During the paramedic selection process you will be required to undertake a number of psychometric tests. Whilst the type of tests will vary from trust to trust, the most common forms of assessment include:

  • Numerical reasoning test;
  • Verbal reasoning test;
  • Highway Code test.

The reason why the trust will use the above tests to assess potential student paramedics is simply because they provide an accurate appraisal of how a person might perform in the role. As you can imagine, paramedics need to be competent in the use of numbers whilst administering drugs to a patient and carrying out general patient treatment. They have to be competent in the use of the written word because they will be writing important notes that relate to their treatment of a patient.


A memory test is also sometimes used because, as a paramedic, you will have to retain a large amount of job relevant information and recall it during highly pressurised incidents.

Finally, the Highway Code is used as an assessment simply because you will be driving an Ambulance under 999 conditions.


Paramedic Training and Assessment Preparation

It is crucial that you set aside plenty of time to prepare for the tests. Only you will know what areas you are competent in and what areas you need to improve on.

Whilst preparing for the tests you should aim for speed and accuracy. The more sample test questions you try, the faster and more accurate you will become.

It is far better to practice a small number of tests every night in the build up to the tests rather than ‘cramming’ the night before. As soon as you have submitted your application form for becoming a paramedic you should start preparing for the tests and interview straight away.

As part of the Paramedic and Emergency Care Assistant selection process you will be required to pass a comprehensive written test which includes Numerical Reasoning tests and Verbal Reasoning tests.

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