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KENT 11+ TEST: An Essential Guide to Passing the Kent Grammar School Test

Learn how to pass the 2017 Kent 11 +Test with this ultimate guide for your child. Packed full of practice sample questions and answers; this comprehensive guide has been specifically designed to test whether your child is suitable for a placement in Kent Grammar Schools.

KENT 11+ TEST: An Essential Guide to Passing the Kent Grammar School Test


What is the Kent Test?

Since September 2014, the Government have revised a new and challenging 11+ which students must take if they wish to attend a Kent grammar school. The Kent Test is an adopted version of the previous 11 Plus (11+), whereby the test assesses pupils' abilities in numerical and literary understandings.

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The Kent Test is foremost, a test designed to assess whether grammar school is a suitable choice for pupils who wish to attend a grammar school and, more importantly, whether or not that choice is the right choice.

This guide, created by How2become - the UK's leading recruitment specialists, provides a guide packed full of hundreds of practice test questions (based on past papers), detailed explanations and insider advice that will help your child fully prepare, and give them the best chance of passing the Kent Test in 2017.

What does the Kent Test include?


The Kent Test has two main elements, plus a written exercise:

  • English and Maths test
    • Section 1 – English
    • Section 2 – Maths
  • Reasoning
    • Section 1 – Verbal Reasoning
    • Section 2 – Non-Verbal Reasoning
  • Written Exercise

About the Kent Test

The Kent Test has the “potential for flexible development offered by the new process, which will give (education) a wide range of assessment information without requiring children to spend longer in exams” (Roger Gough, Cabinet Member for Education, 2014).


Primarily, the aims and objectives of the new 11+ Kent Test are basic, yet effective.

The Kent Test aims to:

  • Ensure students have an equal chance of passing the Kent Test.
  • Provide a challenging new test that assesses student’s literacy, numeracy and reasoning skills.
  • Assess how students perform to the challenges and skills of numerical, literary and reasoning ability.
  • Ensure students who are thinking of applying to grammar schools that they are rightly suitable and capable; and be able to demonstrate the expectations of grammar school requirements.

The ULTIMATE Guide for your Child!

Written by the UK’s leading career specialists, this book provides a comprehensive guide to the Kent Test. It will ensure that students are prepared for their test, and will allow them to practice the test using many sample questions and examples.

We take it upon ourselves to ensure that, both students and parents, are satisfied with what this book has to offer; and we are delighted to say that we are pleased to generate an outstanding book, packed full of insightful advice, tips and practice to guarantee students are fully prepared leading up to their Kent Test.


Practice the Kent Test

Our How2become guide provides you with all the important and necessary information regarding the Kent Test.

Not only does it provide your child with lots of sample questions, examples, detailed answers and tips to complete the questions, it also provides clear and informative details about the Kent Test, including Exam tips for both parents and children, details on the exam itself and what to expect.


Example Questions Kent Test

  • We have made sure to break down each question type in a way that your child will understand.
  • We provide clear sample questions in relation to literary elements and what to look out for in order to get the correct answer.
  • Our maths section provides a variety of mathematical formulae that are likely to appear on the Kent Test.
  • We have provided sample questions on the key mathematical skills we believe are essential to pass the Kent Test.
Non–Verbal Reasoning

We have done our best efforts to ensure your child is provided detailed knowledge in regards to answering the questions that are typically found in a Kent Test.

In the following video Richard McMunn explains how this book will help you pass the Kent Test:

Kent Test : Guide Contents

The comprehensive Kent Test workbook contains:

  • TIPS – top tips for passing the tests including what you should do and what you should try to avoid, for both parents and children.
  • 100s of QUESTIONS – the workbook purposely provides you with lots and lots of sample questions for you to get your head around, and to ensure you are ready to take your actual 11+ Kent Test.
  • DIFFERENT COMPONENTS OF KENT TEST – the book provides a range of different types of questions that assess your numerical, literary and reasoning skills.
  • WRITTEN EXERCISE – practice the written exercise and read through our detailed extracts on high standard answers to a couple of written sample exercises.
  • DETAILED EXPLANATIONS – this book contains all the answers and explanations of how to work out every single question, so you are able to correct your mistakes and know how to work the question out for future reference.
  • A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE! – This guide is packed with all the information, advice and questions you will need to pass the Kent Test.

KENT TEST: Sample Questions and Answers


Learn how to pass the Kent Test with this comprehensive guide that provides 100’s of sample questions and answers to work through.

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