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Sample Police Officer tests downloads.

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  • Online Police Officer Testing Suite - 30 Days FREE Access then £5.95 + VAT per month with no minimum

  • Updated for the Online Assessment Process;
  • This book covers all of the CVF and is suitable for the 2023 Police Selection Process;
  • Covers both the SEARCH Assessment Centre tests and the Online Assessment Centre Tests
  • ONLINE ASSESSMENT: Situational Judgement Tests
  • ONLINE ASSESSMENT: Written Exercises
  • ONLINE ASSESSMENT: Briefing Exercises
  • SEARCH: Numerical Reasoning test questions that are the same as the actual tests;
  • SEARCH: Verbal Reasoning Tests – Questions and answers for loads of verbal reasoning practise questions;
  • SEARCH: Report Writing - Lots of report writing exercises and tests.
  • Fully Prepare – Questions that will improve your skills, and are very similar to the ACTUAL tests;
  • 100s of Questions – The most test questions in any book;