[Online Access] Firefighter PLATINUM Pack

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The ULTIMATE pack to becoming a firefighter.

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  • BONUS: How To Get Firefighter Fit Download
  • BONUS: Interview Skills Download
  • Free 30 Days Access to online Firefighter testing suite thereafter £5.95 + vat per month

  • 210-page How to Become a Firefighter Online Guide (Lifetime Access);
  • 68-page Firefighter Application Form Questions & Answers Online Guide (Lifetime Access);
  • 60-minute Firefighter Application Form Coaching Video (Lifetime Access);
  • 96-page Firefighter Interview Questions & Answers Online Guide (Lifetime Access);
  • 37-minute Firefighter Interview Coaching Video (Lifetime Access);
  • 187-page Firefighter Tests Online Workbook (Lifetime Access);
  • 116-page Firefighter Situational Judgement Tests Online Workbook (Lifetime Access);
  • Firefighter Behavioural Questionnaire Online Resource (Lifetime Access);
  • FREE BONUS: 150-Page Interview Skills Online Guide;
  • FREE BONUS: How to Get "Firefighter" Fit Online Guide;
  • FREE BONUS: 30-Day Free Trial to the Firefighter Testing Platform.