Royal Marines Commando Training Manual


Royal Marines Commandos are some of the fittest men around. Their training is both tough, rigorous and gruelling. If you are applying to join the Royal Marines, or you simply want to train like them, the Royal Marines Fitness training manual is all you need.

  • The Royal Marines state of mind, training and routines;
  • The seven components of Royal Marines fitness training;
  • How to use your mind to train your body to peak fitness;
  • Understanding how your body responds and reacts to training;
  • Diet and nutrition – what you need to know in order to maximise performance;
  • The Royal Marines philosophy and fitness training regimes;
  • Warm up, cool down – the reasons, the importance and the ways;
  • Royal Marines Commando Fitness training;
  • Using weights to max out;
  • Aerobic fitness and anaerobic fitness;
  • The exercises – step-by-step instructions for all types of fitness training.