As you can imagine, many applicants get carried away with their childhood dreams and ambitions without first establishing whether or not this is the job for them.

  • Train Drivers mainly operate either diesel or electric trains.
  • There are strict rules on safety for both passenger and freight trains, which drivers must follow.
  • In past years there have been a number of unfortunate rail incidents and Train Operating Companies want to employ people who take safety seriously.

The word ‘safety’ should be at the forefront of your mind whilst you are going through selection. It’s the exact reason why the TOC will assess your ability to concentrate for long periods of time during the assessment day. Because if you can’t, then you will be putting yourself, your train and your passengers at risk from harm.

During your initial training course you will receive much training and guidance on the important topic of safety. The role does involve sitting down in the cab for prolonged periods of time. Before you apply you need to be certain that you are capable of maintaining high levels of concentration for lengthy periods.


key qualities of a train driver


As well as driving the train, you’ll have a number of customer service responsibilities – addressing passengers using the on-board PA system, keeping them informed and helping to develop good passenger relations.

Safety Conscious

You’ll also make sure their safety is paramount at all times, reacting quickly and calmly in an emergency situation and reporting incidents wherever necessary.


Train drivers need to be able to maintain exceptional levels of concentration – after all, this is a high-pressure role, calling for you to be cool, calm and responsible. You’ll also be a strong communicator, and capable of working on your own initiative.


Flexibility is also essential, since trains operate 24 hours a day, all year round. That means your shift lengths and patterns will vary, including early starts, late finishes, weekends and bank holidays.

We will teach you how to pass the train driver selection process on the first try…

  • 10 essential insider tips on how to pass the selection process.
  • How to complete the train driver application form to ensure success.
  • Sample Dots Concentration, Ability, Error Checking and mechanical comprehension tests.
  • How to complete the train driver application form to ensure success.
  • 60-minute duration interview video and sample interview questions and answers.
  • In-depth knowledge to prepare you for your career.
  • Ideal managers and criteria based interviews
  • How you will be assessed at application, interview and assessment test stages.
  • Get ahead of the competition and get the latest train driver insider advice today.
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  • The vast majority of applicants fail at the very first stage – the application form.
  • The way to complete the form is to base your responses to the competency based question(s) around the qualities that are required.
  • For example, you will need to provide evidence of where you can provide a high level of customer service, provide details of where you have previously concentrated for long periods of time and also when you have had to work under pressure.
  • When completing the form be sure to concentrate on demonstrating the key qualities required for the role.


  • There are many different elements to the assessment centre.
  • These may include psychometric testing, group bourdon/concentration test, communication exercises, ability tests, ATAVT, Observational Ability tests, Reaction time WAFV and Perception Adaptive Tachistoscopic Traffic Test (ATAVT).
  • The way in which to prepare for the selection assessment is to embark on an intense period of preparation.
  • This means you will need to spend plenty of time trying out lots of sample tests in the build-up to the assessment centre.


  • If you reach this stage of the selection process then you will not want to fail!
  • The way in which you can pass the trainee train driver selection interviews is to provide EVIDENCE of where you meet the assessable qualities required for the role.
  • To allow us to explain more effectively, here is a sample interview question and tips on how to answer it.

Sample Train Driver Interview Question

Q. Can you tell me about a time when you have worked as part of a team to achieve a goal?

Train Operating Companies employ many people in different roles from Conductors to platform staff and from ticket office staff to caterers.

In fact it is not uncommon for thousands of people to work for one particular TOC. Therefore, it is essential that every member of the team works together in order to achieve the ultimate goal of providing a high quality rail service.

The recruitment staff will want to be certain that you can work effectively as part of a team, which is why you may be asked questions that relate to your team working experience.

When responding to this type of question use the following format for structuring your response:

S – Tell the interviewer what the SITUATION was that you were involved in. Make sure the situation is a genuine one and one where you took action!

T – Tell the interviewer what TASK you had to undertake and also what tasks other people did too.

A – Now tell the interviewer what ACTION you took specifically and also what action other people took as part of the team. It is advisable to say that you volunteered to take action as opposed to being told by a supervisor or a manager.

R – Finally, tell the interviewer what the RESULT was following your actions. Try to provide details of any POSITIVE ACTION you took!

For those people who want to become a train driver the selection process presents a considerable challenge. The main reason for this is simply because the competition is fierce. Having said that, the vast majority of people who apply will fail at the first hurdle, simply because they have not prepared themselves fully.

Watch the video below to find out more:



  • The role and what you can expect to do whilst at work.
  • Working hours and conditions.
  • How and where to apply.
  • The history of train driving and how it has evolved over the years.
  • Train operating company details which are useful for applying for jobs.
  • 10 essential insider tips and advice that will help you pass selection.
  • The selection process and how you can pass it.
  • How to complete the application form including sample questions and answers.
  • Mechanical reasoning test examples.
  • Group- Bourdon/concentration tests and what these actually involve.
  • Ability tests including sample tests.
  • Further assistance with psychometric testing.
  • Useful practice aids.


  • The structure of the different train driver interviews.
  • Insider tips for passing the interview.
  • How to pass the manager’s interview and also the structured interview.
  • Sample interview questions that you can use during your preparation.
  • Interview question responses that have been successful in the past.
  • What the interview panel are looking for from candidates and how to give it to them!
  • Plus loads more essential information…


  • An introduction to the train driver interview.
  • Preparing psychologically, proving you want the job, what to research.
  • What not to research.
  • Overcoming interview nerves.
  • Sample interview questions and what the assessors will expect from you.
  • Effective communication skills, questions to ask the panel, what How to respond to each of the interview questions.
  • Insider tips on how to score high.
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