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The Admiralty Interview Board (AIB) is one element of the Royal Navy Officer selection process. If you want to pass the AIB at the very first attempt we recommend you sign up for our incredible course!

Before you arrive at the AIB you will be sent a questionnaire to complete. This helps the Royal Navy to make an initial assessment about you. It is important that you complete the form as fully and as accurately as possible. It is your chance to blow your own trumpet. We recommend you complete the form in a manner which is positive and also in a way that demonstrates you have the relevant qualities required to be a leader and a manager within the Royal Navy.

Learn how to become a Royal Navy Officer with our excellent, comprehensive guide!

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The Royal Navy Officer Admiralty Interview Board

In the video below Richard McMunn takes you through how you will be assessed during the AIB, how to become a Royal Navy Officer, and how you can demonstrate the core competencies of a navy officer:

The First Evening (Day One) of the Admiralty Interview Board

This is when you will report to the candidates’ reception and find out about where you will be living over the two days. At this point you will be required to hand in your completed bibliographical questionnaire.


As soon as you arrive for your AIB, you will complete a multi-stage fitness test (commonly known as the bleep test). This is not a pass or fail test, but you need to put in maximum effort and your performance will be graded. We strongly advise that you are capable of reaching at least level 10 of the bleep test.

First Evening of the AIB Interview

The First Full Day (day two) of the admiralty interview board

During the first full day you will be required to sit the following assessments/tests:

  • A 20-minute verbal reasoning test designed to demonstrate your general reasoning and ability with words;
  • A 13-minute non-verbal reasoning test, again measuring your reasoning power, but this time without the emphasis on verbal skills;
  • A 25-minute numerical test covering numerical fluency, reasoning and statistics;
  • A 15-minute speed and accuracy test, measuring your concentration and mental agility;
  • A 15-minute spatial orientation test, involving directions, relative positions and movement.

During your preparation it is vital that you are fully conversant with current affairs. We recommend that you subscribe to The Week magazine and also the Economist in the build-up to the Admiralty Interview Board. You should also think carefully about the type of newspaper you read; this can say a lot about the type of person you are! If unsure, read the Times in the months and weeks leading up to selection.


Throughout selection you must try to demonstrate leadership potential. This means taking charge when they ask for a volunteer, providing evidence of where you have already been in charge of a team or group of people and also taking responsibility for your own life! Throughout the assessments you must also demonstrate a sense of urgency – this is VERY important. Make sure you get involved in all of the exercises and come up with solutions to each problem.

We will provide you with quality insider information that will help you successfully pass the Royal Navy Officer Admiralty Interview Board.

This comprehensive guide will provide you with all of the remaining insider tips and advice to help you become a Royal Navy officer.

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This ultimate online package will teach you how to become a Royal Navy Officer. Ultimately, these resources will help you to pass the different elements of selection, including how and where to apply, how to pass the ACA interview, how to prepare for the AIB, sample responses to the bibliographical questionnaire, how to prepare for the written tests, how to complete an essay, how to pass the Practical Leadership Task and how to approach the planning exercises.

Here are two tips to help you get started:

Tips for Preparing for the AIB

  • Be very supportive of your team.
  • Be in control.
  • Acknowledge other’s suggestions but always be in control.
  • Don’t panic. It is OK to ask for suggestions.
  • Think outside of the box. If an object provided is of no use to you, don’t use it!

During the planning exercise you are given a written brief containing the details of a fictitious scenario, which you will be given 15 minutes to study. They will then introduce a problem into the scenario setting which you will need to solve. You have 15 minutes to discuss possible solutions with your group and reach an agreed plan. Once the time is up you will present your plan to the Board. The difficulty comes when each person in the group is questioned in turn to examine their grasp of the situation. It is essential that you are able to answer any questions that are thrown at you. We also recommend you become conversant in the use of Speed, Distance and Time calculations both in written format and also by solving them in your head without the aid of pen, paper or a calculator.

  • Read the scenario thoroughly! Don’t skim through it.
  • Be vocal and active during the group discussion stage.
  • Explain your point of view and why your plan works.
  • Don’t dismiss others comments directly out of hand.
  • Practice by carrying out SDT questions, but also get someone to fire questions at you in the build up to the AIB.

What’s included:


  • How to pass the Royal Navy officer selection process.
  • Top 10 Insider Tips and advice on how to prepare for the Admiralty Interview Board.
  • How to pass the Royal Navy Officer tests.
  • Contacting the Royal Navy Careers Office and making the right impression from the offset.
  • Preparing to pass the Admiralty Interview Board (AIB) and how to complete the Bibliographical Questionnaire.
  • How you will be assessed at the Admiralty Interview Board including tips on the scoring criteria.
  • Current affairs tips, where to study and also how to pass the general knowledge test.
  • Selecting the right references to ensure you succeed.
  • Pay and conditions as a Royal Navy Officer.
  • How to create the right image.
  • The career options available to you.
  • The biographical questionnaire.
  • Team working skills.


  • How to prepare yourself for the AIB interview and how to demonstrate leadership potential throughout the assessments.
  • Actual sample interview questions with answers to help you prepare.
  • Insider tips on how you will be scored/assessed during the interview.
  • How to pass the written assessments.
  • Tips for passing every stage of the AIB.
  • Sample planning exercise and speed, distance and time questions.

royal navy officer interview

The interview will generally last for 30 minutes, during which time they will ask you questions about things you have done throughout your life. In preparation, you should think about times when you have been a leader, organised something, been in a team and also shown courage. They will ask you about why you want to join the Royal Navy, your understanding of your chosen specialisation and your hopes and ambitions. They will also expect you to demonstrate your wider knowledge about the Royal Navy, and in particular to find out if it extends beyond a simple reading of the leaflets they provide.

The assessors will normally tell you your results individually in the afternoon. If unsuccessful, you will be free to leave, but if you have passed, you will need to complete a medical examination.

Success at the AIB does not guarantee entry into training. All successful candidates are placed in order of merit and the final selection will depend on the number of vacancies available and the number of successful candidates who reach the required medical and educational standards.

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We have created this package to cover every element of the Royal Navy officer Admiralty Interview Board in detail. The online guide itself will focus on teaching you how to demonstrate the assessable qualities required to pass the AIB, whilst the training videos will focus entirely on passing the interviews that form part of the selection process.

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