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How to pass QTS Numerical Skills Tests

Learn how to pass the QTS numerical skills tests with this comprehensive workbook and guide full of sample test questions and answers.

QTS Numeracy Test Questions


Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)

Before you can take a teaching job in England most especially in the reputable primary, secondary, special or non-special school, it is very important to have QTS.

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What is QTS?

QTS is simply referred to as Qualified Teacher Status that is authorized by the National College for Teaching and Leadership. As soon as you obtained QTS and you are given a teaching post in an established school in England, your salary will be based on the qualified teachers scales and will be depending on the arrangements of the performance management in schools just like any other qualified teacher.

QTS Requirements

Before you could have your qualified teacher status, you will need to go through minimum of two major consecutive pupil age differences as stated in the Secretary of State’s Requirements for Initial Teacher Training. The age differences could be any of these:

  • Foundation level (between age 3 and 5)
  • School years 1 to 2 (between age 5 and 7)
  • School years 3 to 4 (between 7 and 9)
  • School years 5 to 6 (between 9 and 11)
  • School years 7 to 9 (between 11 and 14)
  • School years 10 to 11 (between 14 and 16)

It is the General Teaching Council for Wales and General teaching Council for England that keeps all the registrations and issue QTS certificates. Every undergraduate in degree level and some other kinds of teacher training are mandated for the new recipients of QTS. The best and common way to obtain qualified teacher status for the degree candidate is to go for a postgraduate course for teacher training. Such include Professional Certificate in Education, graduate Teacher Program (GTP) and Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE).

Asides that, there are some undergraduate degree qualifications such as bachelor of Education that can earn you QTS and first degree. For instance, candidates must make sure they pass QTS Skills Tests in England before they could have QTS. It is very important for all candidates of QTS to have GCSEs at the C grade or above, better still; the equivalent standard will be appreciated. Most especially in English, mathematics and for the primary trainees alone, science subjects must be achieved before venturing into teacher training level.

In the following video Richard McMunn explains how this guide will help you prepare and pass the QTS Numeracy Test:

Numeracy test

Numeracy Skills Test is a computerized test that is divided into two sections; mental arithmetic questions and written questions called on-screen questions. The Numeracy Skills test is very important to obtain your QTS.

The mental arithmetic section is the audio test that is heard through the headphones. In this question, calculations are not permitted and this section needs to be answered first. Jotting and noting is permitted and the Mental Arithmetic section contains 12 questions with fixed time per question.

You cannot go back to any previously treated or untreated question in case you want to go back there to change your answer. Questions will be asked so as to test your ability on mental calculations with percentages, measurements, time, conversion and fractions.

However, the on-screen questions contain 16 questions per section which could be asked in any of the following format stated below:

  • Choose and put your preferred answer into chosen boxes.
  • Point and click on the right response.
  • Single answer response.
  • More than one answer in which you will need to select more than an answer statement from the options given.

More than one choice questions in which you will have to select the right answers from many answers in the options.

In this kind of test, you are permitted to use an on-screen calculator and you can answer questions with the aid of mouse and the keyboard. If you want to go to the next question, you click on ‘next’ and previous buttons.

main product features

  • Key QTS Preparation Advice – tips on how to prepare for the tests effectively
  • Learn how to tackle the test questions – become fully prepared and confident
  • Assessment Criteria – How you will be assessed
  • Hundreds of Questions – 100′s of practice questions and answers very similar to those in the ACTUAL TEST
  • QTS – The best way to practice QTS Numeracy Skills Tests
  • Nearly 300 pages of essential preparation advice and resources
  • Full of Content – 30 testing sections, most with 25 sample test questions and answers

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QTS Numeracy Test Questions

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