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This type of test is used to determine how accurately you can carry out numerical addition, subtraction, division, multiplication and also interpret numerical information such as charts, graphs and tables. The test will also assess your ability to use fractions, decimals and different formulae. As you can imagine, the most effective way to prepare for this type of test is to carry out lots of sample numerical reasoning test questions, without the aid of a calculator. During the actual numerical reasoning test that you will be required to sit you will have a specific amount of time to answer each question. It is important that you do not spend too much time on one particular question. Remember that the clock is ticking.

In order to help you prepare for your online numerical tests, let’s take a look at a sample test:

onrt-image-1 onrt-image-3 onrt-image-2


Answer the following questions as quickly as possible and without the aid of a calculator.

Question 1

Calculate 5.99 + 16.02

A. 19.01 B. 20.01 C. 21.99 D. 22.99 E. 22.01

Question 2

Calculate 3.47 – 1.20

A. 22.7 B. 2.27 C. 1.27 D. 2.67 E. 0.27

Question 3

Calculate 98.26 – 62.89

A. 3 7. 3 5 B. 3 5 . 3 7 C. 3 6 . 3 5 D. 3 6 . 3 7 E. 3 7. 7 3

Question 4

Calculate 45.71 – 29.87

A. 14.84 B. 18.88 C. 14.89 D. 15.84 E. 15.85

Question 5

Calculate 564.87 + 321.60

A. 886.45 B. 886.74 C. 886.47 D. 868.47 E. 868.74


1. E

2. B

3. B

4. D

5. C

How did you perform the test? You will note the the numerical test questions were relatively simple to answer. Let’s now take a look at another example test question.

Another form of Numerical Reasoning Test is the type of question where you have to interpret graphs and charts. Take a look at the following sample question:


Look at Table 1 below and then answer the questions that follow.

TABLE 1. The following table lists the type of bonus each member of staff will receive if they reach a specific number of sales per hour they work. The table has not yet been completed. Staff work seven hour shifts. In order to answer the questions you will need to complete the table.


Question 1

If the table was complete how much could a worker earn in bonuses if they reached 10 sales every hour of their 7 hour shift?

A. £81 B. £84 C. £91 D. £85 E. £94

Question 2

How much would a worker earn in bonuses if they reached 30 sales per hour for the first 3 hours of their shift and 40 sales per hour for the remaining 4 hours of their shift?

A. £292 B. £293 C. £436 D. £246 E. £346


1. B

2. E

Numerical reasoning tests are used by many employers as a tool to assess a candidate’s ability to perform the role competently. There are many books available that will assist you in your preparation for these tests but the most effective way to prepare is by carrying out timed tests online.

Not only do online tests save you time and hassle but they are also far more accurate in assessing your ability. They are also a fantastic tool for helping you to improve.

When you purchase our Online Numerical Reasoning Testing suite you will get INSTANT access to 100s of different test questions.

Here are some essential tips to help you prepare for your numerical reasoning tests…

TEST TIP 1 – Do not use a calculator during your preparation for numerical tests

Unless you are permitted to use a calculator during your actual numerical test it is essential that you practice without one. On the other hand, if you are permitted to use one, make sure you learn how to use it properly before you sit your test. Too many people use calculators to carry out numerical tests without exercising their brain. You should carry out simple calculations in your mind without the use of a calculator to stretch the power of your reasoning ability during the build up to the test. Use our online numerical tests facility as a resource during your preparation.

TEST TIP 2 – Practice online numerical tests under timed conditions

The best way to prepare for your tests is to practice under timed conditions. Each of our tests has been set to allow you a specific amount of time to complete the questions. If during the real numerical reasoning test you find that you are running out of time then you should complete the remaining questions as accurately as possible. Most test centres will not mark you down for incorrect answers. Whilst ‘guessing’ is not the best way to pass the tests, there is no harm in using this approach during the final few questions.

TEST TIP 3 – Most numerical tests are now online so this is how you should practice

You will find that, just like application forms, numerical tests are carried out online by the test administrators. There is a very good reason for this; it essentially saves the employer lots of money. if a test is carried out online then there is no need for them to utilise the skills of a test administrator or the use of a test centre. In fact, many employers will assess candidates either immediately prior to, or after, an interview. Therefore, if you want to score high during your assessment, you should practice using an online numerical tests facility.



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