How To Become a POLICE OFFICER Online Course 

Finally, You’ll Have a step-by-step plan to passing the UK police selection process and become a POLICE OFFICER… at your first attempt!

How to Become a Police Officer Online Mastery Training Course
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Unfortunately, most people who attempt the police officer selection process fail.

They just don’t get it!

When it comes to the application form, the importance of the core competencies, the ‘Day 1’ assessment centre, taking numerical, verbal and written tests, the interactive role play exercises and interviews, they either haven’t prepared enough, or not at all…

…they think the resource pack is all they need…

…or that because everyone tells them they have what it takes to be a police officer, they don’t need to worry about preparation.

That type of “I’ll wing it on the day” preparation just won’t cut it anymore! Not only is it an undesirable attitude for police officers, it’s almost certain you’ll fail!

75% of all those that apply to become a police officer fail the selection process.

In most cases they were underprepared.

And by failing the process (at the assessment centre – if they even made it that far), they have to wait 6 months before they can reapply to ANY constabulary across the country.

If you actually want to fully prepare and succeed at your first attempt, then you need to do more.

You need a PROVEN process in place to tell you exactly how, and what, you need to do to pass the UK Police officer selection process!

But how do you pass each stage of the selection process with ease, scoring highly in your assessments and get that all important edge over other applicants…

…and get an insight to the selection process that details everything you must do to prepare and pass?

Fortunately, that’s exactly what you’re about to learn…

FACT : EVERY EXTRA MARK that you gain really does COUNT!

(Especially at a time when joining the police has become a rare opportunity and more competitive than it has ever been).

At How2Become, we fully understand what you MUST learn, prepare for, and do to become a police officer.

As publishers and authors of the UK’s best-selling ‘How to Become’ Police series (over 12,000 copies sold to date), training providers to 1000s of people in person, here at our Kent offices…

…We know exactly what it takes to help you.

All of our content is created by our expert recruitment writers alongside members of the police community, including former police recruitment trainers.

This ensures we provide you with the best resources and content available!

Gain an advantage over other applicants

Simply put: we strongly believe our training is the best. We are the UK’s leading police career recruitment publisher and course provider. Our material is PROVEN to help candidates pass their entire selection process and this course contains ONLY our BEST material which we’ve been teaching for over 13 years. Let us help YOU become a police officer.

Online Police Course Benefits – What You’ll Get

  • Community Access – get access to our community of aspiring and qualified police officers on How2Become’s exclusive forum.
  • Video Training – Over 3.5 hours of video tuition broken down in easy to absorb modules, perfect for learning at your own pace – at home or on the move.
  • Interactive exercises from the UK’s leading police recruitment specialists.

Training Videos

Includes online training

Mock Tests

Interactive exercises
and mock tests

Home-based learning

Home-based learning

How2Become Is Different

Yes, you can find other training and certifications that cover similar topics, but training through How2Become is like no other.  This course is built by real recruitment experts who actually know the police recruitment process inside-out. How2Become has a proven track record with training police officers for over 10 years.

In other words, we aren’t a “one-man-band” or just “researchers”. We’re in the-thick-of-it trainers and recruitment experts who produce the UK’s best selling police recruitment books (12,000+ Police books sold) and run bi-weekly police courses in Kent training 1000s of people. We work with former police officers and a former MET police recruitment trainer. PLUS, we have even been known to send members of our team through particular selection process, just so we can give you the very latest recruitment advice! If that sounds appealing, then welcome! You’ve found your new police training home.

Course Details and Description

MODULE 1: Introduction to your course

  • The journey to becoming a police officer and how this course will help you to become a police officer.

MODULE 2: 10 Top Tips

  • The ESSENTIAL knowledge that all successful candidates need to know in order to become a police officer.

MODULE 3: The Application Form

  • A breakdown on what you MUST do to pass your application form;
  • How to construct your own competency-based answers;
  • Sample high-scoring application form sample answers.

MODULE 4: The Key to SJTs

  • Used by more and more police services (usually during the application stage), we provide you plenty of mock Situational Judgement Test questions and answers;
  • What the assessors are looking for in your SJT answers.

MODULE 5: The Assessment Centre

  • A complete overview of the assessment centre so you know what to expect;
  • The key to your success at the assessment centre/’Day 1′.

MODULE 6: Passing the Verbal Reasoning Tests

  • Step-by-step tuition on deconstructing the verbal reasoning questions;
  • 2 Mock assessments [downloadable] and answers to get you fully up-to-speed.

MODULE 7: Passing the Numerical Reasoning Tests

  • Maths is not everyone’s cup of tea! That’s why we have paid extra attention here to make it easy for you to understand the question types you will face and how to answer them.
  • A numerical mock assessment [downloadable] and detailed answers.

MODULE 8: How to Pass the Incident Report Form/Written Exercises

  • A full mock practice question;
  • Complete sample answers;
  • [Downloadable] exercise;
  • And what you ALWAYS need to include to score highly.

MODULE 9: Interactive Exercises/Role Plays

  • What to expect from the interactive exercises;
  • Practice for you to do at home;
  • PLUS over an hour of tuition [Video Learning] on the role plays, including two scenarios acted out in full for you to watch and learn from.

MODULE 10: Police Competency-based Interview Blueprint

  • What are competency-based interviews?
  • What do I need to learn?
  • How do I construct my own high-scoring answers?
  • What questions can I expect?
  • All of the above questions and more are covered in this module. Plus:
  • REAL Sample questions;
  • Sample answers;
  • Comprehensive video training [Video Tuition]

MODULE 11: Ace the Final Interview

  • Detailed advice on how to pass this final step;
  • A breakdown of the questions you can expect;
  • Practice questions for you to come up with your own responses.

MODULE 12: End of Course Exam

  • An online interactive exam to test your knowledge on the police selection process and to make sure you are ready to pass the process;
  • Certificate of completion when you pass;
  • You can retake the test as many times as you need, but it is under timed conditions and you will need to revisit your notes if you fail.

What you are about to discover:

  • INSIDER ADVICE: What every aspiring police constable NEEDS to know to pass the selection process with ease.

Police constable day one top tips

  • The QUICK-WINS that enable you to demonstrate the core competencies THROUGHOUT the selection (and score higher than the other applicants).

Expert tactic and insider advice one becoming a police constable

  • Our PROVEN training methods and practice exercises that will help you prepare to pass.

Mobile and smartphone compatible

  • Over 13 years of advice in a compact and easy-to-absorb course that allows you to learn anywhere (use your smartphone, laptop, MAC or PC) and at your own pace (increasing your chances of becoming a police officer).

Pass the police constable day 1 assessments

  • ALL of the TESTS you will face, how you will be assessed and what you must do to SCORE HIGHLY. Plus practice the tests themselves! (if you practice the tests before your real assessment, your greatly better your chances of success).

Expert interview advice

  • VIDEO TUITION and worksheets keep the training engaging and interactive. This course is designed to help you LEARN more and be more PREPARED. Preparation is key to your success throughout the police constable/officer selection process and this course provides everything you need.


Online police officer course certificate

Old Core Competencies

This online test resource covers the following core competencies, which are crucial for passing the police selection process.

  • Public Service
  • Openness To Change
  • Service Delivery
  • Professionalism
  • Decision Making
  • Working With Others

Met Core Competencies

  • Emotionally Aware
  • Taking Ownership
  • Working Collaboratively
  • Deliver, Support and Inspire
  • Analyse Critically
  • Innovative and Open Minded

PLEASE NOTE: If you’re applying to a constabulary that uses the Met police core competencies please check out our guide for the brand new assessment centre!



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