How to Become a Traffic Officer

One of the most important aspects of any selection process is your ability and motivation to prepare. If you are serious about becoming a Traffic Officer, and you meet the minimum eligibility requirements, then there is nothing to stop you achieving your goal. Yes you may have to wait a while before vacancies are advertised, but if you are prepared to work hard at the selection process then there is no reason why you can’t succeed. Make sure you do everything possible to learn about the Highways Agency and in particular the role of a Traffic Officer; after all, this is how you’ll be assessed. Learn and understand the selection process and prepare fully for every stage.

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The Highways Agency usually advertises Traffic Officer vacancies through their website, which can be found at the following website:

It is important from the offset to understand what the Highways Agency is all about. Again, from the above website you can find out this information so make sure you take the time to read it. Preparation is everything during your pursuit to becoming a Traffic Officer.

The Traffic Officer Job Description

Before we go any further with this guide, it is important to make reference to the job description (JD). The Highways Agency will be looking for successful candidates to demonstrate some experience of the different aspects that cover the JD. For example, part of the Traffic Officer’s duties will include having an ability to provide a high level of customer care.

Therefore, it is not unreasonable for the Highways Agency to expect you to have some previous experience in this field. Before you obtain the how to become a traffic officer book, let us take a look at a sample job description which is centred around the role of a Traffic Officer:


This is a safety critical role due to fact that successful candidates will be required to work on the major roads, motorway networks and also be required to deal with road users.


  • Provide an on-road presence and resource which effectively supports the Highways Agency’s Network
  • Reduce congestion following on-road incidents
  • Facilitate the removal of damaged/ broken down and abandoned vehicles
  • Remove debris, foreign objects and animals from the carriageway
  • To improve road safety for all road users
  • Undertaking high visibility patrols
  • Set up and manage road closures
  • Escort high-risk vehicles and loads
  • Improve journey time for all road users
  • Monitor the road networks and provide reports
  • Provide a high level of customer service and care
  • Support special events as and when required
  • Work with other agencies and provide support to the Police
  • Attend legal proceedings and provide evidence in court as a witness as and when required
  • Providing first aid when first on the scene at an accident

The Traffic Officer Selection process

The first part of the selection process requires you to complete a comprehensive application form and also a diversity questionnaire. Whilst the diversity questionnaire is not compulsory I do recommend that you take the time to complete it as it will allow the Highways Agency to monitor their recruitment progress.

Once you have completed the application form the Highways Agency will thoroughly check it to see whether you meet the minimum eligibility requirements. It is important that you send off the application well in time to beat the closing date as late applications are not considered. I also advise that when returning your application form you send it recorded or special delivery, unless of course you are required to submit the form online. Unfortunately some items can go missing in the post, so this extra precaution of sending it recorded delivery will guarantee your application gets received. If you are submitting your application form online then again it is important that you send it in plenty of time prior to the closing date.

The Highways Agency has many applications to sift through and the earlier your submission is received the better. If you are successful during the initial application form stage then you will be invited to attend a comprehensive assessment centre. During the assessment centre you will be tested by a variety of different means including role-play and interviews. Many organisations use role-play as a means of assessing your likely behaviour in a specific work related scenario. If you successfully pass the assessment centre then you may receive an offer of appointment if other checks into you nationality, qualifications, health and other important matters are satisfactory.

If it is not possible to immediately put you into a post due to insufficient vacancies in your chosen location(s) then you could be placed on a waiting list for a set period of time. As soon as a vacancy becomes available then you will be offered it.

To learn how to pass each stage of the selection process we recommend you obtain a copy of our excellent insiders’ resource to becoming a Traffic Officer. The how to become a Traffic Officer guide will provide you with sample application form questions and answers, sample test questions and also the interview questions.

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How to Become a Traffic Officer

  • Advice on how and where to apply to become a HATO.
  • Key tips on how to complete the application form correctly.
  • Information relating to the assessments and tests and how to prepare.
  • Sample interview questions and responses.
  • Created by industry experts


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