The Royal Navy Interview Questions and Answers

A career with the Royal Navy is undoubtedly a fascinating one. If you have made it through to this stage of the selection process then you will not want to fail. More importantly, you will want to achieve high enough marks to get you the career of your choice.

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The Royal Navy Selection Interview and How to Pass

During the Royal Navy selection process you will be required to sit a number of interviews depending on the choice of career you make. The interviews are usually held at your local Armed Forces Careers Officer and will be undertaken with a member of the Royal Navy recruitment team. The duration of the interview will very much depend on your responses to the questions. However, you can expect the interview to last for approximately 30 minutes.

  • The reasons why you want to join the Royal Navy and why you have chosen this service over the Army and the Royal Air Force;
  • What choice of career you are most interested in, the reason for choosing that career, and the skills you have to match the role;
  • What information you already know about the Royal Navy, its history, its lifestyle and training;
  • Information relating to your hobbies and interests including sporting/team activities;
  • Any personal responsibilities that you currently have at home, in your education or at work;
  • Information about your family and your partner and what they think about you joining.
  • Information based around your initial application;
  • Your experience of work and education;
  • Your emotional stability and your maturity;
  • Your drive and determination to succeed.
  • Having a positive reaction to a disciplined environment and towards people in positions of authority.

Watch the following short video which will give you some excellent tips on how to prepare for the Royal Navy interview:


  • The areas you should research in your preparation for the Royal Navy selection process.
  • Insider tips and advice on how to pass it with high grades.
  • Details on how you will be assessed during the interview.
  • Responding to the questions in the right manner.
  • What your interview will consist of.
  • How to create the right impression at the Armed Forces Careers Office.
  • How to drastically increase your chances of success.
  • A comprehensive list of the assessment areas.
  • Preparing effectively for the Royal Navy interview.


  • How to prepare yourself for the Royal Navy interview.
  • Sample interview questions.
  • How to answer the interview questions.
  • How you will be scored during the interview.
  • Sample responses to the interview questions.
  • Top tips for passing the Royal Navy interview.
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  • The actual interview questions;
  • How to answer each of the interview questions;
  • Insider information on how you are assessed;
  • Essential advice to help you succeed;
  • Important INSIDER information.
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Why do you want to join the Royal Navy?

This is an almost guaranteed question during the selection interview so there should be no reason why you can’t answer it in a positive manner. Only you will know the real reason why you want to join but consider the following benefits before you construct your response:

  • A career in the Royal Navy is challenging. You will face challenges that are not usually available in normal jobs outside of the Armed Forces. These challenges will make you a better person and they will develop you into a professional and competent member of a proud organisation;
  • A career in the Royal Navy will not only give you the chance to develop your skills and potential but it will also give you a trade;
  • A career in the Royal Navy will give you the chance to travel and see different cultures. This alone will broaden your horizons and make you a more rounded person;
  • The Royal Navy, like the other Armed Forces, is an organisation that people have a huge amount of respect for. Therefore those people who join it are very proud to be a part of such a team.

Try to display a good level of motivation when answering questions of this nature. The Royal Navy is looking for people who want to become a professional member of their team and who understand their way of life. It should be your own decision to join and you should be attracted to what this career has to offer. If you have been pushed into joining by your family then you shouldn’t be there.


We have created a comprehensive guide that will teach you how to pass the Royal Navy interview. The book has been created by a former serving member of the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm.