of questions. There will be 4 tables and 16 questions in total.

TOP TIPS: use online numerical reasoning practice tests.

Digital recall is used to assess your memory. A series of digits will appear on a computer screen for a period of 5 seconds. You must study the digits intently for the 5 seconds as it will be your task to re-enter the digits, in the correct order, once they disappear. The number of digits that will appear, and consequently you have to remember, will gradually increase up to 15.

  • You are advised to remember as many digits as possible, rather than trying to remember all 15.
  • For example, if a row of 15 digits appear on the screen, focus on remembering the first 10 as opposed to the entire sequence.

During the second part of this test you will be required to memorise how many different ‘types’ of each number appear on the screen. For example, the number sequence 55686254351 may appear for a 5 second period. Once the 5 seconds is up, the screen will go blank and it is your job to answer a specific question, such as – How many number 5s were in the sequence.

TOP TIPS: A good tip for the Digital Recall is to practice by remembering telephone numbers and car registration plates.


This test comes in two separate parts. During the first part of the test you will be provided with a sheet of laminated paper which includes a table of data. There will be rows of -25 to 25 and columns of -15 to 15.

  • You are then provided with row coordinates and column coordinates. You will then be required to find the value which is contained within a particular square before inputting the information into a computer.
  • For example row -21, column 6, may have a value of 18, therefore you would input 18 into the computer screen.
  • Part two is slightly different to Part 1 in the fact that you are provided with more information.
  • On the other side of the laminated paper are four tables, each table provides information on speed, altitude, angle, drift and ground speed.
  • Using these tables you will be expected to cross reference data to find a value. You will have to interpret whichever tables are relevant to answer the question asked.


This test involves general maths questions with the primary focus on speed/distance and time (SDT) calculations. To prepare for these you need to revise quick mental maths and simple algebra.

During the vigilance you will be assessed against your ‘awareness’. You will be presented with a 9×9 grid which has a number of stars/asterisks spread across it.

The requirement of this test is to cancel each star/asterisk by entering the correct coordinates into the computer.

NOTE: As soon as you enter the coordinates they cannot be altered. As well as the stars/asterisks, every 5-15 seconds a red arrow appears in a grid. The red arrow is a priority task which must be cancelled out before you can continue with the stars/asterisks. To cancel out the red arrow, you just need to enter the coordinates into the computer. You will then be able to continue dealing with the remaining asterisks.

TOP TIPS: don’t try and cross out asterisks all over the grid, concentrate on a few rows.

This assesses your ability to multi-task.

I. Red, yellow and green diamonds move from the left into coloured bands (red, green, yellow left-right). When they reach the coloured band you must ‘cancel’ them using the coloured buttons. This only works when the diamond is completely within the band, if even a tip is out, it will not register. Wrong or surplus keys used here lose 1 point, correct keys gain 1 point.

II. Simple mathematical problems appear at the bottom of the screen, involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of numbers 1-12, 15 and 20.

Each correct answer gives 1 point, wrong answers lose 1 point.

III. Every 15-20 seconds, 5-9 alphanumeric digits appear at the top for a few seconds. 12 seconds later, four similar options are presented at each corner of the screen; you must select the option which appeared previously using A/B/C/D.

  • The main part of the screen has a flight plan (map) with 5-8 turning points and distances. At the side of this part of the screen is three coloured buttons.
  • Each button opens 2 to 3 tables which show the aircraft’s speed against weight load and fuel consumption against speed (units are measured in miles per minute or miles per gallon, and equations are given).
  • You are given two minutes to study the tables and maps. After this time questions will appear (5 or 10 per section) in which you have 1 minute to answer the question.

The questions usually specify a route of two legs, perhaps carrying a certain weight and with winds increasing/decreasing the speed of the aircraft. The numbers do not always divide exactly, so estimation and rounding are essential. Later sections involve more than one possible aircraft. Questions include finding arrival time, departure time, fuel consumed, fuel left, perhaps with new distances/times/fuel. Points are given for close estimates.


  • In this test you are presented with an artificial horizon showing attitude and bank (markers at 30 and 60 degrees), and a compass showing direction. You are given five possible aircraft attitudes (they are red arrow hawks).
  • The objective is to select the aircraft attitude that reflects the instruments. North is represented by the aircraft going away from you, South by the aircraft coming towards you, East by the aircraft pointing right, West by the aircraft pointing left.
  • There are 25 questions, which progressively become more difficult.

TOP TIPS: imagine you are in the aircraft (how would the aircraft and instruments look), learn flight instruments and what they do (flight simulators may help in this instance) military flight aptitude books have similar examples of this kind of test.


As in Instrument Comprehension A, you are given an artificial horizon with a compass. This time an altimeter, air speed indicator and turn/slip indicator also appear. In this test there are five descriptions of aircraft for you to choose from. Descriptions are roughly as follows: Aircraft travelling WSW at 270kts, nose up, ascending through 1,500ft in sharp bank to the left. You must select which description most closely matches the aircraft’s instruments presented in front of you.

This test is in two parts; the first using letters, the second using symbols. A grid of letters or symbols is given, starting at an approximate size of 3×4 squares. You are given a letter or symbol to locate in the grid, and when you have found it you must enter its 2-digit grid location, using the numeric keypad. Every few answers, the grid size increases. This is a speed test, and it helps if you can use the numeric keypad on a keyboard without looking at it.

To begin with a red spitfire enters a 3D projection and performs manoeuvres including left/right (yaws) and nose-up/down. Each manoeuvre is assigned a key on your keyboard. You must follow the spitfire through its manoeuvres, having 2 seconds to press the relevant key for the movement the aircraft is making. You are given a short practise session, in which the key inputs are registered. As the test advances more spitfires enter the screen and sometimes swap colours. You must always follow the red spitfire.

TOP TIPS: imagine you are the pilot and input the actions as if you were him/her. For example if the aircraft is coming towards and moves to the right of the screen the aircraft is actually turning left.

This test uses the same screen format as the spatial reasoning test. During the test there are six different coloured spitfires performing manoeuvres whilst flying in and out of the screen area. You are then asked questions about the positions/manoeuvres that were performed, with 4 possible colours of aircraft to choose from.

Examples include:

  • Which aircraft performed a complete loop?
  • Which aircraft was flying in the opposite direction to the BLUE aircraft at the end of the simulation?
  • Which was the first aircraft to enter the screen area?

Pass the RAF Selection Process. First time.

Crafted for everyone, no matter your skill level or background, this guide was made to help you achieve one goal: to join the Royal Air Force.


Pass the RAF Officer Selection Process. First Time.

Crafted for everyone, no matter your skill level or background, this guide was made to help you achieve one goal: become a RAF Officer.

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