How to Pass the police officer interview

The police officer interview is one of the final stages of the selection process. If you get this far, you won’t want to fail. That’s why we’ve created a POWERFUL insider’s DVD that not only teaches you how to pass, but it actually provides you with sample interview questions and sample responses. Get the edge from people who have been through the recruitment process!

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About the Police Interview

Competition for the position of a police officer is fierce, and therefore you need to ensure that you stand out from other candidates. One way to do this is to make sure that you are fully prepared for the interview, the types of questions that you will be asked and how you plan on answering these questions. That is why we have created a UNIQUE insider’s DVD that will teach you how to pass the interview. Our DVD provides you with a variety of sample interview questions, all of which are accompanied by structured, professional responses.


The police officer interview is one of the last stages of the recruitment process. If you make it to this point within the selection process, than you have done extremely well. Therefore you will not want to let yourself down at the last stage of your application. Some candidates fail to plan for their interview, and will more than likely fail. Therefore, if you prepare beforehand and fully comprehend the importance of the interview stage, then you are much more likely to stand out and succeed at this pivotal stage of selection!


  • Once you have passed the application form stage, you will be required to attend an assessment centre and undertake a fitness test;
  • As part of the assessment centre, you will be asked to sit through a formal interview (as well as undergo psychometric tests and role play scenarios). This will be one of your first opportunities where you can make a positive impression on the recruiters.


  • The interview is used to assess your initial suitability for the role within the police, as well as determining what your understanding of the role is;
  • Again, you will be tested on your ability to demonstrate the NEW core competencies of a police officer;
  • It is imperative that during the preparation period, you take the time to undergo as much research about the police force for which you are applying to. This will enable you to match up their core competencies with your skills and abilities, to demonstrate your capability of performing the job well.


Some of the most common approaches to assessment preparation begin with; internet research, contacting, and arranging visits to local police stations, as well as talking with serving officers and probationers. However, “those candidates that stand out on the day use the experience of those who have already been through the process and have successfully passed”. Our insider guide will allow you to undergo intense preparation which has been known to help hundreds of people through the selection process of becoming a police officer. It is important to remember that this interview will be the first chance that your recruiters will speak to you in person. The panel will ask you a range of questions in order to assess your professional capabilities. Make sure that the first time you present yourself to potential new employers, that you highlight yourself in a positive and professional demeanour.

Frequent Interview Questions

The interviewers will ask you a number of competency-based questions regarding particular areas of your personality. These include questions regarding:

  • Your integrity and honesty;
  • How well you work within a team;
  • How well you can communicate within a team;
  • Your understanding of the ideas of diversity and equality, as how you can apply this knowledge in practise;
  • Your understanding of the role and function of being a police officer.

Your aim is to provide professional answers to these questions which show that you possess strong competencies essential to become a police officer!


Strategy for Success

In order to successfully prepare for this selection process, it is important that you:

1. Research your police force;

2. Review your application form (this is why you should keep a copy of it!);

3. Learn from those who have successfully passed the interview stage;

4. Prepare a list of sample questions;

5. Prepare real life examples to answer these questions.

The Interview Itself

The police interview is conducted by 2 panel members; whereby one or more of these panel members will be a senior officer.

Each interview is unique and is determined by the information that the recruiters have already gathered about you. This includes details from your application form (so make sure you know this information inside out).

The interview is designed to test a candidates ability on a much closer scale than they have previously experienced.

Once you have undertaken the interview, you will then be subject to a comprehensive and full vetting process, which is undertaken by an independent police department and not during the assessment centre.


The ‘How To Pass The Police Interview’ DVD will show you exactly how you are going to be scored by the recruiters at this stage. It will also provide you with the types of questions you will be asked and show you how to answer them in order to obtain high marks. If you do decide to get a copy of this DVD, you will learn how to match the competencies at every stage using keywords and phrases. From sample questions through to sample responses we will show you how to match the core competencies and pass the police interview!




  • An in-depth explanation on each of the assessable areas;
  • What you need to say in order to match these core competencies;
  • Sample police interview scoring criteria.


  • An extensive section of the DVD will comprehensively explain how you’ll be assessed;
  • How the police force will assess you during this stage;
  • Insider tips on how stronger scoring applicants answer the questions;
  • How to avoid the common pitfalls that many people make during the selection process;
  • The importance of structuring your responses concisely and logically;
  • Sample questions and how to answer them successfully.


  • How the police structure your interview;
  • The questions that you will be asked;
  • How to structure your responses in order to maximise your potential;
  • How to focus on your individual success in order to achieve the desired results.


  • A highly beneficial section which is dedicated to mock interviews;
  • 4 competency-based questions asked by a mock panel;
  • Answers to each of the above questions;
  • Probing questions and how best to respond to them.
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With the use of this guide, you will be guaranteed to be in a better position for when you start your journey as a police officer. Learn how to become a police officer by understanding the police interview, and the types of questions you’re likely to face.

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