How to Pass the Police Application form

The police officer application form is the very first stage of the selection process and it is at the stage that the vast number of people fail. Our police officer application DVD will guide you step-by-step through every part of the form and demonstrate how to score high marks. This DVD equips you with a wealth of sample responses which will help you succeed in your pursuit to become an officer in 2019.

Pass the Application Form


It is imperative that you are able to submit a strong application form if you wish to become a police officer. A professional application form which meets the criteria, will ensure that you stand out from the thousands of other applicants.


About the police Application form

A standard part of any job application is the application form itself. As such, the police officer application form is the first step in a comprehensive recruitment process.

If your application is unsuccessful at any level of the police recruitment process, it will be six months before you will be able to apply again, so it is important that you succeed on your first attempt!

What the application form is not...

The application form is not just about gaining your personal information; it is also a test designed to ensure that only the strongest of applicants are sent through to the next round of the recruitment process.

You need to make sure that your application form matches the requirements!

On average, a police force will receive 7 applications for a single available position. This means that they have the liberty to choose the very best candidate, and you want that to be you!

All police forces use a standardized form, no matter what force you are interested in applying to join. There are a few different ways to apply in order to begin the process of joining the police force. You can either visit the official recruitment site or you can contact your local police force to receive an application form.

Breakdown of the application form: 4 sections

The application form is comprised of the following four sections:

1. A section about your personal information.

2. A section on your employment history.

3. A section on your education and skills.

4. A section with 10 competency questions for you to answer.


  • The recruitment staff only actually receive 5 pages of your form; the other pages which contain your personal information are removed to ensure that each applicant is treated equally and fairly.
  • The pages which they focus on are your competency answers. By focusing upon these pages, they can determine whether you match the competencies of a police officer.
  • Grading is actually based upon the average that all other candidates have achieved on that question – not on what an individual scores.

Marks for answers are given from A to D grade.

  • An A-grade means that, when compared to other candidates, your score was within the top 15%.
  • A D-grade answer means that your answers were in the bottom 15%.
  • Your marks are added up to give an overall score. To pass, candidates must achieve a ‘B’ grade in 3 out of the 4 competencies, or a ‘B’ grade in 2 out of the 4 competencies, as well as a ‘B’ grade overall.


Your first step is to find out what the ‘person specification’ is for the particular force you are applying to join.

Essentially, the role of a police officer consists of a number of core competencies. You may receive these core competencies in your application pack. Alternatively, this information can usually be found on the main police recruitment website, or on the website of the particular force which you are applying to join.

Once you have found these ‘core competencies’, it is now time to structure your answer around this information. Ensure that you briefly cover each area and base your answers upon your own experiences in both your work life and personal life.


Whatever you do, make sure you get a copy of these core competencies and have them by your side when completing the application form. In order to complete a successful application form, you need to match your responses with the police officer core competencies.

Application for employment


The core competencies which form the basis of the police officer role application, are similar to the following information. Please note that the core competencies do change from time to time, so it is important to check and confirm that they are correct.

1. Respect for Race and Diversity
  • This essentially involves considering and showing respect for the opinions, circumstances and feelings of colleagues and members of the public, irrespective of their race, religion, position, background, circumstances, status or appearance.
2. Team Working
  • In order to meet this core competency, you will need to be able to develop strong working relationships, both inside and outside of the team.
  • If there are barriers between different groups, then you will need to have the skills to break them down and involve other people in discussions and decisions that are made.
3. Community and Customer Focus
  • As a police officer you must focus on the customer. The customer is essentially the member(s) of the public with whom you will be dealing.
  • You will need to provide a high-quality service that is tailored to meet each person’s individual needs.
  • The only way that you can provide a high quality service to the public is by understanding the individual needs of your community.
4. Effective Communication
  • Police officers must be able to communicate both verbally and in writing. You will also need to communicate to the people you are addressing in a style and manner that is appropriate and professional.
  • As a serving police officer, you will be required to take accurate notes of incidents that you attend.
  • Therefore, the police force that you are applying to join will want to assess your potential in this area during the written tests of the selection process.
5. Problem Solving
  • In order to solve problems effectively, you will first need to gather sufficient information. This can usually be achieved through a number of sources.
  • For example, if you were investigating a burglary, you would first want to gather witness statements from the owner of the property, as well as the owners of any surrounding properties.
  • This information may then lead to other information sources; which will allow you to gather sufficient evidence in order to make decisions that will ultimately lead to the problem being solved through effective decision-making.
6. Personal Responsibility
  • Police officers have a reputation for solving problems and completing their assigned tasks.
  • They are very good at taking personal responsibility for making things happen and achieving results. In order to effectively achieve this, you will need to display a level of motivation, commitment, perseverance and conscientiousness.
7. Resilience
  • As a police officer, you will often face difficult and pressurised circumstances.
  • It is during these tough situations that you will need to show resilience.
  • For example, imagine turning up to a 999 call where a group of drunken lads are refusing to leave a pub after closing time. How would you deal with the situation?
  • You must be prepared to make difficult decisions and have the confidence to see them through.

Increasing your chances of success

The following 10 tips can help you to submit a STRONG application:

  • Make sure you read the whole of the application form including the guidance notes, at least twice before conducting your responses;
  • Read and understand the person specification and the police officer core competencies;
  • Try to tailor your answers around the ‘core competencies’ and include any keywords or phrases you think are relevant;
  • Make sure you base your answers on actual events that you have experienced; either in your work life or personal life;
  • Fill in the form using the correct ink colour. If you fail to follow this simple instruction, then your form may be discarded before it has even been read!
  • Follow all instructions carefully;
  • If there is a specific word count for each question, make sure you stick to it;
  • Make sure you keep a photocopy of your completed application form before sending it off. This is because you may be asked questions relating to it if you progress to the stage of the interview;
  • Do not lie! It is important to be honest when completing your police application form;
  • Have someone read through a drafted application form to check for any spelling/grammar mistakes. You will lose marks for poor grammar and spelling.


This DVD will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to complete the police application form successfully.

  • The presenter of the DVD is an expert in the completion of application forms, and has been assessing and marking forms for over 10 years;
  • The DVD is easy to follow and examines every part of the form and what you need to include;
  • You will be shown insider information to significantly increase your chances of success;
  • You will be provided with actual sample responses to the competency-based questions.

Our DVD for the Police Officer application form is the most comprehensive tuition resource available on the market!

how to become a police officer online course


  • Explanations from an expert highlighting how to complete the police application form;
  • A thorough step-by-step guide on completing each section properly;
  • The core competencies and how you will be assessed on the application form;
  • How to complete the form correctly so that you PASS ON YOUR FIRST ATTEMPT;
  • Insider tips on what constitutes a strong application;
  • How to correctly create your answers to the application form questions;
  • How to ensure success during the competency assessment section;
  • Successful sample responses you can use to assist you with your application.

As well as these resources, the DVD contains a wide range of INSIDER information which you can use to help prepare for the selection process of becoming a police officer.

How to Pass the Police Application Form

The police application form is the first stage of the police officer application process, yet so many applicants stumble and fail on it.  This DVD contains expert advice on how to write the application form that gives YOU the best chances of success!


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