[Online Access] How to Become a Crime Scene Investigator

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The ULTIMATE Career Guide to becoming a Scenes Of Crime Officer (SOCO).

  • A comprehensive overview of the CSI application process, including interview tips and answers;
  • A detailed, day-in-the-life segment;
  • A full breakdown of what the role involves, and what type of person you need to be;
  • The core competencies that you MUST learn and how you’ll be assessed on these throughout your application process;
  • Sample application form and interview questions and answers;
  • The entire selection process covered, including a step-by-step assessment centre walkthrough;
  • In-depth tips and tricks to help you improve your investigation and analytical skills;
  • Puzzle questions to prepare you for logical and critical thinking;
  • The ULTIMATE advice to help you secure your dream job as a crime scene investigator!